Alone Time

NaPoWriMo Day #22
Poetry form: Sedoka

The times in a day
I am alone, not lonesome
are the ones I hold precious.

I despise the hours… 15 more words



– A Poem By Ikenna Ugwu

We either get a feeling of awe or awareness when we're away
A feeling so strong that we'd want to be rid of it in a day
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An Angst Ridden Youth On The Inside.

When I look to the past these rose tinted glasses turn a quick green. For it’s when I realised I didn’t fit in, and that I still don’t, perhaps never find my place. 56 more words


Greenpoint, Brooklyn

"...the city that never sleeps can be quite lonesome at times..." 

Oddity of parallel lines.

I was going through circles, but you were madly lost in a no-way-out maze. My life was a mess, but yours was a total chaos. I screwed up every once in a while, but you didn’t really know how right feels like. 1,244 more words