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The place called LONELINESS

The place called Loneliness:

Loneliness is such a secret and quiet place, where we have an ample opportunity to reflect on the need for our Savior and God’s Company. 1,827 more words


A Little Scared

Beginnings and changes are both exciting and terrifying for me. I want to experience something new, but it is often not as easy as I think. 647 more words

Pretty sweet

This is a song I wrote a while ago, when I was musing on my life and I remembered being homeless for a couple of months and the feeling of dislocation and alienation I felt then – but also the self reliance i discovered and the feeling when I finally got my own front door – a lot of big feelings swelled up inside me and out popped this song. 28 more words



*Crack Knuckles* I have been gone for a long time. Those who read my Doodle Diddle text box know that I have been sick. i generally think about what to post for a few days before posting but today I am going to let it flow. 581 more words


Replacement #1

Hey there guys,
Long time no…blogging i guess XD

Anyway, do i have a story for you guys…haha…

Lets start
Few months ago, my friends have decided to create a dota team call panda fanda… they invited me to panda fanda and of course, being the only girl in the group, not just that i suck at dota… and yet i still get invited, i was happy like supper happy <3… 308 more words


The Lonely Introvert

The lonely introvert. Basically sums me up. I have a phobia of both strangers and crowds. Most people that are social already have there own friend group this makes it extremely hard. 187 more words


Day 11: Ah Ha!

Do you ever have one of those ah-ha moments? I had one last night.

Do you ever feel like you are trying to escape yourself? I do. 660 more words