A Dream in Blue

He was born like any other kid. Ordinary that was the definition of his childhood. His memories were sweet and sour. There was innocence, guilt and fear. 324 more words


The lone wolf

I see him disappear in the mess that he is and I see him in the weirdest of moods instead.

I see him swim in the ocean of his own insecurities. 125 more words

This is a post for my bff

At the moment he is my only semi-consistent follower so I thought I’d give a little shoutout to him because he’s awesome. One time I wrote an embarrassingly bad poem about him that I will share here because I think its funny and relieving to share things that you create that suck. 1,288 more words

You, me and the universe

‚ÄčAre you happy in this moment ? Just look back and think. I am not talking about some particular hours in a day like the time you spend with your best friends or with your kids, family or while you are watching a comedy show. 406 more words


My secret friend

She was beautiful like a lilly. There was an instant attraction but since I have a girlfriend I didn’t gave her any attention. Eventhough we have known eachother for years we act like total strangers. 680 more words


Lonewolf and me, the beginning

Everything is falling apart. All my ideas of being me. The path is still there but here I am mumbling like a coward. Equally confused and determind at the same time. 185 more words



Your Secret
is Safe with Me, I have
No One to Tell.