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Horse Sanctuary, 5199 N. First Avenue, Tucson, AZ July 8, 2018 #280

This entry is dedicated to two horses that I have loved dearly and served me well: Silver and Princess Lulu. R.I.P. my loves.

The Sunday sky’s dark horizon pulsated with veins of lightening streaks. 906 more words

Who Is That Masked Man?

“Who is that masked man, anyway?” They always asked, as he rode off into the sunset.

“Why, don’t you know? That’s the Lone Ranger!”

The William Tell overture swelled in the background as we heard him shout, “Hi Yo, Silver, awa-a-a-y! 646 more words


The Anti-Christ of Cool


She asked me what I did for a living

I said I dug up the villains

that the Lone Ranger shot… 91 more words


Flash Fiction Link: The Lone Ranger Rides Again by Mark Tulin

Sometimes when I rode Silver, my dad used to sing “I’m an Old Cowhand” and make believe he was John Wayne just to get my goat.

48 more words

Bass Reeves, Real Lone Ranger, Old West Hero and Trendsetting African American

He`s is a name any fan of the old west should know but most don`t, Some say U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves was the inspiration for “The Lone Ranger.” If he was, you might say he lived a life more dangerous and interesting than the legend that rose from it. 290 more words

Why a PhD community matters

Doing a PhD is changing. A digitally based knowledge economy requiring researchers to use new technologies and work in teams across disciplinary boundaries is creating new pressures and new opportunities. 594 more words


Flying Fists

          Jane swung with Tarzan, Lone Ranger, Tonto, Bruce Wayne had Robin as Gotham patrolled. Fine men and women with lives intertwined, dynamic partners whose powers combined. 290 more words