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The Longest Stretch

A boy reaches for a cookie jar
On the top of a refrigerator.
In his eyes, the feat near impossible
Like a mountain too steep to conquer… 114 more words


Quick UPDATE !

Hello Beautiful Readers from WordPress.

I feel like this will be another “I’m sorry for not posting anything” posts, and I do apologize, I wanted to post more and show you my recent boughts for the holidays, makeup and DIYs I recently done. 238 more words


Long-Distance Relationships Aren't Doomed, Our Love Proves It

It started when my Mom asked me a question that had become a staple of my conversations with her – “Do you like anyone?” With a giddy, slightly embarrassed smile, I sheepishly replied I did. 677 more words

Early Mornings

I woke up at 5 AM this morning.

I’m not a morning person AT ALL, but every time I happen to have an early morning, I wish I was one. 349 more words

His Clothes...

I spent my day shadowing my Daughter and her Uncle on a shopping spree. I was there for moral support, to hold bags and dig around for sizes. 519 more words


I Want To Build A Life With You

I want a life with you. I want to fast forward this part, right here, when we are living out our separate lives miles from each other. 570 more words

I Can See You... But...

I can See You, but do You See Me?

I can see You standing there as You discuss strategy and contemplate tactics, but can You see Me? 281 more words