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Blue Christmas Bulletin Cover

Blue Christmas – Longest Night Bulletin cover

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Worship Art

Loneliness Contributes to Self-Centeredness for Sake of Self-Preservation

Loneliness increases self centeredness while being self centered contributes to feelings of loneliness, a new study reports. Study finds positive feedback loop between behaviors. Research conducted over more than a decade indicates that loneliness increases self-centeredness and, to a lesser extent, self-centeredness also increases loneliness.  42 more words


Bitumen Rivers

Taillights guiding me through the dark,
The only other sign of life on this lonely road.
Destination locked in but it doesn’t feel like home, 153 more words


I think I dreamt of you once

Contact made;
Hold me in those eyes,
Don’t drop me now.
Suspend me, pull me in
Closing slowly until…
Pull away, avoid contact; 99 more words


Deck Chair

The woman sat on the deck chair looking out to sea and imagined a far-off ship going to the tropics. There it would find the warmth she had never experienced. 172 more words


No Carrier

So once again I’m drawn back here,
Alone atop the hill.
And just like always, thoughts run free,
And these ghosts haunt me still.

The cloudless skies show fractures now, 79 more words