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So many strangers walk by

So many times I want to cry

Wont you talk to me?

Do I not look normal?

I’m not scary, am I? 11 more words

Mental Health

Closing my eyes

I’m tired.

I want to close my eyes, but this time forever.

It’s time to say goodbye to the pain, the ups and downs, the medicine, the mood swings. 27 more words

Mental Health


I wake, 1:30 a.m…

The random song, the conversation, the fight, the dog, work, life…it wont stop

2:30 a.m…it wont shut off.

I toss, I turn.   50 more words

Mental Health

The chase

Is my darkness here to stay?

Will my darkness ever go away?

I wake each day hoping, praying for light

The light is there.

I run toward it and can never get closer… 72 more words

Mental Health



My spirit has been taken, lost and robbed in the night.
It drifts far from my heart, a soul in the sea of dead… 124 more words


Why is it that University has been the loneliest time of my life?

There are many ways in which I could explain this, however I am going to choose nearly the beginning of my life. So here it goes! 624 more words

They Are Mine. 

​There was a time in my story.

I felt alone.

I felt like no one got me

Or even bothered to understand the pain and emptiness I felt. 212 more words

Diary Of An Indigo