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War Games

Hey you.

I woke up in the early hours this morning for no reason that I can figure out except that I felt like my lungs were being crushed in some sort of vice because you are gone and I was filled with the overwhelming feeling that you being gone isn’t going to get better.  776 more words



Pressed against you.
He says he wants to be pressed against me.
I feel identical to him.
Identical to his thoughts.
His wants.
His needs. 70 more words


An Old Flame, New Beginnings...

He named himself “Disturbed” when he messaged “Articulate Lady” in the Adult Chat room. Endless posts of pedophilia and genitalia cams all on display, as the room zooms by, in its filth and den of sin. 681 more words


What is love?

After so many failed relationships and crushes, I honestly do not know what love really is.

I’ve been in love a couple of times before but they always ended up with me crying my days and nights out, losing so much of weight because I was too sad and the worst is that… 86 more words

Dare To Dwell

What do women fear about before moving in with their partners? Be it male or female…?

I can only speak on my behalf, but once again, given that I am a Mediocre person I might have more in common with the general populace than I give myself credit. 1,430 more words

Three AM

Dear Caroline,

It’s 3 am. I’ve barely spoken to you today. Minimal texts, a five minute phone call.

I can’t sleep.

I lay here in the dark, rolling from side to side, trying to find a position comfortable enough to fall asleep in. 410 more words


What I learned from my failed long distance relationship 

Long distance relationship, or LDR, is a bitch. But, she’s a bitch that you would want to be friends with. I’ve been in an 8-year relationship that ended because of long distance, or so I thought. 839 more words