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I walk because, somehow, it’s like reading. You’re privy to these lives and conversations that have nothing to do with yours, but you can eavesdrop on them. 34 more words

Message Memories

I used to rush each morning
Were there messages to see?
Had you had a thought-wave you were keen to share with me?
I used to hold my breath until the screen displayed your name… 159 more words



She was my home.
At the end of every weary day,
I couldn’t wait to get back to her
And rest my head on her lap… 147 more words

Spilled Ink

You're on in five, it's time you rise or fade

I used to be (and still am in some ways) oblivious to the fact that family members would interact with each other. They would sit down for meals together, all the time. 267 more words

Typography of Feelings

I don’t have a lot to say today. I have been struggling quite a bit and am finding it increasingly difficult to communicate my emotions and thoughts effectively. 63 more words

Mental Health

Value of Vulnerability in Leadership

As I write this, I realize that the topic of “vulnerability” has been hot for several years because of the popularity of a researcher and author who has been featured on the TED Talks video series and on Oprah’s OWN network (i.e., Super Soul Sunday). 266 more words



hollow inside
what I want to hear
drops like pins to the tile
straining my ear
I hear
aching muscle sits in your palm… 90 more words