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The longing of Dagny * Atlas Shrugged

I’m slowly making my way through this beast of a novel and I feel for Dagny Taggart the most. She’s a woman, over-achiever in a man’s world, running a powerful business full-steam and in spite of all the dead weight hanging on to her in form of her incapable brother and board of directors. 691 more words


Parody: The New Not-stalgia?

You may recall a recent commentary from yours truly (because I’m the only contributor to this site) in which I discussed the concept of “ 1,277 more words

Television Spotlight

Reviewed: Lone Ranger & Green Hornet #5

Now here’s something plausible but unexpected, a Lone Ranger/Green Hornet crossover. I say plausible because the time period in which these tales took place would allow for such a crossover to occur. 1,031 more words


Whitewashing by the Numbers

Recently, it was reported that The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, will be releasing in China later this month and in the US in February 2017. 1,169 more words


Their Christmas Goose is Cooked

One of the problems when living close to nature is that you can get rather fond of the characters involved.

Our roe deer became part of the family but we haven’t seen them for about a week and they might even be in someone’s freezer by now. 512 more words

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Theatre or Movie at Home

This or That post

Do you prefer going to a Theatre or watching movies at Home?

I enjoy going to a theatre, but not living near one means we seldom go. 62 more words