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Conclusion of one week of London

We went to London not only to see the sights, or get a picture with a wax figure but also too get an impression of a city, that we have heared about and seen a lot of times in the media or in movies or English class. 341 more words

London Summer

Day 6 - Unluckily the last day but still a good one

On our last day in the British capital we wanted to enjoy our remaining time as good as possible. The conditions could not have been better, sunny weather and temperatures of around 25°C. 694 more words

London Summer

Day 5 - From the sea to the mesh

4 intensive days of London behind, let’s do something else, yes that was what we thought when we decided to go to Brighton. Looking for trains we figured out to go to Victoria station were we purchased our tickets for 51 pounds for three persons with the possibility to return whenever we want on the same day. 430 more words

London Summer