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Spring/Summer 2015 Update

One thing I am learning is to never, ever say you “don’t have much on this month”. It’s dangerous to tempt fate, as those in my Wolf Spear sagas know. 470 more words

Independent Bookshop Week

June 20 – 27 is Independent Bookshop Week in the UK and Ireland, and we should all do our bit to support local booksellers. High Street vendors everywhere have a hard time competing with shopping malls and on-line giants, but without them our town centres would be much less vibrant and safe places. 254 more words

Marion Leigh Author

Car Trouble and Publishing Deals

The prophecy stated that following a spate of problems with my car, I’d sign a publishing deal in June. Well, that prediction came years ago. 424 more words

La vie (du livre) en rose; or: my four-day romance with the Scottish publishing industry

Nestled in a cosy corner of Edinburgh’s lively Royal Mile and sharing the same stretch of road as the Scottish Storytelling Centre and Deacon Brodie’s Tavern – a pub honouring the chap said to have inspired Stevenson’s… 991 more words

Work Placement

Book Cover Design: the Golden Rule

A well designed book cover will certainly improve a book’s chances in today’s crowded market, so what are the secrets of successful book cover design? 288 more words

London Book Fair: of getting lost and getting things done

When you arrive at the London Book Fair, everyone around you seems to know exactly where they are going and why. They are at a business fair, and they are there with a purpose. 562 more words


London Book Fair Seminars: Cover Design

I attended the Principles of Successful Book and Cover Design seminar panelled by Fiona Marsh, Damian Horner, Martin Topping, Stuart Dwyer, and Karen Healey Wallace. The panel discussed the “golden rules of design” and how design plays into advertising and marketing. 455 more words