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2014.04.18 | Thoughts About Loneliness

Loneliness is a feeling known to well by this simple girl.

Whether with her friends or with her family, she never fails to feel alone, despite all of the presences around her. 132 more words


My Exile

Today was a “Wilfred” marathon … few people can and will relate to this show …

you’ve to be misunderstood for a long while and as i mentioned before in “three letters ” and due to my silence….. 371 more words


…and i found myself searching for something, for someone, that is nowhere to be found. Obviously why: I don’t know who I’m looking for.

People talk about solitude, about loneliness. 376 more words

Sin Categoría


It again has been a long time since I have written. I get caught in life and forget to live and just sort of go through the maze of days accepting the exhaustion. 231 more words


Cold Windy Summer

He’s sitting there, on the sofa, starring straight at her. Long hair, long t shirt sexy cover up the silky leg. It’s cold, windy summer time tonight, outside it was trafic jam, must be, he said. 371 more words

Inner Side

Are you alone?

Have you ever thought you could be alone? Alone from your friends, your family, your love… I just passed through hard heart breaking love and decided to leave far away my (his) city for few days and find my best friend I hadn’t seen for more than 2 years… Today was one of the most beautiful day for 2 weeks, I smiled, spoke a lot, discovered new city and new points of view about life… I’m proud of she is becoming ;so much happiness in her life… I wish her the best in Her entire life… From my side I discovered I… 30 more words