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Swirls Quilted on my Long Arm Machine

I must thank Jessica Moir of whatshequilts for her encouragement.  Jessica owns a HQ Fusion.  I took a long arm quilting lesson from her before I purchased my HQ Avante.   223 more words


Long Arm Quilting - the Fun and the Frustrations

It has been about a week since the LA machine was set up.  I was afraid to use the machine at first but I knew I had to try out the machine sooner or later.   479 more words


Handiquilter Avante 18 Machine -Part 2

Finally, the machine and frame was delivered to my house on 2 July.  It felt kind of strange and scary when I received the boxes.  There is so much to learn about long arm quilting… and the setting up of the machine…  The feeling kind of overwhelmed me a little.   300 more words


String of pearls.

Dear friends,

I’ve been quilting again. Actually, I haven’t paused much since last time I showed you my work. Yesterday, I got one more baby quilt crossed off my list and I couldn’t wait to show it to you. 375 more words


Work in Progress - Black and White Quilt

There is an air of anticipation.  The ETA of my HQ Avante is 28 June.  You can read about the HQ Avante in my earlier post… 521 more words


Chevron Baby Quilt (Part 2)

My husband suggested that I should use a dark border.  I auditioned a few fabrics from my stash and my daughter chose the brown border.  I added a light blue border before the brown border and overall I am quite pleased with the colour combination. 257 more words


Floral cabin - Part 3 Progress

One of the reasons I picked the design I did is there was minimal marking needed. I marked the spine using a french curve. I also marked the center line for where the feathers would meet in the middle. 139 more words

Quintisential Quilting