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The deterrent effect of the sentences handed down in the immediate aftermath of the London riots 2011

Savage criminal sentences were handed down by the courts in the days after the London riots in 2011.

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Mark Duggan coroner: MET Police created perception of collusion.

By Vikram Dodd  4th June 2014.               Find Article Here:-

Coroner Keith Cutler’s report raises concerns about police handling of shooting that sparked riots.

Mark Duggan was shot dead by police marksmen in Tottenham, north London, sparking the 2011 riots. 879 more words


What effect is social media having on political protest and activism around the world?

Political protest and activism around the world has adapted around social media, using platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as a way to spread information on protests. 711 more words


Joker trumps the pack

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Geek culture is mainstream culture. Deal with it.

As a white male who in his formative years spent more hours playing ISS Deluxe than actual football, devoured Star Wars spin-off novels, collected miniatures (Hornby, Airfix, Citadel) and owned an Amstrad CPC 464 from the age of six onwards, I’m apparently well positioned to pontificate about what constitutes being a ‘geek’. 608 more words

Twitter and Collective Action

Much has been written and spoken about Twitter’s role in social uprisings such as the Arab Spring and the London riots of 2011. BlackBerry Messenger and Twitter allowed many people to converse with each other instantly in real time and organise themselves to meet in particular places during the London riots, a phenomenon that had not been seen before the advent of Blackberry Messenger and Twitter. 734 more words

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Generation MMX

It has almost been two years since the ‘London’ Riots………I use the speech marks because rioting did not only happen in London but was also going on in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester etc. 135 more words

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