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Superior Social Skills

​New research has found that lonely people have superior social skills compared to people who aren’t lonely.


Wooden Man

The poison lies within.
Can it come without?
Is there another way to release the
pain and doubt?

Some other avenue
besides this empty street, 29 more words



In a dirty, dusty world of freshly tilled soil,
a man labors to pull unyielding stones from the earth.
It is agonizing work, but his perseverance is rewarded… 120 more words



He trudges slowly up the hill.

The pack on his back is only half of the burden he is carrying.

The rest is in the pack that he keeps under the table in that dark room in his heart.




I don’t like you.

I don’t like the way you wear your hair.
I don’t like your infatuation with the color black;
The way you smear it on your lips and wipe it across your eyes, 191 more words


The Antithesis To The Train Bleu

Upstairs in the bathroom, after I have dressed and left the laptop on the dining room table, I hear the lonesome call of the 4am and the tell-tale rumbling through the open window. 214 more words