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7 consejos prácticos para cuidar la voz

Como intérpretes, nos la pasamos hablando. Y sí, es verdad. Nos la pasamos hablando y, aunque no nos guste demasiado la idea, no somos Superman. Así que, tras haber experimentado en carne propia el cansancio vocal típico de nuestra profesión, me pareció una buena idea consultar a una de mis amigas más queridas quien, además, es otorrinolaringóloga y, todavía mejor aún, accedió a escribir el siguiente post para ayudarnos a cuidar nuestro instrumento más preciado: la voz. 676 more words


like a goldfish in a bowl

i am not stuck fast
i am glue-slow
wading through wet cement
circa 1970
i drink sky and

what’s funny is
if you build glass where… 86 more words

Health and Alcohol: A 21st Century Guide to Drinking

Health is everywhere. Where once you saw fry-ups, you now see avocado on toast; where once you had hungover Sunday movie clubs, you now have health obsessed running clubs. 281 more words


Museum Exhibits, London 2017

Here are just some of the museum exhibits I’m keen to see this year, listed in chronological order of exhibit closing date. What are your cultural must-sees of 2017? 994 more words


An idiots guide to whisky

Whisky is the latest of our featured drinks, and comes with more complications then getting around London on tube strike day. Have no fear though, as we guide you through the basic steps in our idiots guide to whisky. 213 more words


Eco Minimalism

Hello everyone!

I’ve been busy with lots of short uni projects like film making , making design ‘objects’ but this time I’ve made a zine. The starting point of this project was ecology and design and how design can be related to sustainability. 231 more words

4 Reasons Why I Think of Myself as a Solopreneur & Not as a Freelancer

There are many and very different definitions of both what a freelancer and a solopreneur are out there. I guess that, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how we perceive ourselves and our career paths. 407 more words