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a room without a bed

Describing how I led myself into my own loneliness out of curiosity.

I know what this means, to you it might mean something else.

One of the many recordings I have of me just talking to myself so I feel less alone or more lonely.

Out of context for you.


A good guy lonely

I had no idea how much loneliness can lead to depression.

I wasn’t always like this. But I think like a passionate love affair, it happened gradually and then suddenly. 498 more words

Change II

Author’s note:

The second part of a three-part story of change. ‘Change II’ is about having broken up and doubting whether it’s the right decision. Trying to convince yourself that it is and that you should never go back to what didn’t work. 8 more words


Those hands need these hands & these hands need that skin & that skin needs these lips

“We said let’s name thirty good reasons why we shouldn’t be together I started by saying  things like “you smoke” “you live in new jersey (too far)” you started saying things like “you belong to the world” all of which could have been easily refuted but the conversation was hypothetical I am totally short of breath for you why can’t you shut your stuff off….” * 134 more words


Re-set, re-adjust, re-start, re-focus... as many times as you need to.

Even when you are willing to let go, closure might arrive months or years later. You are sitting there, laughing with that laugh that is unapolegetically yours. 51 more words


“Writing in the Dark” A Reverse Poem by Linda Lee Lyberg

In the darkest hours
when loneliness calls my name
stormy tears threatening
with thunder and lightning pain…

32 more words

Man's Search for Intimacy

In 1946, existential psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl, published a book which drastically altered the course of psychotherapy; he titled it Man’s Search For Meaning, and, in it he presented a case for including the establishment of a meaning of life in one’s clinical work with patients. 670 more words