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I saw in one of the accounts that I am following on Instagram that it’s National Proposal Day. It’s probably just in the States but since I am one of the lucky girls who have been proposed to, I thought why not share my story as well :) 415 more words


Very Long Distance Relationships Pt. 1

What I thought would merely be a summer crush resulted in a life-long commitment.

I met my partner studying abroad in Beijing. I was from a California school program on an intensive Chinese language course in Beijing for two months. 309 more words


What it's like in a long distance relationship.

I’m one half of an LDR couple.

Currently, I am in an argument with my significant other. That makes this the optimal time to write this post. 1,119 more words


The Beginning

So where to begin? Why the new blog?

Well, to be honest, I needed a new start. My last blog ended up creating this dark cloud in my head, and I finally decided to let the sun shine through. 271 more words


The thing about healthy love is...

It is boring. And I mean that in the best way possible. There’s no drama, no mind games, no abuse. Healthy, good love is supportive and calm. 93 more words

Pilot Family Treasures

What is it you treasure most?

Kids? Music? Pets? Friends? Maybe precious alone time?

Well, I’ll let you in on a secret: while my introverted nature relishes in what quiet time I get to read, cook and generally enjoy peace and quiet, my true treasure is the few moments my hubby and I actually get longer stents of time off, together. 612 more words


Daily Prompt: Patience

Patience, the virtue which I most often request.

But somehow seem to fail myself.

Advising that good comes to those who wait.

Whilst in my heart that time so grates. 47 more words