She is a nobody,
People see right through her,
By all means,
She is the true definition of invisibility

But it is her fault,
She chose to detach herself, 114 more words


Do you ever?

Do you ever get the sudden urge to create? For some reason looking at this photo makes me want to take out my paint brushes again. 284 more words

Symmetry of Loneliness

Folding inside and out

The shapes consume

And turn me aside

A changeling of ways


Lines and curves

Speak in solitude

Symmetries forgotten

Geometry of abandonment… 18 more words

Where's The Caboose?

Where’s The Caboose?

This train sits all alone outside, never more in use.

Its’ tracks don’t go anywhere, and where is its caboose?

It must be such a lonesome life, box cars it does lack. 34 more words


To You

Sometimes in the journey of searching for ourselves, we get lost – even more. Emotions are a very hard-to-understand and hard-to-explain state of heart and mind. 417 more words



Hei, Pa.

Semoga kabarmu baik dan bahagia selalu dikehidupan lain yang tak bisa ku raba baik ruang dan waktunya. Sudah 6 bulan, aku tidak ketemu Papa. 404 more words



I have words
But none that are any good
For me.

The train speeds on through the dark

The rock speaks
But it might as well be as dumb… 29 more words