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Ben's Week In St. Kitts

Hey there, happy Sunday folks! I missed you guys on Wednesday for my usual VTW post, but as many of you probably guessed I was pretty busy enjoying having… 430 more words


LDRs - Long Distance Relationships

LDRs are probably one of the most unnatural things that modern society has declared commonplace.

Not for one minute will I tell you that they are easy, or fun, or “make the heart grow fonder”. 486 more words


The Pillar

Long distance relationships are hard, and it’s even harder when the person you’re so far away from is someone you truly care for and love. 649 more words


At a Distance

One of my personal love languages is physical touch, or affection. Being too distant, for too long, from a lover makes it really difficult to maintain the feeling of care, love, and appreciation for some of us. 1,413 more words


Girls From Texas

Hey y’all!

My discoveries of a long distance relationship have just begun, although it seems like an eternity since it began back on January 5th. I thought I had a grasp on what I could expect from being separated from my best friend. 542 more words


Day 15 - The Other Woman

I found myself watching a movie called, The Other Woman, about 2-3 times a week for the past 2 weeks…since me and him stopped speaking. I have Xfinity, so when that particular movie was on the channel list for the day, I could hit the ‘watch now’ button, or restart it if was already playing. 320 more words


Are You Hung Up On Phone Sex?

As a convenient service to my readers, I occasionally take online “How To” articles and expand on them so they’re more accurate.  This will enable you to better accomplish your goals, (which let’s just suppose for today is, “How To Have Better Phone Sex!”) in a more expedient manner. 1,033 more words