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Long Distance

I stare at my phone awaiting his reply

It’s been hours now, that shit ain’t fly

Excuse my language for usually I speak so elegantly… 123 more words


Window Shopping Challenge

Jay and I were both presented with this awesome challenge: search online to find an outfit for each other. We were expected to choose an entire outfit, including accessories, and choose a size for each item. 684 more words

Lessons from One Year of Long Distance Marriage

So my husband and I recently celebrated our first year anniversary. The big 0-1! That’s a wrap on one year of marriage folks! In honor of the big day, we paid a little visit to our old friend, The Melting Pot (OMG). 776 more words


Letting Go

When do you know when to let go?

To let go of the love, the happiness, the memories and all the times that was shared.  When do you know to let all that go? 17 more words


Living in England: Beach Day, I Got A Job :)

I’ve been living in the UK for a little under 3 weeks now. I am adoring it here. My man has been away a lot due to work but the time we have got to spend together has been so special :). 305 more words

Long Distance Love

4 Misconceptions About Military Long Distance Relationships And How To Make Them Last

After many, many scrolls through various websites on “How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last,” I have noticed it is the same scenario over and over again. 770 more words

Read This If You Want Your Long Distance Relationship To Last

You’ve just been hired for a job in a different state or city but you’ve been seeing someone you really like for the past two years. 595 more words