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The Herdless Zebra: When You're Too Rare to Fit In with the Zebras

So we know that Zebras are rare, but what happens to those Zebras who are so rare that the other Zebras don’t even know who they are? 592 more words


Poem 7: I, Apart from You

I want to stand by You again,

But my legs have failed me.

Without hope, I cannot stand

The sight of myself. So lonely,

I want to feel like myself again. 275 more words



This is a haiku written based on the word suggestion from fellow WordPress  blogger iampharoahmaktuk. Thank you for participation and I hope you enjoy the composition. 29 more words


Old snow.

There is only one purpose in the gutting
of your being
and that is to be filled
with something else. Remember this.
The remnants of snowbanks… 117 more words


Enjoy view; lament solitude; hate self

A wonderful day;
Wonderful view, but no-one
With which to share it.



Was in Asda buying stuff for breakfast, song came on in the store, I lost the plot, started sobbing my heart out at the checkout, people started looking at me in bewilderment as I tried my best to stifle the sobs and carry on putting my shopping through the self service checkout. 168 more words


The dialemmas of SHM 

Originally published at   http://www.muslimahbloggers.com/the-dilemmas-of-a-stay-at-home-mum

One particular afternoon, I broke down.
Undone laundry, piles of unfolded clothes, a dirty kitchen, loaded sink, messy home and on top of everything, cranky screaming toddlers. 1,249 more words