I took my lone wolfness to the extreme.

It’s funny that I have more guts to go and do solo travelling around the world than to go to a gig by myself. 2,803 more words


Chapter 17: I Can See

Cadmus didn’t really understand what Galen had in mind for Lonesome but, since he never went anywhere without his dagu, he felt no need or inclination to ask. 1,477 more words


Sinfonia Concertante

June, 1971

I was as lonesome and low as ever I had been. Here I was in Fresno, of all remote places—remote from the big cities I was used to and the people I knew there. 410 more words


it's not always rainbows and butterflies

I’m desperate.  Desperate to move beyond the hell I’ve been living over the past month.  Desperate for my brain to quit whirling and buzzing.  Desperate to quit living a life where I am suspicious of everyone and everything. 257 more words


Chapter 16: The Third Species

Cadmus was silent for a while. He looked up the hill instinctively and saw the cabin dark against the night sky. 4 should be coming up in the north soon and make everything a ghostly pale color. 729 more words


"They say time heals everything. But I'm still waiting."

I’ve always been pretty optimistic but deep down, when things are going really good, I listen and wait for the other shoe to drop.

Betrayal.  Deceit. 1,675 more words

আন্তরিক নির্জনতা

আন্তরিক নির্জনতা
-সাম্যময় সেন গুপ্ত-

ধু ধু প্রান্তর ; সমুদ্রতট অথবা
পথের সাথে আড্ডা দিতে দিতে
হেঁটে যাওয়া, কোনটাই নয় ।

আমার নির্জনতা-
‘ বিশাল জনসমাগমে আমি’ 31 more words