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Writing Doesn't Have To Be Lonely

While I was perusing Instagram, I came across the quote by Stephen King – “Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference”. 242 more words

The Fuschia

Clearing the tables of dishes,

The child’s forgotten fuschia –

(Picked idly), beside crumbs and napkin,

A blighted ballerina, now alone.

I stop beneath my insular cloche, 64 more words


Fake people

I’m so tired of fake people. People afraid of just the minimal amount of transparency it takes to make a new friend. People in small towns who are so entrenched in their lives they won’t let anyone new in.  539 more words

Suffering from loneliness ?

Hi Everyone, hoping you all are fine. After a long time i am back to share my thought on something from which i am suffering from few days i.e loneliness. 226 more words

Lonely thoughts grow into depression!

If we could look back on a bout with depression, we would find negative thoughts and emotions circling our subconscious for days.


Depression seems to be linked to expectations, judgments and negative emotions. 170 more words


Wake Me Up

It seems the only time for pure, beautiful silence, is in my sleep. All day is spent alone; All night I speak to you. Loneliness is a feeling I’ve come to embrace yet hate. 275 more words

Me & Jakarta

Belakangan ini, tiap ruas jalan Jakarta sepi efek dari Hari Raya Idul Fitri, kebanyakkan penduduk Jakarta meninggalkan kota untuk menghilangkan jarak pada cinta yang menunggu di kota lain. 548 more words