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A Fleeting Moment.

I fell asleep today,

But only for a moment,

As brief as a moment can be,

I guess.

Drifting off I felt your presence so clearly. 320 more words

Life And Death

Goodbye again 

If you cared you wouldn’t talk to me

You would leave me to get a life

I’m tired of relinquishing power to you

And you revel in twisting the knife… 58 more words


2:45pm | 7.27.17

I want to leave. I want to pack my bags and get my ass away from here as possible. I want to see the world. I want to see the difference of a setting sun from various cities. 15 more words



I knew it was coming for quite some time.
It doesn’t take a fool
To read between the lines.

It will get better.
Things will change. 29 more words

Dead Wild Flowers

I spent the week away pondering.

You. Me. Life.

It’s heard to breathe when I am caught in the hurricane of you, let alone understand that I was drowning. 216 more words


You’re Not Ungrateful If You Miss Having Someone In Your Life

Why do people give you a hard time when you say that you miss having someone in your life? Why do they keep telling you to count your blessings and focus on all the good things in your life, as if the mere thought of missing someone or wanting someone is suddenly a blasphemous act of ingratitude? 447 more words

Short Praise & Worship Session Hop In!

Dear brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

How are you all?

Its been a while when I have written to you all.

Jesus is leading me to so many ministries, one of them is Praise and Worship. 107 more words