oh darling, there’s something lonesome about you
won’t you let the sun shine through the deepest hole of your heart



Lonesome winter breeze,
aches for the thousand tickles
the tree cant rustle.


Writing 201:Ode/Apostrophe: Drawer

An Ode to the Drawer

Oh wrench away from world, oh do

Bring close the head, Word- it’s keypad

There’s loads of work to do… 132 more words

Lament of the Defeated.

Verse 1.

And the sound of thunder, rumbling,
As I see my castle crumbling,
A fall from grace,
Not saving face,
I hit the earth, tumbling… 406 more words


She looked at me

Time is marked by events, movement in the language of physics. It is impossible to know the time in an isolated systeme with no movement or variation. 483 more words

Alone Together

There is often a recurring tone of loneliness in Laura Holway’s work that resonates with me on some base level. Song of your Choice, a duet of sorts for Erika Hansen and Charles Campbell in four sections separated by lights-out, offered glimpses of that tone. 983 more words



He sailed away into the night

On a lone adventure

The wind howled like a broken woman

And the skies rained salty tears

Echoes of love… 299 more words