Wifisfuneral returns with a brand new video off of his anticipated album Ethernet. Shoutout to Lonewolf on the visuals. Check out the visuals to 25 lighters + the… 8 more words

I was better blind

Lately I’ve been wondering what hurts more, is it the the pain or knowledge of having pain?

I’ve had a rotten part of my life that with time I learnt how to ignore. 607 more words


Addicted to loneliness

I have had this one coming from a long time. And no am not surprised or sad to accept my addiction of loneliness. Cannot say that I was always a sucker for solitude, but at some level I was always most comfortable with just myself. 427 more words


When and how did I get here

Do I really deserve to be where I’m? Is this the life I ever thought would end up in? Do I and if yes, why do I fall for the wrong person every time? 1,022 more words


Quotes from the Lonewolf

“My biggest wins in life have come from utilizing my strengths,opposed to trying to fix my weaknesses”

-Linus Lonewolf

“Smile at challenges, in that way they cease to be our weakness” 21 more words


Lonely Wolf

Out beyond 

the snow covered forest,

A Lonely Wolf

Howls at his

Beloved Moon.

Written by: Inanna Roxanna Arnett


Be An Inspiration!

We keep seeking for inspiration in the outer world, on the Internet or in other people, we try to imitate their lifestyles, attend various training sessions in order to become motivated and inspired. 226 more words