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Tall Poppies

Let’s have a go at bashing something out that goes beyond a tentative light touch on the arm of progress.

The other day I was hanging with some (male) friends and shooting the shit (as you do) about this, that, and everything. 3,361 more words

Home aloneĀ 

There are tons of messages my mind process the moment I am alone, just I and my brain, staring at my imaginary self in the face. 201 more words



Life sucks a lot.

What makes it worth it?

Mad distractions, back road attractions, sideways transactions and half truth retractions.

I enjoy the sincerity of dramatic effect. 107 more words


deceiving yourself into sanity

reality looks like an exaggeration,
when you’re used to telling yourself lies,
repentance, such a lofty aspiration,
when sins are such in-severable ties.

where goeth my honour and pride, 73 more words


The Person You'll Never Know

I’m different,

Around different people,

This order of behaviour,

May Change.


I may talk to you like a long lost friend,

Other days,

I stare at you like we never met. 176 more words

The Watcher

My Love,
I’m watching you-
You may not know it,
I’m always there.

I watch you drink yourself into oblivion,
Fervently washing all your sorrows- 190 more words


"If you should die before me ask if you could bring a friend"

Electrolysis was immensely painful again for some reason. It was especially had towards the end when I was literally crying. She un-reassueed me that I still have “loads” left, which just added to my current sense of homelessness regarding my transition. 269 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues