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Under ground

… one of my favourite …

…¬†underground stations in London …

… is Westminster …

… dark and industrial …

… the girl in front of me on the escalator said… 26 more words


From paper to contactless ticketing on the London Tube

I just saw this on the Gemalto website. It’s a funky animation that traces the evolution of ticketing on London underground transport from the very beginning to today’s contactless ticketing. 25 more words


Special Post: Aldwych


This is the third post in a series I have recently started on this blog, covering London station by station. the first one on South Kensington fared well, but the real encouragement came from the second on Tooting Bec, which I had not had any expectations for, but which attracted several likes (more than the place itself ever has then!). 287 more words


Emirates Cable Car: how many Londoners actually use it? (podcast)

Have you ever wondered who rides the fancy cable car that rides above the O2 between the two not-so-busy London stations? We asked an TFL cable car employee about it. 147 more words

London Underground

Special Post: Tooting Bec

Yesterday I put up a post about South Kensington, as possible start to a series about London, each post focussing on a particular station. Today I am going from a very well known destination (South Kensington) to a (justifiably) obscure one, Tootinbg Bec. 125 more words

London Station By Station

LIVEBLOG: Trains, Boats, and Cable Cars - A race across London

It’s a question that has plagued London’s travellers for many years. What is the fastest way to get around the Capital? 188 more words

London Underground