Lone Wolf.

The Lone Wolf is a majestic creature
It stands independent of any pack
It does not need an Alpha to guide its path

The Lone Wolf is not afraid of other wolves…

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Old friend

I see her when I least expect it. When I lay my head to sleep, hoping my mind has a rest, she resurrects herself, bringing with her our sorrows, our misunderstandings, our failed dreams. 167 more words


2 days

2 days is all it took. 2 days of hitting an all-time low. 2 days at the age of 19. 2 months before reaching 20. 2 days. 190 more words


The game

I watch them all toy with each other. Their feelings are nothing but experiences in the making. They inform me of their techniques, solutions, deceptions. And I seem to be the referee in this God forsaken game. 109 more words


Purpose of Life

Life is joyful. Life is sinful. Life is painful yet oh so prideful. This world has many aspects to it, good and bad. Therefore, should it not be a duty of ours to think of our purpose in life? 250 more words


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