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Grosvenor property fund reports huge drop in return for London property

See the article here.

What sort of drop? 10.7% to 0.3% (yes, you read that right, 0.3%). How is the Grosvenor property fund still in business? 211 more words

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Landlords in UK set to become corporate funds rather than individuals (Updated)

This is according to Sky. Article here.

What does this mean for renters? One thing is that you are about to lose your power in negotiations. 327 more words

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Is Brexit bringing the biggest house price adjustment since the Financial crisis?

Bloomberg seems to think this might be the case. Article is here.

I am not so sure. From what I have read this appears to be in relation to the premium bracket, the fall of which is well documented. 163 more words

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Foreigners buying up UK property and causing crisis for residents

Is this true? The Guardian seems to think so: Guardian article

It all comes down to data. We need to check how widespread this really is. 373 more words

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London rents are falling (and some renting advice)

The Guardian reports that London rents have fallen year on year for the first time in 6 years. See the article here. What does this mean in real terms? 618 more words

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Huge increase in London listings that have had to reduce asking prices

See the Bloomberg article here

A couple of interesting stats: house prices in London are up 86% since 2009. The usual rule of thumb for London is that prices double every 10 years so that seems on track and nothing to be alarmed about. 336 more words

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How Property Buyers Sell Well in London and Save Money

So, you decide to move from the London home. Here’s the way to protect oneself from excessive costs.

If you wisely chosen minimum stress when you purchase a new-build for your household, you’ll already have taken a large first step towards saving costs tweaking sales value. 1,048 more words