Walker between worlds

Walker beween the worlds

Climbing mountain ranges
Vibrant ups and downs
Collecting wisdom, truth
Stowing them into the backback
Of the heart

Pathes become familar… 80 more words


Journal: alone

I have no friends.  It’s true.  I have office colleagues with whom I might grab a beer after work; casual acquaintances at the gym with whom I can discuss the weather or news headlines; a brother I love who cares deeply about me; and former professors who continue to mentor me years after graduating.  319 more words


Second Silver Lining: A Lonesome Being

Lonesome he sits, surrounded by the happy.

With envy he looked at those who smile, rains of guilt fell down his cheeks, even his eyes betrayed him. 96 more words



We all shatter beneath the same agony of


-Eva M.M.

“Me and the pen, we are one. If it’s ink would cease to flow,my ink would cease to flow.”


That's my law

That’s my law.


My friends need to take a rest, all this coming back from the dead’s causing too much stress.

I feel them pushing at the curtain, swearing and hurting. 95 more words


Oh Lonesome Me

Here is a song by Don Gibson, and my situation is no better than what the lyrics of the song say.

Everybody’s going out and having fun… 220 more words



It’s raining again, I can help but feel a little lonely during weathers like this. It’s not like my ex was here with me to cuddle last year when it was like this, it was just nice to have someone to talk to that wasnt a fuckboy (my ex wasnt perfect but he was loyal) or underaged/younger than me, it was just nice to have someone to have silly arguments with and stay up until morning with you know? 583 more words