Sleeping Alone

I spend most nights in the company of shadow,
a universe to toss and turn, mind wandering
in the smell of strawberry shampoo– my sheets, 114 more words


Lecture Hall

Attend guest speaker event at the college.  Open to public.  Evening, already dark outside.  Semicircle lecture hall with rosy undergrads, pensive graduate students, professors in worn sports coats, smattering of retired professionals from town, and me.  64 more words


add some music #117

Delicate, nostalgic, liberating, and a little emotionally painful. Music for your lonesome evenings.


Long time ago...

I always enjoyed writing. In primary school and high school I really loved writing essays, reviews about poems or novels, tractates, everything. Later – with a bit more adult mind – I wrote poems myself, but I never published, because they are very personal. 502 more words


Sleeping Alone

Once again I find myself lying in bed alone,

Thinking of warmth and love my thoughts start to roam,

Why can’t he just come home and spend time with me? 42 more words



Sometimes there are times in life when the only companion is your own shadow which hides itself after dark. Maybe that’s why nights are lonesome. Only if I could switch on the lights at night but darling I am too tired fighting off demons inside the layers of skin. 34 more words