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Spoken words- sharp as knives,

Cut my unprotected heart;

Unmake the pillars of our lives.


Between us a sea of silence born

Slowly growing deep and wide… 25 more words

The RED KNIFE LEGACY And Other Tales Of Escaping Menace And The Mundane

Making Room

So, nope, I still haven’t found romance in the Pacific Northwest. How I feel about that depends a great deal on which day you ask me. 277 more words


Dear Universe

If you ask the universe, “Universe, offer it up to me,” then, in turn, do you have to accept what is offered?

If you ask the universe, “Is my hair too poufy?” and a gust of wind comes along and blows it in your face, is the answer “yes”? 694 more words

Single Life

Psychosis : Kristen

When I was a teenager at college, I had a friend called Kristen. She was always with me and although I describe her as a friend, she really wasn’t all that friendly most of time. 549 more words

Bipolar Disorder

I exist.

No one noticed.

Though I’m just here.

Yet they can’t see.

Screaming for help,

nobody hears.

They walked passing me.

My presence just like air.

35 more words

Crying for the Child Lost

Sometimes I feel so damn pathetic when I cry.

I guess I feel like I’m crying about all the wrong things.

I’m always crying about the past. 480 more words


Fly or Fall

I am walking
In an empty space
Within my head
And I really don’t know
How to say
Please stay a while
For the echoing of my thoughts… 65 more words