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Long Arm - Night Of The Million Crickets

In one week, tomorrow, Long Arm will release his sophomore album on my every-increasing-favourite, Project Mooncircle. The album is titled Kellion, “-the story of a young boy who was born into a mysterious world… His young mind is sometimes blurring the lines between imagination and reality, dreaming and being awake, reality and fantasy.” 194 more words



This was the last of my series of Japanese inspired quilts. The name, Aotsuki, means “blue moon.” This was designed for my husband and me, and is on our bed now. 223 more words



Here is the only picture I snapped of the quilt for Sarah, in my rush to get numerous quilts done for Christmas gift giving. The fabrics (tenugui) were purchased in Tokyo. 180 more words



The fabric rows are laid on on my ironing board which I adapted with 3/4 inch thick plywood, 24X48 inches and just placed on top of my old ironing board base with thin strips of wood on the bottom to prevent the top from shifting. 81 more words


Japanese Quilts - Usagi

These quilts were three different styles of Japanese quilts. The first was “Usagi,” for our oldest daughter. It uses the same format as “Gourds,” with a large central hand towel, and strips around the outside. 119 more words


First quilts

My first quilts were inspired by a trip our family took to Japan in 2010. I fell in love with the clean lines and simplicity of Japanese textiles. 121 more words


First Quilt of Valor for 2015 - Finished!

Last time I showed you this quilt I had promised myself I wouldn’t work on it so I could get all our tax forms pulled together. 165 more words

Quintisential Quilting