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I'm Sorry

” I’m sorry for everything”

Is all i can say for all the things i’ve done. It may not sound sincerely but trust me, i cried typing every letter of the word SORRY.

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I’m not lonely

I’m just a loner.

I love being by myself

Always preferring to be alone.


Into the Abyss

The last few weeks I’ve not felt good. I’ve had more seizures than I’d like to admit and have been feeling lower than I have done in years. 223 more words


Dealing with Rejection

Happy Friday friends!

This is one of my very first posts, and I am re-sharing it with you all today. It deals with something so, so (unfortunately) common – rejection. 912 more words


Feeling Sorry for President Trump

Feeling Sorry for President Trump

I am so reluctant to admit this out loud, but I’m a big reality TV fan. I was first hooked by Temptation Island. 763 more words


Why I Can't Be By Myself

I’m at a pizza place by myself, sweating through my coffeeshop T-shirt and chewing on a slice of pepperoni. As I scroll through the contacts on my phone, my fingers leave greasy smudges on the screen. 570 more words

Personal Stories

Suffer In Silence

Lol’s to your text with tear stained cheeks

Say im jappy for you though you chose her over me

My friends said leave you alone, but my heart was weak… 136 more words