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With wine and bagel bites in bed, naked, I wish once again to have someone with me. Or at least someone to talk to.

Will anyone talk with me?


Dear Eren,

I’m not the same without you, but you seem to be great without me. That’s good. I’m glad you can be happy without me. 248 more words

Where have all my best friends gone?

The majority of my best friends live in completely separate cities to me now. They have new friends now. They feel involved in the  instant camaraderie that comes with University and all the new experiences they’ll share. 318 more words


Open Letter to Everyone

This year has been hell. Figuring out a separation that I never wanted because I still loved them. And a flood, literal and figurative, as my apartment flooded taking away everything that no longer mattered. 327 more words

Be Yourself

Thanksgiving Full Moon Message

In this reading, Great Mother speaks about the full moon, the greatest night light of all, and what this one means for sufferers and survivors of MDT this Thanksgiving. 353 more words

The girl I am isn't me

Behind my smile
Is a hurting heart
Behind my laugh
I’m falling apart
Look closely at me
And you will see
The girl I am, isn’t me. 10 more words


The Blind Girl

There was a girl blind at birth.  She had never seen…Her family would describe what the sky looked like in detail to her.  She would go to school and describe to her other blind friends all the details of the sky, … 97 more words