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7 Ways To Truly Heal When Your Breakup Makes You Feel Completely Lost

As a therapist I see people almost daily who are trying to heal from the ending of a relationship. That can mean anything from a breakup after dating for a few weeks to a divorce after being married for 20 years. 1,009 more words

Faked it.


Why is it so hard to say those words out loud. I feel alone.

I feel the empty expanse between myself and other beating hearts. 351 more words


Perhaps I am truly Damned, but it is a lovely night
for Hell—

And the fires are so bright.

An Undying Pain #2

—An undying pain—

Every day I feel trapped

with your thoughts over me,

making me lose myself

sans the presence of thee.

Lost in memories… 60 more words


Deep down

Sometimes, i dreamt to walk on somebody else’s path,

And wake up as the one who is completely not me.

Am i such an ungrateful shit? 24 more words


A Deserted Home

This is what deserted homes look like whenever countries are partitioned, when people are forced to abandon their homes all of a sudden and disappear with just the bare essentials…