Calm of the wild

In a land of the bewitched ,

he was a sinner with no sins
A creature with no wings,
but his soul high in space . 130 more words

The Desert Orchid

Pay attention, and listen to this story-
Not a story, you can call it A Legacy
The legacy of a 17 year old kid
His life was just hatred and treachery… 117 more words

Review: Lonewolf - The Heathen Dawn

It’s been two years since French heavy metal band, Lonewolf, released their debut with Massacre Records ‘Cult of Steel’. Back in April, the band returned with their 8th studio album, “The Heathen Dawn.” 181 more words

Metal At The Gates


Publisher: FDG Entertainment

Developer: Simon Hason Design

MSRP: $3.49/no ads

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The Good: Great art style, relies on skills rather than luck, varied missions, lots of weapons to use… 389 more words

Mobile Reviews


The Abyss. As dark as none. A wormhole of loss. Referred to as the Unknown.

What is life? An equation that has no solution.

What is love? 124 more words



I wish they knew. I wish they knew how much of a criminal I am. Responsible for committing crimes against Love. I shut that door, convinced it will make my armour stronger. 135 more words


Mass Shooting at Pulse Nightclub - #PulseNightclub, #News. #LoneWolf

Mass Shooting at Pulse Nightclub –   http://cbsloc.al/1U2Avrp

There has been another mass shooting but I ask anyone reading this to , check your emotions at the door and listen. 367 more words