PREVIEW: Lonewolf presents Forever Cult at Pop Recs, Sunderland on 22nd March 2015

Having brought some of the finest acts the northeast has to offer to Frankie & the Heartstrings’ Pop Recs Ltd in Sunderland, Lonewolf returns to the store for the 4th time with another stellar lineup. 288 more words

Sound & Silence

Are Germans more fun during Carnival?

The answer is yes, and it is quite the phenomenon. As lonewolf has mentioned in a previous blog, Germans are a quiet and reserved people. 584 more words


Lone Wolf With Many Scars: Between Wounds, Power, and Inner War

On a cafe, two best friend meet each other.

“I’ve never seen the darkest version of you like now. More bitter. What happen?”

“I’m okay. Better than before. 313 more words


Lonewolf Interview

So how does it feel to be playing metal for 20 plus years?
Jens- Somehow quite strange when I realize that it’s been so long….time passes and you don’t really feel it, but one day you say « wooh, it’s been so long… » It’s like if it was « normal », in the sense that Lonewolf is of course now really a part of my life, less important than my daughter but more important than anything else, as I need music to breathe. 755 more words


As A Wolf

As a wolf guard
sacred winter’s night.
Who wander behind its dark.
Conceal his grief,
his barking wounds.
The spirits still hide
on its forest emotion… 24 more words


Lonewolf - Cult of Steel

 If there was ever a good power metal album from a well known band that I’ve never heard of I’m glad it’s Lonewolf because I now know that there are seven other albums I can go back and listen to because “Cult of Steel” has put this band as one of my new favorite power metal bands with that signature power metal feel to it. 219 more words

Metal Reviews

The Anglo-Saxon custom of calling strangers by their first name

An odd custom has taken hold in the Anglo-Saxon world: Calling strangers automatically by their first name. lonewolf is not sure, but the custom probably began in my home country of the United States, whose social graces, while charming, sometimes go too far. 471 more words