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Obvious Bicycle 

I’ll spare my face the razor

For the next week or two or more

I hope that it won’t faze her

Like it used to do before. 92 more words



Hi. Are you one of the many young adults who graduated college and fell face first into adulthood with no idea how to actually function? Did you find yourself in a strange new place where you didn’t really know anyone except those few people from your major you never really hung out with? 75 more words

Calderon said: life is a dream

Calderon said: life is a dream
A deceptive escort between two awakenings
Neither life nor death
Nor something third
Neither life after death
Nor death before life… 58 more words


I just...don't know...

Have you ever felt like you were truly alone?
Or even have the sense that you want to talk to someone but you are finding yourself as a nuisance to people around you? 374 more words

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Poetic Rant

Why am I like this?

Why do I always think too much?

Why does my brain never take a break?

Why does my mind never stop spinning, causing me to worry about a hundred different things at the same time? 90 more words


The People We Will Never Meet

Sometimes when I look at the evening sky above and reality doesn’t feel so real anymore, I find myself looking for you behind clouds or in distant planes flying past, smiling softly at the idea that it would be the one to finally bring you to me. 143 more words