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London Book Fair: of getting lost and getting things done

When you arrive at the London Book Fair, everyone around you seems to know exactly where they are going and why. They are at a business fair, and they are there with a purpose. 562 more words


London Book Fair Seminars: Cover Design

I attended the Principles of Successful Book and Cover Design seminar panelled by Fiona Marsh, Damian Horner, Martin Topping, Stuart Dwyer, and Karen Healey Wallace. The panel discussed the “golden rules of design” and how design plays into advertising and marketing. 455 more words


London Book Fair Seminars: Debut Authors

I went to the Reach for the Stars: Aiming High for Debut Authors seminar. The discussion centred on how debut authors and their publishers can use marketing, particularly with social media, to generate more interest for an unknown author from readers and retailers. 342 more words


London Book Fair 2015

The London Book Fair 2015 was held in Kensington Olympia this year and not at the usual Earls Court. There were complaints about the venue change, particularly the worry about lack of space and downsizing , but you can’t argue that the architecture and structure of building is rather glorious (even if it does act like a greenhouse and can become unbearably hot in the heat of the day!). 153 more words


Bestselling author Blaine Harden speaks to Saphia Crowther

Blaine Harden is the bestselling author of two books about North Korea – Escape from Camp 14 (2012) and The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot… 1,575 more words


London Book Fair Seminars: Legal and Contracts

I went to the Know Your Rights: Legal and Contracts seminar panelled by Nicola Solomon, Alex Hardy, Lorella Belli, and Joanna Penn. The panel discussed how authors, self-published or otherwise, can protect their rights and get the most out of contracts with publishers and agents. 352 more words


Report From The London Book Fair - An Indie Author's Perspective

Today I’m delighted to welcome top indie author Anne Allen to the blog to talk about her experience of the London Book Fair, or LBF to those in the know. 999 more words