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long jetty

Clifton springs, Victoria, Australia.


Ball's Lower Waterfalls

There are hidden treasures in Southern Ontario that even long-time residents are not even aware of.  For most people, the only waterfall they know about is the mighty Niagara Falls.   14 more words


A Finger of Basalt

Dunure, Scotland. 22.05.2017
Hasselblad X1D; XCD 45mm

Stephen Cosh

Balls Waterfalls

Niagara Escarpment has several Falls other than the famous Niagara Falls, albeit smaller, quieter, and less touristic.


Points in Space (2011)

By Benjamin Ducroz. Filmed in Melbourne’s central business district.

Psychedelic Animation

Crawford Lake

Not far from the reconstructed Iroquoian village in Campbellville, Ontario lies a rare meromictic lake, with its surrounding boardwalk called Crawford Lake, named after the Crawford family who lived there.