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Growing Old

Our youth is meant for ruin

and we grow old to regret.

Along with another day

comes a lost opportunity

mocking our low status.

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Is there any body out there?

A flash before my eyes, I see a figure in distress. Hair disheveled, clothes tattered, barefoot, she sat on the curb. Arms forming armor; protecting from the forces outside or maybe within.  77 more words


NaPoWriMo: Day eighteen

There are some nights

When I listen to those songs

The ones that stretch past my windows and soundtrack the world

That I swear I can hear your voice. 31 more words

Narcissists and Their "Crazy, Hysteric and Jealous" Exgirlfriends

I know that I have already dedicated two entire posts to talking about my Mr. Unavailable’s strange and changing relation to his exgirlfriend. Since I’ve written them, I have read a lot about narcissists and their penchant for triangulation, and it made me realize that my previous two posts on the issue are insufficient. 1,682 more words


Writing by Night

Lying eyes-down in my bed,

Wondering what to write:

Some words to fill a lonely head

And finish off a night,

Reminding me of happy things, 67 more words


I Monday Need Tuesday A Wednesday Break Thursday From Friday Myself

saturation point. n. 1. Chemistry The point at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution. 2. The point at which no more can be absorbed or assimilated. 1,214 more words

"P is for... The Puddle" (poem)

I pondered lonely as a puddle
I have no depth. I am a muddle

On my surface all you’ll see
Is your own face.

That’s not me. 15 more words