poem; bones

Collecting bones
Is it Late evening or an early night
Dark inside, lights in the streets
Head is full of infection
Grey and heavy, breathing steady… 60 more words


17th post: Imaginary Friend

To break the silence, I tell everything to you.
You subconsciously realise you know everything, all the gesture and your oracle instinct.
You subconsciously realise you have nothing more to say. 95 more words


Lonesome Cowboy 

“People love westerns worldwide.

There’s something fantasy-like

about an individual fighting

the elements. Or even bad guys

and the elements.

It’s a simpler time.

There’s no organized laws and stuff.” … 10 more words


lonesome like a lighthouse keeper


lonesome like a lighthouse keeper by augustus carmichael

lonesome like a lighthouse keeper

in landlocked derbyshire

there's a storm

hitting the shore

but it's no concern around here

the sea is somewhere that a-way

with rocks that wreck men dead

there's mighty waves

there's certain graves

so i'm lonesome but i'm safer here instead



Yêu Thương Mong Manh,,.

Lại một trong những bận nhảm tửng vẩn vơ tại trang cá nhân, hẳn chỉ mua vui cho bạn bè trong danh sách. Bài viết sẽ lan man vì không có mục đích, con gái chẳng cố truyền tải gì. 642 more words


Trong đáy mắt

Way too much articles, reports, records, postings to write.
Could I just keep silence then?
Có quá nhiều thứ cần phải viết. Mình có thể không sờ tới trong một khoảng thời gian được không? 68 more words


Chapter 19: Journey to the Center of the Universe

Cadmus woke up twice during his first sleeping period. Lonesome raised an eyebrow but otherwise continued snoring away. He sat up in his hammock, swung his legs over the side, and slipped down onto the floor careful not to step on his sleeping dagu. 407 more words