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Lonely People

so                     many                      lonely                        people

                                         why can’t at least one of us

                            be what another needs

                    why can’t we

                                   make each other happy

       why       so          ma         ny         lone        ly          peo         ple… 199 more words

On Social Interaction

Meet Our Authors: Sara Marks

Our first interview is with Sara Marks, one of our authors!  By day she’s a librarian, but by night she’s an author, knitter, and Wikipedian.  She has been writing as part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) since 2004.  575 more words


The Loneliest People are the Most Creative

The loneliest people are usually more creative than the people who are popular or well-known. There are many reasons to why. Because I am creative and pretty lonely, I know some reasons why creativity resides in lonely people. 749 more words


A Bus Line & Other Realities

[ Stimulus – Influences ]

· Casting a new eye on the mundaneness of everyday life

· Collating narratives | methodologies | strategies

NICK TURPIN… 995 more words


A Glimpse of Liverpool. Part 1.

OK, it’s a long time since I have posted anything in this blog, and it’s not because I haven’t seen anything, haven’t done anything, but about that later. 342 more words


Lonely people

We had dinner the other day with a man, his newest girlfriend, his mother and his youngest son. This man works hard, is very well paid, and is using his money to try to fix his broken relationships. 399 more words

Faith And Life

Aesthetic Souvenirs

[ Film Experiment – Encapsulating ]

In response to the “encapsulating home” notion presented in my post Toyo Ito, Nine Hours & Lonely Men, I’m putting up here a video I’ve recorded early this summer 2017 that I feel is relevant to that post. 288 more words