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August 17, 2019

There was a time when, happy to see me or waiting to rip into me, what you were waiting for was me. When did that end, and why? 20 more words


At times, is there something wrong?

He’s been by my side for the longest time. At times, he’s the source of my inspirations & aspirations, at other times, he’s the source of my frustrations. 168 more words

Emotional Muffle

An Inner Voice’s Monologue to Me [Original Poem/Story] #9

I’m finally back to using my blog and for the 5 months I was away I came to the realisation that my blog is a very depressing place to be. 272 more words


Howling one

In the midst of the night

The lone wolf howls

For the moon

Hoping one day

Maybe the moon

Howls for it the same

But the wolf knows not… 28 more words




Two paths

One way

One must change

Back at this crossroad

Where the train derailed

And coaches depart

I’m here to fix my heart… 533 more words


Loneliness Blues

The worst part about a divorce is the loneliness that just hits you out of nowhere.

In my marriage, we were really close, we spent so much time together and this coupled with the arrival of our son, our place was a happy sanctuary for the longest time and after work I looked forward to getting home to spend time with them. 184 more words


Her soul burns on fire but she can warm you on a cold snowy night
Those dark clouds intimidate her but there’s a different universe where she resides… 124 more words