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Song 70 - The barely wed

From minute one
that which was fun
was turning sharp a wit.
I got 7 days
to think about it.
No eighth day to wonder… 54 more words

A Brand New Pulpit

Every preacher must want a new pulpit. One that is made of rare woods, maybe with a cross carefully glued to the front…

Writers are much the same, in that they need a new pulpit to preach from every now and then. 521 more words


The Man Crossing Lombard Street...


Write a 750ish words or less story based upon the photograph and tanka of the man crossing Lombard Street.

Who is he, that man, 114 more words


New Discovery: The Sad Bachelor Aisle

My lil’ brother Sammy and I went grocery shopping a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon to purchase food for a football Sunday smorgasbord feast. 566 more words

My Favorite Things

The Controlling Wife

“My greatest struggle has been to have my wife remember that her role is to trust God’s leading through me and not regard me as an enemy.  579 more words

This. This Worries Me.

Oh Andrew. Andrew who is new to Seattle and clearly experiencing the Seattle Freeze for the first time. Andrew who strikes me as just a bit needy and lonely. 296 more words

At the End of the Train

Those who lived within earshot of the railroad would usually be put to sleep by the clacking of the iron wheels passing over the rail joints.   450 more words

Writing About Rails