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Autumnal Walks 2015

Yes it’s that time of year folks – so here are my definite walks….

Friday 25th September 11 am – Roman

Come along to learn where the major Roman buildings were situated & fascinating snippets about Roman life. 105 more words

Art and Music in Protest Culture

Art, theatre and music are all different forms protest can take and make a significant impact. They are also used during protest. A protest song is used to help achieve social change. 401 more words

London's Burning

Demonstrations in Public Spaces

Reclaim the Streets (RTS) is a very relevant movement when looking at how liberty and authority are negotiated in urban and social place and spaces. They have an ideology of community ownership of public spaces. 295 more words

London's Burning

Policing in the Anti-Vietnam war demonstration (1968)

The Anti-Vietnam demonstration in 1968 is good context when look at policing and public order. This protest is significant because it turned violent and we can look at the different ways the police could have handled it and how they actually did. 349 more words

London's Burning

Anti-War religious Pacifism

Pacifism has always been an interesting concept. Moral pacifist and pragmatic pacifist differ with the former believing that war  leads to interpersonal violence and the latter saying that the cost and sacrifices outweigh the benefits. 266 more words

London's Burning

Battle of Lewisham

What better way is there to start off this blog with a protest that happened directly outside of Goldsmiths doors? We (i), know Marquis of Granby as an alternative to home where i can enjoy the pleasures of beer and pool but in August 1977, outside was the route of the National Fronts march against a multi-racial society. 499 more words

London's Burning

London's Burning

Summary: Hermione Granger is alone in London, when who should walk by but her former Potions professor, Severus Snape. As they say, it’s a Crazy World… This harmless little piece of fluff was written for the 2010 SSHG_Exchange. 13,524 more words