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Day 16-Magic

I was talking to former diner waitress Alix this week and she said that the diner is magical. She said that even though she did not like working there she met some amazing people including her co-workers (who also don’t work there anymore) and me (of course). 830 more words

Watching My Path: Psalm 142:1-3

Buddy and I recently went to Ocean Shores, Washington State. It was fun to watch him find his own way from the beach along the various paths through the dense brush back to the hotel area. 128 more words

Musical Life

If I could live my fantasy, it would be on the stage. The musical theatre stage.


To be exact.

But fear, parental consent, and so many other self inflicted stops halted my dream. 270 more words

Unrequited Love

Heart is a terribly lonely place
Where reason fears to tread
Brain fried in fats of deep emotion
Unable to send or receive signals
Non reciprocated sentiments left… 15 more words



I feel lonely. I know I’m not alone, but the loneliness sets in from time to time and I can’t seem to shake it.

Yours Truly,


Failed attempt at a diary, failed attempt at recollecting memories.

It was before Christmas, I think, where I saw a pretty little blue notebook with little golden stars scattered across it, kind of like the ones you’d get at primary school when you’ve done something which the teacher thought was good. 228 more words


No. 1

Friday 29th July, 2215. Here we go.

You see in the movies and read in books that when people start to blog, their shit seems to fall into place. 716 more words