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Should I tell them???

I don’t feel like meet with people right now. I dont feel like going out. I dont want go for drinks. I dont even feel like waking up every day and go to work, smiling and pretending I am fine!! 543 more words

My sweetest breakfast

Geïnspireerd door ‘Runaway Bride’ over eenzaamheid omdat je niet jezelf kon zijn in een relatie, liefs Krage

how I want my sweetest breakfast

Dancing egg yolk with butter air… 39 more words


who I was

being honest with myself today I know for a fact that I have been in a depression. it became very clear to me that I loved some things in the past that I just do not do anymore.I love to walk and now i stay in, I loved to read and now iI have books that I never pick up.if i could tell the truth right now i will just admit to letting life drain me of all of my happiness. 123 more words


​Down down down the rabbit whole I go…… I see the rope, my hands slips and I dip even further in this abyss. Write write write that’s the rope I see, that’s the one I reach holding tight with all this might trying to pull myself up through words on paper see my mind waver scary sight indeed. 73 more words


They say every city looks the same, every wall, every window, every face. That in this thing we call life, there is no such certainty as being alone in an ocean of your own kind, flailing as you duck beneath the surface one last time, trying to breathe when the city sucks the air straight from your lungs. 487 more words