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To be lonely is a viscous experience in our own heads.

The holidays begin with dread.

Our heads our prison or room locked.

Holidays remove our humanity often deep within our hearts. 81 more words



​Down down down the rabbit whole I go…… I see the rope, my hands slips and I dip even further in this abyss. Write write write that’s the rope I see, that’s the one I reach holding tight with all this might trying to pull myself up through words on paper see my mind waver scary sight indeed. 73 more words


They say every city looks the same, every wall, every window, every face. That in this thing we call life, there is no such certainty as being alone in an ocean of your own kind, flailing as you duck beneath the surface one last time, trying to breathe when the city sucks the air straight from your lungs. 487 more words


You are so close yet I am so alone.

Blue/Blues (Jorio)

They said it blue

The universe’s sapphire jewel

Swimming in the darkness

Alone until it sunk


Peace is a rare privilege

The over night cloudy skies, bring in a shady gloomy morning. The darkness of the day, settles under my eyes. I am exhausted without even beginning today. 154 more words


love letters in isolation, part II

I imagined this would be easier –
The lingering nights slept away,
Trying not to watch the imprint of loving arms

We knew it would hurt, 292 more words