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LA San Diego to Tokyo

Iggy Azalea has now famously sung about being fancy from LA to Tokyo. She jeers about living in the fast lane and “remember my name.” As a Spring break trip to San Diego (the conservative cousin of Los Angeles) comes to a close; the impending journey to Tokyo awaits Morgan, my boyfriend. 224 more words


Missing "Home"


Oh how I miss England and being there with my sweetheart! I find myself reading blogs on England, watching strange British shows on the telly, looking through my photo albums; when I’m really desperate I google streetview the old English streets I’ve come to know and love. 112 more words

Long Distance Love

Long Distance Relationships

I’m going to OKLAHOMA next month!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D And my boyfriend bought me the tickets! Whooo!

Long distance relationships are difficult but I think its all about self-disciplining your mind. 255 more words


I see intricately beautiful butterfly wings taped to the inside of a card. I’m ripping the metal buttons off my shorts in preparation for visit next weekend. 344 more words


Meet My New Friends!

Hello everyone,

I have finally got my act together and it is time to share my first story about another LDR couple! Keep in mind that this is the first of its kind for me. 530 more words

When The Person You Love is Hurting.

All you want to do is shelve their hurt and take it away, and wish away all their grieving and discomfort. You want to jump on a plane, snap your fingers and appear at their door so that you can just hold them, but you know you can’t do that and so you just sit and wait, wanting to give them time and space, but also wanting to smother them with affection and everything that you think (wish) would act as a band-aid for their wounds. 73 more words