Are you lonesome tonigh?

“Yes. And I guess you too.”

Mình luôn nghĩ về một ngày nào đó, mình và anh sẽ ngồi cùng nhau nghe nhạc jazz, ngắm nhìn nhau không chớp mắt, trong một không khí thật jazz, cùng ánh nến, cùng trà hoặc cafe hoặc cocktail hoặc rượu gì gì đó chẳng hạn, mình có thể tưởng tượng được trong đầu hai đứa muốn gì, rồi nhịp tim mình sẽ chùng xuống theo nhịp cảm xúc. 96 more words

Tui Nghĩ

Self Image

“Do you know what it’s like to wake up in the morning and just hate every inch of yourself?”

BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER – A mental disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about the flaws of your appearance – flaws that are either minor or imagined. 509 more words

Sad & Lonely Night

Hey everyone, I’m so sorry about the terrible lack of posts. I’ve been so busy with study and just so exhausted. I have time now because it’s the weekend and I’m sick haha. 722 more words

If you ever get the chance to live alone, take it.

We are all too familiar with the underratedness of solitude so I will spare you the cliches of discussing developing yourself as a person by being alone etc. 950 more words

Social Commentary

Choosing who to travel with.

Overseas trips like my recent trip to Canada typically raise one big question: Are you a solo traveller, do you prefer to travel the world in a group or is there this one person that you just cannot travel without? 455 more words


Sharing didn't look like caring!

My parents are altruists and believe in sharing goodness. They firmly trusted that respect can be increased just from fulfilling what others’ needs. When I was growing, I saw an unusual complimentary bond between them. 954 more words

Rather Than Unknown

And all at once, the candles flame,
You held so tightly to your frame,
Became the spark I needed.
And once again, there was one to hold. 41 more words