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Evaluating Social Movements and Theories

The London’s Burning chapter of the blog has focussed on the flaws and strengths of social movements, such as the anti-fascist campaigns, and the anti-war movements. 456 more words

London's Burning

The Anti-War Movement

Perhaps the most significant protest in London in the 21st century was the 2003 march against the Iraq War. It left a defining impression on this generation, and for many young people such as myself, it was our first form of exposure to the sight of large scale resistance to state power. 1,524 more words

London's Burning

Anti-Fascism in Twentieth Century Britain

The 1930s saw the very serious threat of fascism in Britain. This led to the growth of anti-fascism among the left, which differed significantly between the Labour Party and the Communist Party. 1,297 more words

London's Burning

Hidden Divisions: Part 1

As a joint honours student of History and Anthropology, I have been drawn to Charles Tilly’s interdisciplinary approach to the study of social movements and in his argument for the need to historically contextualise these movements. 715 more words

The Birth and Evolution of Social Movements

In recent turbulent times, the need for, and use of social protest movements has been seen on multiple occasions. We do not need to cast our minds back too far to recall the most significant contemporary movements, such as the rise of Momentum within the Labour Party, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, which has also spread to the United Kingdom recently. 1,026 more words

London's Burning

Commemorating the 36th anniversary of the Brixton Riots

Ya hear my Brixton Briefcase
From across the pond
London’s Burning
But the beat goes on

On the 11th April 1981, the Brixton community clashed violently with police as a result of overflowing racial tensions, which have come to be known as the Brixton Riots. 1,625 more words