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The London Whale-sized loopholes in Wall Street pay reform

Just weeks after his first inauguration, President Obama delivered a landmark speech on the dangers of over-the-top Wall Street pay. Today, more than five years later, he’s still nagging regulators to do something real about it. 719 more words


JP Morgan CEO Has Throat Cancer

Investment banking firm JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon told staff Tuesday that he has throat cancer.

“The good news is that the prognosis from my doctors is excellent, the cancer was caught quickly, and my condition is curable,” Dimon, CEO of the bank since 2005, said in a note to staff. 86 more words

One of the stranger things I noticed living in the UK was the sense people had of the country’s irredeemable corruption. Inspite of the enormous sums involved in US, French or developing world scandals, we Brits got it into our head that the UK was the most corrupt place on earth. 807 more words

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Jamie Dimon's 2013: "Difficult and nerve-wracking"

It wasn’t an easy year to be a master of the universe.

Ask Jamie Dimon, who, in his annual letter to shareholders, says that wading through the bank’s legal morass in 2013 was the most difficult moment of his professional career. 409 more words