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What do we know about lake Como?

Everything any encyclopedia can possibly suggest:

  • it is situated in the pre-alpine part of the Italian region of…
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... in Milan

Was great to be back in the Lombard capital of Milan, a city where I used to live, after a (gulp!) almost two decade hiatus. 262 more words


Trialing an Unique & Quick Keywording Method

Keywording is getting easier for me since there’s lots of software out there to help me, including Keyword.io. In addition, Clemency Wright Consulting┬áhas been extremely helpful. 637 more words


Thoughts On Pearl Harbor, Family, Milan

December 7th is always a strange day. On the one hand, I think of Pearl Harbor, the day that will live in infamy and how the USA got into World War II and all that that meant and all the lives that were lost on this day. 735 more words


Wine Wednesday: Azienda Agricola Quaquarini's Sangue di Giuda

This week’s Wine Wednesday is dedicated to a winery from the Oltrepo’Pavese. Few people think immediately of Oltrepo’ when thinking about Italian wine but that is a mistake. 623 more words


Gardens of Lake Como

The district of Lake Como is famous for its gardens and villas, and despite its proximity to Switzerland and its soaring dark wooded peeks ( over 2000 m high in some places), the weather is classified as humid subtropical. 480 more words



“Thanks to his parents’ considerable influence, Elio’s life is one full of art and culture, not to mention a liberal attitude towards life in general.” 496 more words