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Double Down?

I know I have been quite for a while. Once again I got busy with life…even missed out on a trading opportunity. I guess “busy” isn’t a good excuse since it usually only takes me about 10 minutes to look at the market, gather my thoughts, and place an order. 223 more words

Options Trading

There’s My Number!

What a week. Life and work threw a lot at me. That will be my excuse for not entering my conditional buy orders for when/if SPY got down to 207. 108 more words

Options Trading

Modelling Financial Derivatives in R

Currently, I am working on some code to model financial derivatives like long-call, long-put, short-call or short-put options and their interactions for a given underlying. You find the code on… 13 more words


Chopping Away The Extras

For some, not all days begin happy. For Ponginae, every day was a dark cloud her eyes would open to. She would wake-up and the first thing she would see were the things that caused her the most misery – her arms. 500 more words

Once Upon A

Pair-bonding behavior between adult Lesser Black-backed Gull and 2nd-calendar year Herring Gull

I came across this peculiar scene today of an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus and a second-calendar year European Herring Gull Larus argentatus displaying pair-bonding behavior (walking parallel to each other, mew-calling and choking). 192 more words

Herring Gull