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Vacation Destinations with Lone Star

Note: this is an in-character post, in which I write from the perspective of my Poptropica avatar. 

Hi folks, it’s Lone Star: explorer, adventurer, and your guide to the greatest places on Poptropica! 657 more words

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Another Night

Another day paving the way, for night to reign
Fading away slowly, never to return again
Stars shining in the sky; moon playing hide and seek… 62 more words


Lone Star's Charity Christmas Lunch

Jason and Alofa of Lone Star Pukekohe with a staff of volunteers and sponsors turned out for the 2nd annual christmas charity lunch held at the Lone Star restaurant. 174 more words


Lone Star Taco Bar

Lone Star Taco Bar embodies the best of Allston, a Boston neighborhood that I have complicated feelings about. The small Tex-Mex restaurant is affordable without being cheap, desirable without being fancy, urban-trendy with an effortlessly hip vibe that usually annoys me, but in this case I find justified by the awesome food.  781 more words


Defensive Driving Classes

Have you recently gotten a traffic ticket? Have you gone online or to court and requested to take defensive driving? WE CAN HELP! We offer defensive driving classes EVERY SATURDAY! 85 more words


Charity Christmas Lunch Toy Drive

Jason & Alofa of Lone Star Pukekohe and the good people from the Franklin Family Support are having the 2nd annual Christmas Charity lunch for the less fortunate at the Lone Star Pukekohe restaurant on Sunday 25th of December. 180 more words


Getting Freemasonry Noticed

As a fraternity we do a lot of things hoping somebody will notice us.

The majority of the time we seek attention hoping that some men will approach us and ask for a petition. 497 more words