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Part Fifteen of Angel Maker: The Phone Call by B. B. Wright

Angel Maker

A Short Story by B. B. Wright

An Inspector Alexander Collier Mystery

Inspector Alexander Collier Mysteries will often provide a choice for the reader. 703 more words

B. B. Wright

The Unknown #MovieReview

Film 226 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1927’s “The Unknown”. Based on an event that occurred during Tod Browning’s time working in a circus, this Tod Browning silent horror is about an armless carnival knife thrower, Alonzo (Lon Chaney) hoping to marry a carnival girl, Nanon (Joan Crawford). 650 more words


Walk Of Fame Inductees - 21st August 2015

To check the dubious reasoning behind these posts, check the original here:


In this new series of posts I’ll be selecting a Star at random from every decade (who was born in that decade) starting from the 1880s up until the 1990s to be interred in this land of magic and wonder, who will for ever more see their name set in stone far beyond the places where Gods dare to tread. 824 more words

Walk Of Fame

A Brief Ode to Tie-In Fiction

I’ve just been reading London After Midnight by Marie Coolidge-Rask. This is the 1928 novelization of the Tod Browning film starring Lon Chaney. It is one of the most famous of lost films, one that has tantalized generations of horror movie fans with the gorgeous stills of Chaney in monstrous make-up, even as it frustrates with the knowledge of the twist — the vampires in the film are not the real deal, and are part of the plan by Inspector Burke of Scotland Yard (Chaney again) to unmask a murderer. 772 more words

Monsters Are Such Interesting People - Kongo

Kongo (1932) I’d never even heard of this pre-code gem, that is a remake of Tod Browning/ Lon Chaney’s West of Zanzibar (which I haven’t seen) from 1928. 111 more words

The [Other] Brothers Johnson

Many know the guitar playing Brothers Johnson of the 70’s and 80’s, but fewer know the filmmaking Brothers Johnson: Noble and George. They founded the Lincoln Motion Picture Company in 1916 to depict the talent and the intellect of “the Negro as he is in his everyday life.” 547 more words


The Shock (1923)

Wilse Dilling (Lon Chaney) is a man with a bad reputation, known as “dangerous” by the police in Chinatown, where he lives. He has few friends, due not only to his bad reputation, but also to the fact that he can’t walk without the assistance of crutches or a wheelchair (which people judge him for). 549 more words