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Chester Bennington committed suicide today. Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands when I was younger. RIP. People want to judge him for his actions. 360 more words


And the Universe was Lonely

Look at all of this.  Galaxies pouring into one another.

Exploding stars.

Clouds of luminous dust.

A flower.

A rock.

A tree.

What will I do now, it said. 291 more words


Be Here

I don’t want you to be there
I want you to be here
With me


A Death

A Death

In the shade, under the trees, in my garden of gloom;
I was enjoying a quiet solitary afternoon,
Accompanied by the wind and the flowers that bloomed… 146 more words


The Goddess of Love

The Goddess of Love

I was hastily aging, sitting next to you all alone

While you watched the magician perform ill-rehearsed tricks

To a spellbound audience of dumbfounded geeks. 195 more words


When You're Standing All Alone

Life can get lonely. Friends move on, family members move away, and some relationships you once treasured lose their luster and become like driftwood a rip current has pulled out to sea.  709 more words


Let me tell you something about her: she did nothing besides standing still

In the dark corridor, right beside the closed bathroom door

Everyone else around her was fast asleep. 506 more words