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Atop the hill
Conquerer he
A grueling climb
Into grandeur
The peak beyond
Now beckons
Escalation unending
And oft
Quite alone
Neglect not
The crowded valley

Just Poetry

Throughout my life, I have never been the ‘popular girl’. I’ve always been the kind of person you would call the ‘supporting character’. I had people  I could call friends but never people I could truly find myself confiding in. 310 more words



When clouds of pain loom in the sky,

When a shadow of sadness flickers by,

When fear keeps the loniless alive; I try and console my heart. 74 more words


Nerves, Lots of Nerves

I don’t want to stand out.  I don’t want to be odd or unique.  I don’t want to be different or weird.  Most of all, I don’t want to be awkward, and I know I’m pretty damn awkward.   1,542 more words


łøñęłÿ śøüł....

There she was lying on a sofa.Tears running down her cheeks and there she was trying to cover up her sobs.Dread filled her?What if someone saw that she was crying?They would just wonder why?She needs someone,who would just look at her eyes and notice the sadness that is filled in her soul and would wipe her tears away and say that,”Im here for you!No matter what happens.”


What Do Loneliness and Smoking Have in Common?

An interesting comment was made years ago in one of my classes that loneliness has the same risk factors for disease as smoking cigarettes. After doing some investigating, research done by Julianne Holt-Lunstad out of the USA connects nicely the wholistic picture of how our emotions and brain impact our physiology. 470 more words

The Famine

Since I’m through submitting poems from my manuscript, Close Proximity, and I’m now preparing to submit it to a poetry book competition, I thought I might as well publish some of the poems here. 282 more words