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For the most part of my life I tried to convince myself that I do not want a partner in life. I thought it was a ridiculous idea. 502 more words


Is anyone out there?

I’m not sure, and I’m not sure if it helps or if I’m only entertaining the idea that it does, but here I am typing my thoughts into the ether.   207 more words

So what now?

It’s been 10 days since I went to court for the Final Hearing on our divorce. It seemed like a dream. I knew it would eventually be finished but I dreaded the day when it was. 844 more words

Suicide and Self harm: A cry for help or a cry for ‘likes’

Recently I came across a post on social media about an R&B singer Kehlani that evoked very strong emotions in me which quite frankly I was not aware of. 769 more words

Mental Health

Day 126: The Path

The Path is a real bummer.

There are numerous ways I could mean that. The most basic intention would be to state the obvious; that it is a rather depressing game with a pessimistic message. 531 more words

Video Games

Driven me drunk

Took your impersonal invitation, am going to the party. I start driving and five minutes in I seize the resting bottle on the empty passenger’s seat at my right, ready to take the first large sip off it. 396 more words


Your hurt, hurts.

You’re not even dead yet,
And the sorrow of a Duduk flute plays the genocide.
The mutilation your life caused,
A love of a father so misplaced. 131 more words