My childhood promise to myself has always been to follow my dreams. And so with every step and breath I’m taking, I try to tread on a pathway that allows me to keep this promise in mind. 289 more words



I’m currently in a very weird, indescribable mood; hence why I couldn’t findĀ a suitable title for this post. I just had one of those crazy, dancing-in-your-room-in-front-of-your-mirror type of sessions and as it ended, whilst sitting at my desk, I couldn’t help but wonder why we complicate life so much. 380 more words


Regret motivates the Dreamer

Has it ever dawned upon you that you may be heading towards a life filled with misery? Maybe not so much misery, but instead, a life you didn’t expect, plan or dream of. 119 more words

Chapter's closed.

So here I am. Same old situation that I’m always in. Arriving at the destination of closed chapter’s, shut doors and turned leaves. I can’t help but feel a hollow feeling of sadness. 224 more words

The Truth Hurts.

The truth hurts. It puts a heavy weight on my chest, almost suffocating. But a Warrior always copes and gets through these things. And a Lone Wolf will forever remain a Lone Wolf.. 12 more words

"I know I walk alone, But I'm alone for a reason"

One of my favorite songs (Upgrade You- Beyonce) inspired me today while working on a group project. It reminded me how much I dislike group projects. 210 more words

Lean On Me

Support… What does that actually mean? I suppose it means to enforce, to make stronger, or to hold up. But how does one go about supporting something? 273 more words