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The wettest summer in 20 years

The 8th and 9th of August 2017 has produced probably the most miserable weather of this summer.

A rainfall event that began just after 8am on the 9th deposited nearly 36mm of rain in the Wanstead area over 14 hours. 132 more words


July 2017: wettest since 1960

July 2017 was the wettest since 1960. Some 92.3mm of rain were recorded which is 212 per cent of the 1981-2010 average.

Although the opening third of the month saw a continuation of the… 746 more words


Phew! What a scorcher...

I’ve seen this phrase uttered more than once over the past couple of days thanks to high temperatures and humidity. But ask anyone to define a hot day and you’ll get a different answer every time. 106 more words


June 2017: very warm

June 2017 has been a month of real contrasts. A thundery deluge on the 2nd was followed by conditions typically brought by the European monsoon… 745 more words


Breezy London

When I stepped out of the airport and a cool breeze embraced me, I can’t tell you how good it felt on my skin. Then a few days later, it rained and I thought to myself, ‘I never have to go back to the hot soup of Dubai weather again.’ Nope. 7 more words


Hot spell is minnow among historic heatwaves

Heatwave hype has been building over the past few days and, for once, the media has been justified in its coverage of the current spell. 256 more words


Poor start to June? That'll be the Euro monsoon

Widespread heavy rain and gales across the UK have made the start of summer feel very unseasonal. But the conditions, which follow an extended period of mostly dry weather, are very typical for early June. 203 more words