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London Estate agents' profits fall by up to 98% in a post-Brexit referendum world

Article is here.

Countrywide’s profits are down 98% (!) and Foxton’s is down 64%. Wow. Why? Put simply, almost nobody is buying and nobody is selling, at least not through these estate agents. 38 more words

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House prices can only go up if there is more money available - so what determines how much money is available?

How much money is available is determined by a number of factors: the two key factors are interest rates and wages.

Interest rates:

Interest rates need to be low. 509 more words

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Could London property prices crash by 40%?

Yes, according to Paul Cheshire, Professor of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics. Article is here.

The trigger seems to be when wage increases don’t keep up with inflation. 290 more words

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Buy-to-let purchases fall by 50% year on year

Article is here

Scary numbers but why are they happening?

Numbers are always interesting but what is more interesting are the reasons behind them. Put bluntly: purchases are down because people think they can’t make money in buy-to-let anymore. 370 more words

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Property prices in London fell 2.4% in June

According to this article here.

The real question is why? Despite inflation going up to 2.9%, interest rates remain unchanged. See article on this:  362 more words

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An Open Letter to James Cleverly, MP

Dear James,

One of my Conservative-voting friends liked your Facebook post yesterday about why you voted against the housing bill. I just want to clear up why, in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, I (and many others) am directing my anger partially towards you and those who voted with you, and to address some of the things written in the comments of that post.  1,475 more words


Lodha UK Raises $375m from Cain Hoy for Lincoln Square

Lodha UK has received about $375 million from a UK-based private investment company Cain Hoy to fund the construction of its residential project Lincoln Square in London. 157 more words