Feeling Lonely

Hello Friends!

Leave it to me to follow up my post of yesterday talking about feeling strong after my divorce with a post of feeling lonely. 373 more words


A Deep Sadness

As tears welled up

Inside me

A gentle voice whispered

“Do not cry”

For truly we all live alone

And to trust in him

Or anyone

Is a mistake with consequences.


I am strong as a person, and I know it – I can take care of somebody else, easily.

That’s why one of the most appealing things to me in a partner is someone who will take care of me…, because I sometimes just want to take a break from taking care of everyone else – of anyone, actually – and have someone do it for me, instead of the other way around.

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#Silent Soliloquy - Muted Monologues

‘I’m talking to myself again.

I’d be “okay” if I can explain.’

‘Sorry, I was just trying to remember.’

‘Oh . . . I was lost in thought.’ 315 more words

Penman's Ship

The Necessity of Lonesomeness

When one views the world as a member of his own flock, a group, or his compatriots, he forget that they still maintain their own personal pains and pleasures. 576 more words

Midnight Thought