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Conversations with a nearly three-year-old.

After nearly three years, my stock of nursery rhymes – which, admittedly, was not all that great in the first place – is severely depleted. 694 more words


London calling....

The Day After… Most sadly, England massively voted against remaining in the EU, while Scotland even more massively supported the Remain option.


Let Fury Have the Hour: the Clash

“Let fury have the hour, anger can be power”

Clampdown (1980)

The disease? The politics of consensus. The symptoms? Inflation, unemployment, and union strikes. The juxtaposition of regal and metropolitan was irrelevant: garbage bags obscured London’s edifices, and squatters festered inside of them. 137 more words

Brit Punk

My Sunday Photo - glockenspiel

This week’s photo shows my current highlight of the week.

It might sound silly to you but it is really important to me that we have a spangly new orchestra at my kids’ school, set up by two brilliant parents (who would rather call it a band). 116 more words


Autumnal Walks 2015

Yes it’s that time of year folks – so here are my definite walks….

Friday 25th September 11 am – Roman

Come along to learn where the major Roman buildings were situated & fascinating snippets about Roman life. 105 more words