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It's been a while

I haven’t used this site in almost 3 years but I’d like to try again. I’ve been particularly depressed and anxious the last 2-3 months and have a lot that I need to get out. 2,553 more words

Maybe It's Okay To Admit That I'm Lonely

He laid on top of me, bracing his weight with his right hand, his left cupping my face while we were one, and he kissed me sweetly, as if it was more than just a kiss, staring at me like no man has ever stared at me before. 556 more words

Grim Thoughts of Death

Occasionally the grim thoughts of death enter my mind

Not of any self-inflicted stupidity, but of true tragedy

In the night illusions of my mind are made real… 101 more words




Sometimes I feel so alone.

Isolated in a world full of people,
Sure that no one will ever,
Be able to understand me.

I can sometimes lose all hope. 106 more words



Sad feelings are safe feelings now, happy feelings are welcomed and always appreciated when they are here. I have learned to take in moments when I am even a little happy. 40 more words

Day 1

I am aware that blogs are an acquired taste and… this this blog may be the most boring one known to mankind. If it has seemingly little purpose all I can say is… oh well… it’s me. 351 more words



A garbage person without a suitcase to leave with
wet-brained loneliness in piles on the floor
freedom seemed like being gone while here.

Happy to carry sadness in a backpack with short straps… 16 more words