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A new care factor.

Have you ever found yourself looking in the mirror at your reflection and asking yourself, “Well, what now?” Ever asked yourself, “What are you waiting for?” I was today pondering those very questions as I stood in a hospital elevator staring at my reflection in the elevator mirror trying to work out why I was so restless. 1,626 more words

Random Thoughts


Yesterday was a spectacular fail on my part and the culmination of stress, anxiety, non communication – reached boiling point because I was stupid enough to add alcohol to the mix. 786 more words

a letter for the lonely

I get you. I get brittle finger bones and watching the leaves wave. I get heart palpitations from listening to the local country radio station as I drive. 396 more words

True Thought

and whenever you get sad, i want to..

* be there with you
* hug you
* tell you i love you
* snuggle with you on your couch
* give you soft kisses… 104 more words

5500 messages sent and received in 2 weeks.

I have tried for many years to find that one person. You know..
The one that always keeps you busy at mind.
The one that always seems to clear all the fog in the air and make it breathable. 515 more words

A Mind Of My Own


A/N: In response to “Inside Out”, here is my take on a story that utilities emotions

  There was once a man with only a face. Well it’s obvious, everyone has a face, but to Bruno it’s not in this case. 2,313 more words


Emotions (writer's opinions)

“Emotions” was written in response to good reviews from “Searching” back then. The second chapter to the “Lonely Men Series”, Emotions tackles the evoking of emotions in a person.  305 more words

Short Stories