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As you can probably tell, I like a bit of Tube Trivia. I stumbled across this post by Stephen Liddell and was a happy chapette. 140 times happy, in fact.

Many Strides - Walking The London Underground, Overground

Devs - Can You Help Us Provide Better Accessibility Info?

London has one of the most accessible transport networks in the world, but whilst we have made progress on accessibility, we recognise there is an enormous amount of work still to do. 234 more words


Tube worker gets head stuck in train doors

The next time you run for a train when the doors are closing just remember you could end up like this guy.

A video showed a Transport for London (TfL) employee¬†with his head stuck between a set of doors at St Paul’s underground station this morning. 188 more words


New tube maps show how long it takes to walk between stations

With severe delays or strikes a sadly common occurrence on the London Underground, walking sometimes seems like a more viable option.

Well, two years after introducing their first handy guide, Transport for London have introduced two new maps for those looking to take the healthier option. 253 more words