...I don't know

I don’t know what to say but the silence is now screaming within me. The memories I have lived are turning up to me. My mind has become like the television set where I see the movie call us. 283 more words


The colourless art..

It was colorless feeling when you just spoiled the entire canvas. The Canvas which wasn’t painted by any color of this world but your love. Like when I saw you the first time you were the black in all this white. 241 more words



Hello Happiness,
How are you? It’s been long we didn’t sit together and discussed the times without you. So now you are in the other part of the world where you don’t want me to come. 220 more words


The beautiful language called love

Love is a beautiful language which I believe is been understood by very few of them. Likewise other languages it has its own grammar and a different vocabulary. 266 more words


Warm winters

If I say how about feeling the warm winters?
Yes, the warm winters, I know it’s flustering you but things do take place like this. When I see the morning dew on the grasses how amazing they look together.
178 more words


The promise

I remember the promise we did it to ourselves of never getting apart,

and the days made me felt that it was also a part. 125 more words


Lonely Lonely

And they called her the lonely one

Because she had no one

Because they all believed that everyone

Has to have a someone.

But she survived on her own… 6 more words