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The Lone Ranger - Hi-Yo, Silver, Away!

One of the great deejays.  This was my first Lone Ranger album but not the last.


my work here is done

my work here is done

(2000’s | businese? | “I’ve done what I set out to do,” “I’ve done what I can”)

Little wonder this phrase has become a popular meme in recent years; it can convey exactly the sort of self-satisfaction and superiority that express themselves so often and so malignantly on the internet. 470 more words


Lone Ranger Illustration

So here’s (finally) another post, but it’s one of those that’s “technically” a Disney movie, but not an animated one. Yeah, one of those. … 210 more words


Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #1 review

I call myself a hero-geek, instead of a comic book geek, in part because my interest goes well outside comics. I’ve done my share of research on comic book characters, sure, but also on some of the ones that came before. 534 more words


A Peaceful Goodbye

Read John 14.25-31

Growing up, I used to watch episodes of the Lone Ranger. Each show ended in much the same way. The Lone Ranger rode into town, solved whatever problem needed solving and then, without so much as a word, then rode off into the sunset, leaving the grateful townspeople to gaze into the horizon and say, “We didn’t even get to thank him.” The Lone Ranger was not one for goodbye scenes. 634 more words

Jesus Christ

Guess whose birthday celebration includes Betty Crocker and the Lone Ranger

If they’d had a red carpet, it might’ve been stepped on by anyone from the Pillsbury Doughboy to Bullwinkle J. Moose.

But instead General Mills celebrated its 150th anniversary Friday evening with the citizens of its home town, rolling its birthday event into… 360 more words