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Driving in cars WITH boys: How not to kill each other on the road 

I will never marry or even get engaged to a guy without first going on a massive road trip. You do not know somebody until you have been stuck in a car with them for at least 32 hours. 927 more words


Entry: Those Long Drives, Those Early Flights

February 20th, 2017

Writing jams: Grace FMA, Lauryn Hill, Ed Sheeran

Hey there, it’s Tina.

I managed to get this post done on time. Even though I have to deal with paperwork, packing, cleaning, and the general low key panic that I’m moving in a few days… I have forfeit my title as Queen of Procrastination and am trying to stay on top of things.   510 more words

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What's a Mormon? In Salt Lake City, Utah - Bed 41 Country 7

We really liked the drive from Ely to Salt Lake City, Utah. The changes in environment were so bizarre and beautiful: in the morning the landscape was dry and flat and by the afternoon it became hilly and a bit busier.  2,291 more words


Long Drives with My Loved One

My partner is a big fan of long drives.

She particularly loves driving through the rural areas where there’s nothing but greens and wild animals. 28 more words


Welcome to America! Here's your keys, good luck!

After a *grueling* 13 and a half hour flight (in premium economy, cheers AirNZ!) we faced our first challenge – how to use the ESTA machines to make sure we actually got into the country! 270 more words

Long Drive


Mum and I were talking in the car before when out of nowhere she asked whether or not I had a boyfriend. I told her the truth, that I don’t, but also asked her why she thought that. 315 more words

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5 Things I love about Pune

Pune is a city in India, located in the state of Maharashtra in the south- western part of the country. It is one of the most populous city in the country. 621 more words