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Hungry Soul

“I realize that I live on the bubble of insanity. I feel the weight of human suffering, loneliness and despair on me all the time. It’s not getting easier; if anything, it’s always right on the edge of my skin.” 286 more words


2 Glasses Of Wine And An Overrun Mind

It’s interesting to me to see a constant pattern that seems to be an intertwining vine between many people’s lives; the idea of being alone. 530 more words

You can't have it

It’s been a tough week.

I just want to crawl under a rock and make my tears cease.

I just want sleep.

But it doesn’t seem willing.


Blackout #6 (Devdas)

I spend idle hours

in empty places

i’m lost

in a long night

of whiskey

❤️ Yusra Gulab Jamman

*Devdas = the name of a famous fictional character in Bollywood, whose descent into alcoholism was sparked by the loss of his childhood sweetheart.

Creative Writing

Lonely Souls Drowning

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Lonely souls drowning

Choking on beer and pretzels

At the local dive

Bartenders smile for tips

Acting like you are best friends… 29 more words


I Am Single Because...

Hey Soulmate,

Isn’t it wild how we tell ourselves stories that aren’t true ALL the time? An anthropologist friend just called it “constructing meaning.” I feel like the ego thinks its’ full time job is to write our lives into after-school specials for Lifetime. 569 more words


When a Woman Feels Alone / Part # 3

Do you have dreams?  I know you must have dreams in your life.  There are dreams that remain within us and that still have not been fulfilled or have not come to fulfillment in our lives.   656 more words