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The Age of Loneliness

I watched The Age of Loneliness BBC tonight which had been on the BBC a while back. It was very sad and had me in tears a couple of times. 440 more words

Social Anxiety

Loneliness -The Sense of Belonging

You can love God and yet feel lonely inside. You can be married and yet feel very much isolated. You can be part of a group of people and feel like you are the odd one out. 745 more words

Practical Daily Life Matters

The Givers and the Takers

As I’ve mentioned before I’m about love and respecting a relationship.
Now im not gonna be one of those girls who says there angels and alla that shit because I’m not…I’ve done my fair share of cheating and yes I have been cheated on, who hasn’t? 708 more words

#76 the tweenager hoop

Film at the cinema was good.

Maybe after our date tomorrow, Sarah will want to be my girlfriend and go to the movies with me … 10 more words


- I cannot get you out – (8/13/13)

The title comes from the song, “You’re In My Veins” by Andrew Belle.This entry has a bit more of a hint of hope in it. 472 more words

Journal Entires

Post Natal Depression - A father's perspective (Part I)

The birth of my son was the happiest day of my life, it’s a stereotypical line straight out of the mouth of any parent but it’s just simply fact for me now too. 1,377 more words

Getting fed up

Im going to tread lightly on this post. Being agitated to certain points is one of those ongoing things that happens in life. But I start to have a big problem when other people’s issues suddenly become mine. 413 more words