Chapter 14: Galen

“Hi Galen, it’s me, Cadmus. I hear your voice but what the hell is this thing in my hand?”

“It’s an STU. I sent it to you through the q-foam. 559 more words


A Letter To My Friends

Hey friends.

So I really quickly thought I would write you a little something. I don’t know who’s going to read this. But at least it’s here. 391 more words


Part 2 Chapter 13: Arrival

Part 2: The Rat Warning

Who weeps for Cadmus?


Chapter 13: Arrival

Cadmus pulled into his usual port on the humble Terminal of Draco.763.4. After sweeping the floors of their living quarters, collecting the trash and garbage, and gathering up his personal things into his old 3D backpack, he looked around the cabin to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. 1,122 more words



He called it forever
And I could not wrap my mind around it
Forever was the amount of times
I had to tell my brother to leave my room… 159 more words


TUF Scores Easy Raze in Long White Against RE

TUF has made up for its siege break and recall of its first easy siege attempt in The Long white with a successful raze of vgsrhhheth, whose city of  101 more words


In Every City There Is One Man

One of the standouts at Bologna was Dave Kehr’s series of films produced by Carl Laemmle Jnr., lesser-known movies excluding the James Whale horror masterpieces. Pal Fejos’ LONESOME was likewise left out in favour of the slightly more obscure, flawed BROADWAY and also the bizarre, grotesque and highly entertaining KING OF JAZZ, which Fejos worked on in some unspecified capacity (perhaps explaining why both those films feature outsize figures Godzilla-cavorting down miniature New York streets). 505 more words


TUF Engages Soft RE Target In Long White For Second Time

TUF appears to be seeking out isolated targets in its new war with Roman Empire, this time targeting an isolated city in the Long White surrounded by poor terrain. 83 more words