Perhaps we speak
the same kind of blues
about solitary
and the war we lose

Perhaps we share
the language of silence
which no one can hear… 95 more words


One Year

One year ago, one of my school friends died. We go back more than 60 years. Thank you Bev for being a part of my life for so long.

Grieve And Grow

Sail/ Float

It is not the leaving that hurts.
It is being left behind.
It is being left alone.


So I grabbed a knife today

Today I grabbed a knife
And brought it to my arm
And though I slashed and slashed and slashed
My skin was left unmarred
I thought I sliced my veins… 129 more words


The Narrative Description Of The Life And Events Of Lefty The Lonesome Cowboy

There was a lonesome cowboy who trusted in his gun.
Though he drank straight whiskey he was faster than anyone
if anyone tried to pull a gun. 147 more words


Khi thân trí kê chênh.

Khi đứng trước vấn đề, mọi người hay cố phân tích mọi việc cũng như mức độ quan trọng của việc đó, từ đó đưa ra giải pháp. 713 more words