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How serious is Brexit for London property prices?

The answer to this is that nobody knows. At the moment, actual Brexit has not been priced in. While there has been price drops and falls in sales numbers due to the uncertainty of Brexit, there is a massive difference between the uncertainty of Brexit (what we have now) and the certainty of Brexit (what we will have when we know what the actual outcome is of Brexit negotiations). 530 more words

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London property prices in biggest drop in 6 years

According to Bloomberg article which is here.

They say the problem is affordability. Sellers are out of touch with new reality that buyers don’t have the money for the stamp duty increases and there is massive uncertainty about Brexit. 9 more words

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Bovis Homes issues profit warning - 20 Feb 2017

Article is here

Bovis Homes to build fewer homes. This amid reports that house price growth is slowest in 4 years.

Takeaway: The price of new homes is dropping. 106 more words

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What will Brexit mean for rents and property prices?

As you know, rents are supply and demand. Landlords provide the supply and non-home owners provide the demand.

Net migration into the UK is about 330,000. 182 more words

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The consequences of the additional stamp duty for buy-to-let properties

Fewer people are going to buy properties to let them out

Ok, that is not rocket science. Every action has a consequence. If it costs more to buy a buy-to-let property and it costs more to run one (i.e. 251 more words

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Does reduction of properties for sale cause prices to drop?

That seems to be the view in this article: ES Homes&Property

Does that make sense though? Prices for any asset class are predominantly driven by supply and demand. 250 more words

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FT says London properties are bargains for foreign buyers - but are they right?

Here is the link to the  FT article

They observe correctly that prices have fallen in London’s premium sector and we discussed why that was in the previous post. 297 more words

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