Cowboy Junkies - I'm so lonesome I could cry

Cowboy Junkies are a Canadian alternative country/blues/folk rock band. The group was formed in Toronto in 1985 by Margo Timmins (vocalist), Michael Timmins (songwriter, guitarist), Peter Timmins (drummer) and Alan Anton (bassist). 188 more words



“Sometimes when I’m alone
I feel like a distant star
shiny and dazzling,
from tens of thousands of years ago
wandering in the dark sky… 24 more words

Fa Abdul


The peaceful road is a lonesome road, and the lonesome road is a peaceful road.

In the desert, a drought is, until the first drop of rain.


It’s amazing how one night can have various reactions on people based on their emotional state.


Moon Affair

Moonlight’s frost covering
Earth through a mono-lens,
still photography captures
life before dawn arises.

Can sunlight bring such beauty,
simple beauty, to kill yours?
You are dimmest before…

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Lonesome Dove/Not So Random Moments

Okay Dan of No Facilities, here she is! On that long pier with no one around, I was feeling the need to stop the chatter in my mind and connect with the natural world around me. 352 more words