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The Moon Calls

Restless, I heard her call like I did every other night, unable to sleep as she cast her long, pale, silvery rays over the bed.  279 more words


5 dollars for a soul

they sit
upon my stool
drinking worry
to clean again
their lives
and I am
their enabler
whiskey lies
to listen
and more pennies
to forget… 36 more words



It’s evening, and like you, I’m alone

in my room, staring at the screen of my cellphone.

I miss you so.

It hurts to think of you, 89 more words


Until the end starts ...

Once upon a time, people began stories like this. And then, in a different time, fireplaces became microwaves, and the days of our lives became twenty-four hours long. 3,063 more words

Creative Writing

His Story

Oct 2009, a 13 year old decided to visit the doc because his knee was killing him. He thought it’s going to take him a month or in fact a bit longer to start playing cricket again and he was desperate to get back on the field, after all he dreamt about playing for India one day. 659 more words




Are we lost, 

A generation struggling 

With the cost of regeneration? 

Charged with changing the nature 

Of humanity to meet 

The challenges of problems plenty –  268 more words


Dear Manuela,

I would love to let you know that I was about to leave you in the middle of your letter wandering lonely with your words. 612 more words