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Spiraling near madness with the spiral lone star quilt

This week I decided to talk about a quilt with a lot of colours because the combination of colours and fabric always manages to cheer me up. 837 more words


Lone Pint Brewery, the Yellow Rose

The Bearded Warrior as moved to explore new horizon, and today we have a look at one of our first Craft Beer in the new land of the braves. 109 more words


Daily News: Wednesday 2/14/18

BMW Debuts All-New 2019 X4 SUV

BMW has revealed the second generation of what they call their ‘Sports Activity Coupe’, the X4. In reality, the X4 is an SUV designed with a sloping ‘coupe-style’ rear-end, still featuring four doors. 376 more words


Sewing: star quilt border

Today I took a break from one project to return to an old one. Well, not so old. I worked on it earlier this week. Today I made the backing fabric, first of all. 116 more words


Sewing: star top

Yep, there it is.

I don’t know how I’m going to get this thing to lie flat.  It’s going to take all my skill at ironing to do that, and even so it may not ever be fixed.


Sewing: the star continued

Well.  I got the eight diamonds assembled, finally.  It took most of one day, and half each of two other days. But the diamonds were done. 507 more words