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The truth about smart cities: ‘In the end, they will destroy democracy' (the guardian)

The smart city is, to many urban thinkers, just a buzzphrase that has outlived its usefulness: ‘the wrong idea pitched in the wrong way to the wrong people’. 3,329 more words

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The Tories want to stop strikes because they work

The Tories want to make it harder for trade unionists to go out on strike and this week we have a prime example of why such attacks on union rights would be harmful. 739 more words
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Moorgate to Whitechapel. Thirty years ago Vodaphone & Cellnet launched the first mobile networks in the UK. Twenty years ago phones were reminiscent of bricks & ten years ago the internet was a relatively new portable experience. 39 more words


Thrown Off Hammersmith Bridge

When books and newspapers were typeset manually, a font referred to a particular size, weight (light, bold) and style (regular, italic) of a typeface. Each letter in the typeface had its own type or ‘sort’ like those at the end of the hammers of an old-fashioned typewriter. 2,305 more words


Harry Potter Underground

Diehard fans of the Wizarding World now have an actual London Underground map detailing the landmarks from JK Rowling’s books with fictional Tube stations—except for King’s Cross and Paddington of course.


London Tube strikes: Two strikes in one week to cause four days of travel chaos

Alright Londoners, you know the score by now – pump up your bike tyres because it’s time for another Tube strike.

The capital will be hit by two Tube strikes this week, however the disruptions are expected to span across four days. 243 more words