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Turquoise & Hot Pink Ombre Chevron Quilt

This all started when last year, my niece Madi told me that she didn’t have a blanket, so I decided to make her one. At the time, I had never made one, so I took a class at… 300 more words


Healing through Quilting

Sometimes you receive news that just hits you in the gut.  Well I had a wonderful co-worker tell me that not only had she gone through thyroid cancer, she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  352 more words

Το «Μακρύ Χέρι» του Ερντογάν αναστατώνει την Ολλανδία, αφού έχει ήδη χαντακώσει τη Μέρκελ

Του Μιχαήλ Στυλιανού

Σάλο έχει προκαλέσει στην Ολλανδία εγκύκλιο διαδικτυακό μήνυμα, του Γενικού Προξενείου της Τουρκίας στο Ρότερνταμ, προς όλες τις τουρκικές οργανώσεις και τους Τούρκους  κατοίκους της χώρας, με τη σύσταση να αναφέρουν το όνομα και την ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση όποιου εκφράζεται υβριστικά σε βάρος του τουρκικού έθνους,  του προέδρου  του και της Τουρκίας γενικότερα.


Let's See What's in the Boxes!

Yesterday was a happy day! The team from The SewNSew in California, owners John and Shelly and their wonder guy and awesome technician, Darryl arrived to uncrate, lift, carry and assemble all the many wonders that came in two wooden crates and three boxes! 638 more words


QOV #2 for 2016 - Stars and Feathers

Remember how this year I was trying to pick out QOV quilts to that I could practice some edge to edge and all over quilting? When I picked up this quilt it was still in its bag and I was sure that this quilt was going to be a great candidate for an all over. 282 more words

Quintisential Quilting

Spooktacular Fun!

A friend of mine participated in a round robin. I don’t know how you feel about round robins, but they are nerve wracking for me. From my experience you either end up with a quilt that is greater than the sum of its quilters, or you end up with a disaster. 465 more words

Quintisential Quilting

Finish Up Friday

I’m sure most of you have already seen this picture on Instagram or in the Late Night Quilters group on Facebook but I wanted to share it here too because I’m just so proud of myself and I want to clarify a few things. 622 more words