Chapter 9: Path to Recovery

Time, rather the illusion of it, lapped at the shores of higher order space, coming tantalizingly close but never quite crossing the threshold. There were no clocks on the walls of his room. 788 more words



Here’s a picture I took on Monday of a road near where I work.

I like the emptiness of the sky and how the overall image looks a bit bleak and harsh. 49 more words


Chapter 8: A Stitch in Time

Cadmus opened his right eye just a slit. He saw a tall blue woman bending over him. A slice of sharp pain slashed through his chest and stomach. 695 more words


The Lonesome Journey

*This was one of the¬†poems I wrote and submitted to the same competition that my short story had won, yet regretfully not my poems. I haven’t given much hand to them in a while, though I want to pick it up again soon.* 98 more words


Chapter 7: A Walk in the Park

The flashing arrows turned left, as expected, and when Cadmus and Lonesome turned the corner and saw the door of the hyper-vator flashing exactly where he expected it to be, he didn’t know whether to be amused or irritated. 711 more words