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Have you read this book? I’m all for anyone reading it BUT if you are a woman it’s A MUST! Download it on your kindle, get it for free from your library or send me your address and I’ll mail it to you. 350 more words

Lost in the Woods

Insomnia, insomniac,
A morning sigh upon your lips,

Heavy bags, heavy heart,
Your love a total eclipse.

Art found, art unfinished,
Your red wrist painted itself, 10 more words


Destiny will find a way

If we’re really meant to be, destiny will find a way. WE will find our way back to each other. If not, I guess this is goodbye. 29 more words

I've Been There

I have friends, lots of them. I’m lucky and I know it. Some of my friends are male and some are female. Many are straight, others are LGBTX. 252 more words


An Abandoned City

In the middle of this deserted city.
A street devoid of any cars or pedestrians,
There is no one in sight.
The air is heavy and dead silent. 541 more words


Cloud Blanket

There is this blanket in the sky tonight. It’s soft, and fluffy, and sort of white. It’s a pretty shade of white, not dingy as one might expect on a dreary night like tonight. 234 more words

“The Fake and False, Gained and Lost” (Rap, kinda)

Written, and meant to be read, with any fast beat!

It’s always days like today that are the hardest, waking up to the sun, but the world feeling it’s darkest. 1,357 more words