The Abyss. As dark as none. A wormhole of loss. Referred to as the Unknown.

What is life? An equation that has no solution.

What is love? 124 more words



I wish they knew. I wish they knew how much of a criminal I am. Responsible for committing crimes against Love. I shut that door, convinced it will make my armour stronger. 135 more words


Mass Shooting at Pulse Nightclub - #PulseNightclub, #News. #LoneWolf

Mass Shooting at Pulse Nightclub –   http://cbsloc.al/1U2Avrp

There has been another mass shooting but I ask anyone reading this to , check your emotions at the door and listen. 367 more words

Lone Wolf

My loneliness is
The cement that bind my walls
Safe with my demons



‘Why?’ That must be the question swirling in your mind. ‘Stop’, this must be the comment you hear your lips whisper. Annoyance, frustration, boredom seeps through your veins whilst you read these words. 896 more words


A case of the epilepsy causes the brain
to lose consciousness and convulse
capriciously, without much sense, and
bereft the world of the person’s ability… 91 more words

Impeccable Poems

The Philosotty of Lone Wolf Syndrome

So, dating…. the most compelling, confusing and soul-destroying activity in the world. Let’s talk about that.

I’m twenty-six in twelve days time and every day gone by, I convince myself I’m going to have twenty cats and live in a shoe. 752 more words