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Chpt 3: You Fucking Asshole!!!!!!!

I am officially done with mystery man! Well, at least in my mind I am. This past week or so he has aced extra distant. Not initiating text messages. 448 more words


Bad dates

No, not those dates. You in the anonymous void know I haven’t had one in several years, and even the two supposed ones I had nearly three years ago can only loosely be called dates. 397 more words


Kindness - mental illness

Someone once asked me what brought on your bouts of mental illness? It’s an interesting question and illustrates some misunderstanding. It was an illness and actually nothing brought it on. 15 more words

I Choose Depression

By that I don’t mean “I choose to feel depressed.” Not in the sense you might be thinking. And it isn’t all-encompassing.

This is something I realized just a few days ago. 1,331 more words

Life In General

Tu Nahi..

“Tu nahi to aaj kal zindagi behaal si ho gayee..
Teri yaadon mei khushiyon ki dhol bhi betaal ho gayee”

“Teri yaadon ke sahare din to kat jaatein hai.. 48 more words


mashed potatoes

mornings are hard when you know you’ll have to be with people with lots of soul pain. the typical refrigerated store air nipped at my nose as i trudged to the coffee line. 354 more words


Feeling Scared

My ex-husband had kidney failure. That meant he was on dialysis for almost four years until he got a transplant.  Dialysis three times a week, times fifty-two weeks a year, times four plus years… 556 more words

Emotional Healing