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Days in Isolation: Day 142

I tell myself that I don’t need you,

That I am fine by myself,

Yet it breaks my day

When you leave me alone.


I Don't Fit

I am a puzzle piece

Thrown into the wrong box.

Where is my tribe?

Where are the not-even-thirties

With the thousand-year minds

And the thousand yard stares? 15 more words

Missing the World That Annoys Me So Much

The concept of the blog, as I explained it in my very first entry, was to explore what it means to be an introvert. To share my observations on what it’s like to be an introvert trying to work, live, socialize, create, and exist in a largely extroverted world. 692 more words



I am the most self-destructive when I let depression turn to self-loath, when I feel like doing nothing and am without purpose, I don’t think, I just act, I gather enough strength just to go to find something to eat, often junk food, sometimes I have a few beers even, then I go back to watch tv. 25 more words

A Decade is Not What It Seems...

Can someone really change?

Some say, that we never stop changing. That the person that we are molds with our life choices, surroundings and primary influences. 743 more words

Lenny; a Serial, Part II

Before Trish, Lenny had been burned by love–once. Her name was Rachel and she was young. They were both young.

Rachel was a raven haired beauty with a great figure and fire in her veins. 1,048 more words


Firstly, let me just say: I love alliteration. Secondly, I’ve been exposed. Five years ago…perhaps even a year ago, this would have meant that all of mankind discovered my ineptness and that I’ve really just been faking my way through life. 725 more words