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Hope, illogical hope, a dangerous play,
A word that holds a terrifying sway,
It cares not for the existing of a plausible way,
Hope giveth and hope taketh away.

– Prongs

Poetry For The Soul

Words of Wisdom

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the type of relationship that I did with my mom. She wasn’t perfect, she had her flaws and weaknesses that not everyone knew about or could see. 340 more words

Tunnel Vision

Loneliness is a powerful emotion.
It clings to you
A heaviness that is
Impossible to shed.
The excess weight
Of unwanted emotion
That colors your vision… 64 more words



Loneliness is mentally one of the most terrible thing a person could go through…. And most of us have been through this. We all have been through such phases in our life where even after having hundreds of people, close friends, family members around us we feel lonely. 462 more words


I don’t understand

I dwindle as the day ends,

Drab prisoner free.


You over the others.

There are a lot of boys that stole my heart,
along the paths I crossed with ’em.

There is always a doubt within my chest, 202 more words

When I forget to charge my phone in the morning and other random thoughts

When I forget to charge my phone in the morning , it turns out to be a blessing. It’s become very difficult to avoid the temptation of using the phone for one more minute,of watching one more video, of one more scrolling,or of viewing one more status update. 1,380 more words