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Majestic Moments.

What is it about the ocean that makes me long for her?

While i love a crowed room full of real people, conversations that delight the heart, the connection of a portrait bringing out the essence of you, that moment that takes place, where you become shape and light and your inner glow seems to float meeting me in the middle, that moment I feel, instinct, click that shutter, the image created, when trust begins and our souls meet.Or photographing a wedding, invited from a distance, and watch the dance of love, their non verbal communication that speaks volumes that only they truly understand, two bodies one heart. 257 more words

The Water Flows in Patapsco Valley State Park

And so the water flows in the valley.
From streams to the river.
Rushing easier than in the spring rains.
Winter is near and the last breath is being taken. 10 more words


Bells Beach, Victoria

A great day down at Bells beach, Victoria, Australia, at low tide, it was a wonderful feeling to finally walk around that corner, timing is everything, been awhile since I got my feet wet. 37 more words

Cover it up.

Quick Tip

When shooting long exposures with your DSLR make sure you cover the optical viewfinder. Once I started using Neutral Density Filters I noticed weird color artifacts on my images. 58 more words



West Canada Creek

I was recently interviewed by Laura at Laura Macky Photography and it is amazing how answering questions about yourself and/or your photography really stirs up memories. 105 more words