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To dream that you are crying signifies a release of negative emotions that is more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself. 187 more words


Quote of the day.

Found this tumblr and I relate too hard.

Does anyone else feel like a “filler friend”? Like you just sit there, never contributing to the conversation, and when you do, no one notices. 60 more words


And there I was waiting for you
Wanting to hear something new
But you just passed by like the rain
And all my feelings went down the drain. 103 more words

Rosemary's Long Weekend Special

Hello fellow writerly friends and happy August long weekend!

In honour of the long weekend I bring you Rosemary’s activities for writers hit list. Looking to relax after meeting your pre-long weekend deadlines? 504 more words


I missed you tonight

I’m calling out your name everyday

Sleep eludes me while you dream away

I wish the night on me too would fall

I’m trying I’m trying, but I’m staring at the wall… 132 more words



Is there really such a thing as a BFFL? (Best,Friend,For,Life) Because most people are only in our lives for a certain amount of time. At some point they will leave. 30 more words


What nights brought

As the night used to approach, things used to worsen.

The tears didn’t stop pouring, the memories didn’t stop flashing.

That one voice didn’t seem to fade, that one face kept coming in front of those eyes just like a cascade. 43 more words