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Travel Better London – Loud music


Sometimes it’s good to play music loud:
it sends away the noise from the crowd,
but those men who stare,
can’t hear, but they’re there, 28 more words


Travel Better London – Getting off the train when ill


Oh my God! That guy with the red top!
He fell down and he made a big flop.
There’s no doc in disguise,
but I’m sure he’d advise… 27 more words


The Morning After

This features photography from the uncanny SludgeWorld.

Washing and roaring and thrashing, pushing in and dragging out, scores the room. Laura lies in half consciousness, letting it wash over her, as the image of her Aunt Gwyn miming at her to brush the back of her teeth fades and warps, leaving just the feeling of furred teeth and a heavy, warm cocoon around her. 2,000 more words

Travel Better London – Moving down inside


Reading takes in a different place,
we can read it all over your face,
but look a bit around:
others have a big frown… 28 more words


Come and talk to Emma

The International Women’s Day is just around the corner and Emma just posted the video on her Facebook page today of her talking about the upcoming event. 165 more words


this will not be brief

I know, I know… it’s been way too long. It’s been nearly 7 weeks since I arrived in Montpellier. I’ve started classes, taken three day trips to cities near Montpellier, already had a 10 day holiday and I’ve settled pretty well into living here. 1,176 more words


The Waterloo Warriors

I cannot think of a better way to learn than to be pushed right out of your comfort zone.

Not just to the limit where you dangle there for a bit, but completely out of the zone all together. 902 more words