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Roy Budd's Phantom of the Opera score premieres at the London Coliseum

Jazz musician and composer Roy Budd was well known for his film scores, for popular movies including Get Carter, but one of his compositions has never seen the light of day. 329 more words

Silent Film

London After Midnight (1927) - Reviewed by George

This is one of the great lost movies, one so many people want to see, yet the last known print was lost in a warehouse fire in the ’40s. 551 more words


The Unknown (1927) - reviewed by George

Tod Browning had a really clever idea and he wrote a story outline which was turned into a screenplay by Waldemar Young, which Browning then directed. 410 more words


April 1: Happy Birthday Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds

Our April Fool’s Day headliners were both actresses who had some talent for musicals, and they were both under contract to MGM for several years, so it’s not too surprising that they appeared together in a movie or two.  1,487 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

#34. The Unkown (1927)

This movie is amazing and I feel bad about having never heard of it. The Unkown is less than an hour long, it’s got a wonderfully crazy plot about an ostensibly armless circus performer (who turns out to be a two-thumbed bandit), the acting is great and the mood is creepy and the fact that it’s here on the List at all, this eerie little schlock charmer, has kinda boosted my excitement about the Project, my faith in its roundedness. 992 more words

Double Bill Three - The Wolf Man (1941)

THE WOLF MAN (1941)                      July 16th 1977                  00.00-01.25

‘Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night

May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the Autumn moon is bright.’

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Horror Films

#26. The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

I watched The Phantom of the Opera at Starbucks this morning in sort of a bad mood on account of I got into something like an argument with my dad last night about what I’m doing with my life (he doesn’t like that I’m gonna have two jobs) but also I was kinda sour because I’ve been coming to this Starbucks almost every day for three weeks now to drink my drink and watch movies, make notes, but there’s this one barista who doesn’t seem to like me. 493 more words