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The thought of “what ifs” about our universe is glued on my mind. What if there is actually another universe? What if in that universe, we could happen? 719 more words


Two Separate Lives

Going to university is a big step. You move out, you meet new people, you start a new life. That’s the part that is hard to grasp. 325 more words

But... Where were you?

When you were lost, I was there.

When you were scared, I was there.

When you were sad, I was there.

When you were lonely, I was there. 64 more words

Dear Diary

When you see the title of the post is a Dear Diary:  Feel free to skip right on past it. It’ll probably be a moan or a rant or me feeling sorry for myself and it’ll probably make you roll your eyes and sigh heavily. 83 more words


I fall asleep and wake up

I fall asleep and wake up,
With my eyes half open, I search for you.

Shivering in the coldness of winter, I lie there waiting for you. 216 more words


It's been a while...

Well, it’s been a while since my last post and suprisingly not much has changed…which is a good thing. I am still feeling confident and secure in the decision to officially leave my husband, although I am still holding off on the divorce. 222 more words