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Its July, and the sun is up come people soak in that dose of vitamin D, I know I know that extra dose of vitamin might cost u heavy tanning. 205 more words

Driving from Arizona into Utah - to the gates of Zion

Sunday, 07-Jun

The drive isn’t bad at all, actually – I Headed out from Arizona pretty early, so I got a good head start on the day…. 252 more words


A rainy road trip to Citi Field

I bought the four tickets to see our New York Mets play the Cincinnati Reds online two months ago, so my dear wife Karen, my great friend and bowling teammate Steve Vicik Jr. 1,063 more words


Just leave and drive away.

Sometimes, all I want to do, is grab my keys and just leave out of the door. Drive somewhere.
Wherever that maybe.
Far away.
Far from all the unrealistic entities of the world. 298 more words


4 Tips to Make Roadtrips Better

I haven’t written a travel post in quite a long time. It’s easy to think that taking a 2-hour drive to the east coast of Florida doesn’t count as a trip when being compared standing atop the Great Wall a year ago. 642 more words



After a super super superest busy day, there is nothing better than unwinding with Car-O-bar!!! 🍻🍗 If ure not from North India u probably have never heard this term before but it literally means bar in the car with some good food (chicken tikka) at an open air roadside restaurant (read dhaba) and no tension at all of DUI🙀🙀 God bless India for this one bloody thing at least!! 39 more words


The pit I fell into, and have since escaped from

April 19, 2013

Last night I had a complete collapse of any vestiges of sanity previously remaining. I left the apartment and saw a movie by myself… because then no one would be there to disappoint me. 180 more words


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I feel like this so much of the time. I don't go anywhere. I sometimes wish I would take a drive. I use to take long drives , especially at night when I am restless. Here in Florida, With Danny, I never do. When I was by myself and had no one to worry it was easy. Even when Bobby was home, I would simply say, I am going for a drive. A long one. A note also did the trick. It relaxed me, Now I would worry about breaking down. I worry about everything.