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How was Enochian magic invented? - Quora

So first of all there was this guy called Doctor John Dee (1527 – 1609) who was obsessed with acquiring knowledge. After he had received the best education that was available in Tudor England, and had built up the largest library in the country at the time – he still wanted more. 311 more words


So What's Up with the Peacock?

About a year ago, a friend and I were derping around with the Thoth Tarot. Neither of us are proficient in it, much to our disappointment, so we were using a… 288 more words

How can I summon Zepar?

My answer to How can I summon Zepar?

Answer by Alex Sumner:

First of all, Goetic demons, like Zepar, are not human friendly. They are in fact very dangerous.

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