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Do you ever have those day where you really want to die? You know you won’t kill yourself. However you’re just so tired of the day. 195 more words


A Foreigner In Life

So many lies go unspoken

Guessed at in stolen glances
and justified with claims of
‘subtlety of interpretation’
in their misread cues of gesture and… 224 more words


Day Seven

Before my best friend moved, I would always be giving her rides everywhere. Last night I found myself back on a road where we often drove. 111 more words

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By dhandi

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Lonely and on Exchange

I only feel qualified to write this post after living through the month of May. I don’t mean to be negative by posting this so close to the end of my exchange, or imply that I’ve been terribly lonely for the entire year. 606 more words

Exchange Student

Dead and Gone

I dig a grave for you
every time you leave
and I close the garden gate,
watching your outline move away
then fade from mind and memory
as if you never were -
as if I never held you close
and felt the fine hairs on your hand
or kissed your lips and smiled

You and I will never know
why my mind plays such cruel tricks
and why a trip to buy cigarettes
becomes a sad, final farewell
until I hear your keys in locks
and I fling myself on you
as if you were my Lazarus! 47 more words

Bryony's Doll

Every Saturday evening they
stand in line outside her door
the stud at the front waits his turn
exchanges a bold look with an
exitting daredevil… 246 more words