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Lonely God

The lonely god,

At the end of the block,

At the top of the hill

I see him,

His eyes of sorrow,

His fingers of fear… 56 more words


I want to tell you stuff....

Dear Carl

You were my best friend & I have stuff to tell you. Stupid stuff, important stuff. I want to say that I spoke to your dad on the phone today & he was really kind to me yet again. 524 more words

Journal Entry - 10-21-16

Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days.

I may die soon, but not due to suicide: there’s a minor chance that my metacognitive practice may be fatal. 433 more words


This is where I start 

I don’t know where to start… I’m looking for a way to be myself, yet be someone else. Does that make sense?

On here you don’t know me, and that somehow puts me at ease. 384 more words


Soon To Find

Knowing you were out there,


In a strange way

It gives my past self some comfort.

Sad, searching

And so lonely

And yet soon to find



The Jungle of Lonely

Husband and I moved to Connecticut just a week after our college graduation. Those thousand miles separated us from everyone we knew and dropped us in the deep end of the swimming pool. 1,190 more words



For even Cupid could tell she was still lonely. No amount of his arrows could fill that void. Her soul was much greater than that of a mere man.

16 more words