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Peace is a rare privilege

The over night cloudy skies, bring in a shady gloomy morning. The darkness of the day, settles under my eyes. I am exhausted without even beginning today. 154 more words


love letters in isolation, part II

I imagined this would be easier –
The lingering nights slept away,
Trying not to watch the imprint of loving arms

We knew it would hurt, 292 more words

Depression... A Ten Letter Word

Aaahhh, depression. Truly a ten letter word and similar in semantics to love in that it can be difficult to define. Let’s start by identifying a few of the characteristics we often confuse with the definition of depression and that are not  2,253 more words


Throwback Tuesday: Talking to myself?

So today is Throwback Tuesday, and I’ll be sharing you something that I’ve been doing since I was 5 years old.

One day I suddenly started to talk to someone called Alison. 525 more words



A constant fluid motion of lives,just continually moves and hides the exhaustion in our eyes. Forever? is questioned not mentioned in the swift way the tape embarrassed and holds in place with such fluid grace. 27 more words

When "Something" Speaks... Let it BE

As complex and uncertain as a moment in life might be, that is how some things happen to exist. I left my guard down and witnessed within. 645 more words

Wandering Toughts

Loneliness or mean Londoners?

Recently, I made friends with a guy who had moved from the Jersey Islands. He hated London. He was lonely here and thought that he was nothing but a number or a body in the bigger scheme of things. 940 more words