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Sitting out the Front of My House Because I Don't Want to Go Inside

Sometimes I just sit in my car because I don’t want to go inside and have to talk to my family.

I feel that even though everyone likes me I’m nobody’s favourite person. 494 more words

Text Post

Confession #28 - We had the most epic reunion

Sora and I had a long talk. I discussed him being a dick. He said he was sorry. I told him how much he hurt me. 510 more words



In a colorless world,
Behind a fogged up window,
Grey curtains as drapes,
Tightly meeting end to end,
Vanquishing any color that may accidentally infiltrate and penetrate this motionless world. 509 more words


Always (sitting on ready)

She’s always ready to go somewhere with OG. We can plan on doing something till OG is available, then it doesn’t matter. She’s going. I feel like I’m second hand. 96 more words


Is home too lonely without you?

Is home too lonely without you? Am I restless because I am alone? Am I anxious because I have trouble focusing on tasks and work right now? 290 more words



Today is one of those days.

One of those days where the exhaustion is bone deep and my body feels leaden.

One of those days where both children’s needs are more than normal but I still only have two hands. 159 more words

Coping mechanism

Sometimes I fantasize about becoming an alcoholic so I can cope with all of this stuff going through my brain. It feels like there is no outlet. 36 more words