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7 Things to know before Visiting The Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies should be on every traveler’s bucket-list. Imagine driving through ice-capped mountains, scenic roads, wildlife and yes pure magic. The Canadian Rockies comprise the Canadian segment of the North American Rocky Mountains.The Canadian Rockies mountain system consists of the Interior Plains of Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia on the east to the Rocky Mountain Trench of BC on the west. 396 more words


Day 2619 - The Open Road

We miss the open road, so we’re taking a drive today!


Road Journey from Saskatoon to Winnipeg

There is always something adventurous about road trips, something spectacular ~ the wind that touches your face, the lovely music in the background, oh and the excitement for the next pit stop. 458 more words


Mazes and Sunflowers, Oh My!

I’m 90% sure that I wrote somewhere on here that my sister moved to Louisiana. Her being in a different state means she can’t make plans with us over in Jersey for the weekend like she wants to. 361 more words

#Memory 3. #NJ #brunch #USA

Those sumptous and yummy brunches during our drives in the US at Denny’s….




80 Miles

80 Miles

Highway to Highway

75 to 10

And along the way

Stay 80 miles per

A constant reminder

Of averages and all

To gaze into fields, 48 more words


A Drive to Crater Lake

It will be an year to my stay in the United States when August inevitably crawls by. And to think of it, it would be disappointing to me personally, if I could not write about my experiences in this country. 1,549 more words