Walker between worlds

Walker beween the worlds

Climbing mountain ranges
Vibrant ups and downs
Collecting wisdom, truth
Stowing them into the backback
Of the heart

Pathes become familar… 80 more words

Poems & Art

Eerie tales

Eerie Tales and Lonesome trails they’re leading me to my destiny among the mountains and the streams there lies a deep deep mystery of the tales that have been told and told and retold again Eerie Tales and Lonesome trails they are leading me to my destiny Thunder loud Here Comes dark clouds Eerie Tales and Lonesome trails



Play A Video Game

There was this bit of magic on Friday night. It happened when David was strumming a few chords on the guitar, clumsily, in the room that bore an Indochina reminiscent. 422 more words


Just Friends

Whenever we hold each other,

touch each other in a new way,

we smile.

As if we’re only sure of this moment

but not the next. 76 more words


I Feel More Alive

Sitting at the corner of the room,

As quite as child in mother’s womb;

Feeling the queen of my own cocoon,

By locking myself in the room. 101 more words

Long time no blog

It’s been way too long, way too long. In truth I’ve been meaning to write this post or even a post in the longest time. I’m back now though, and as ever better than before. 142 more words




Mind incomplete when alone,

Friends or human,

To remind me of existence.

To remember what exists,

Memories, of the past,

The present and its being… 112 more words