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Why Someone Like Me?

Carl had to adjust his eyes when the bright light was turned on.  It was clear he had been woken from a deep dream. The light made him shake his head and get his bearings. 340 more words

Alone or lonely?

Did it make you uncomfortable?

The idea of being on your own

By yourself


In the world


Does it bring joy?

A sense of indescribable peace? 119 more words

Beautifully broken mama. Night.

I have always been a little bit fragile. I have also always been strong when it comes to helping others, somehow I have the ability to relate very deeply and easily to others and care for their wellbeing very genuinely. 751 more words


Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

Hello? Are you there?

It has been two days since the last time I wrote to you, and still no news. Did you change your email address? 109 more words


Despair, Mostly

I feel drained today and the more I try to do something, the harder it gets.  It feels like my wheels are spinning in the mud. 837 more words

One question you should ask yourself before taking on a leadership role

*Warning: Language in this post may be offensive to some readers/listeners*

Prior to taking on a managerial and/or leadership role, I highly recommend asking yourself one question: … 800 more words


What Is It That We Want?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

I want to find true happiness in life, but what is true happiness?

For me, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the combination of 2 things: 1,210 more words