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Collaborative Studio

On Thursday 16th February at London College of Communication, the course invited Alumni and industry specialists to participate in an interactive and dynamic design event with students. 201 more words

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Bumpkin Basement Boozing

I feel as though I mention it every time I write but, as a northern, Welsh, country bumpkin the convenience of city life continues to astound, amaze and stress me out on a daily basis. 367 more words


Re-Viewing the Tate Modern

The first time I was introduced to Bridget Riley’s work was during my early teens – I had just started secondary school, there was finally an entire room, class and timetable slot dedicated to drawing – that thing I really liked doing, you know? 391 more words


Bumpkin Octopussing

It’s been a few months since I’ve updated this site. Every once in a while I click on my bookmarked hyperlink and stare at my front page – not with the intention of writing anything I assure you, my glorified reader, merely to look for the sake of looking. 311 more words


S.W.O.T & T.O.W.S Analysis

Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat?

SWOT analysis was an extremely useful exercise in order to break down and reflect on our field of study. Working in groups, we let our pinups speak for themselves – and let our other classmates judge and comment on our FoSR. 893 more words



Location, Alphabet, Time, Category and Hierarchy. 

Creating five separate categories for creating our typology required us to underpin a rule, individual to each category. Locations rule was; ‘the distance to the focal point’. 102 more words


Researching Methods: Waterloo

Using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies  I documented artifacts and peoples movements around Waterloo station. Using simple deconstruction methods, I was able to analyze and… 787 more words