Brené Brown taught me...

Brené Brown taught me something very important today. She taught me that it’s okay to be your own squad. It`s been close to three months since I moved to Berlin, and to say I’ve found my people would be an understatement. 451 more words

Let's Play Divinity Original Sin 2 - The Cowardly Dead - Part 18

Loric enters the black pits proper! What horrors await our cowardly fellow in there. Fair warning, had a bit of a problem broadcasting near the end, cut off rather abruptly.

Lets Play

Let's Play Divinity Original Sin 2 - The Cowardly Dead - Part 16

After a complete disaster and put before the face and power of Demons – Loric returns to his more cowardly roots and attempts to squeak out the best possible deal he can. 21 more words

Lets Play

Why? One Should be Happy that They are Single.

Life is a lone wolf, scratching out a living with teeth and claws and a heart of stone.

Have you said a final farewell to a critical relationship which was torturing you?

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A Dream in Blue

He was born like any other kid. Ordinary that was the definition of his childhood. His memories were sweet and sour. There was innocence, guilt and fear. 324 more words


The lone wolf

I see him disappear in the mess that he is and I see him in the weirdest of moods instead.

I see him swim in the ocean of his own insecurities. 125 more words