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Bright Lights Big City is on Travelbag.co.uk

In June I got invited to contribute to a piece put together by Travelbag.co.uk which asked bloggers for long-haul flight tips. 36 more words

7 Secrets on How to Enjoy Long Haul Flights

As excited as you are to finally start your long-awaited holiday, long-haul flights are tiring.  However over the years, I’ve had few ways to add more comfort and less fuss to my journey and hopefully yours too. 427 more words

Air New Zealand's Latest Video Is A Fantastical Journey

Another year, another safety video. Air New Zealand have brought a brand new aesthetic to their latest video, with both Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr. 263 more words


A crisis without end? Gulf states settle in for the long haul

DOHA, Qatar (AFP) — More than a month since the start of the diplomatic crisis gripping the Gulf, hopes of a swift resolution seem as remote as a summer downpour in the desert. 660 more words

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Surviving a Long-Haul Flight - What to Wear

So now that you know what to bring along with you in your little carry on essentials kit, it’s time to figure out what in the world to wear! 437 more words


Surviving Long-Haul Flights 101

As I am currently planning a huge five month trip overseas to North America in a couple of months time, being able to survive a long-haul flight is crucial. 718 more words


Travelling on Your Own for the First Time

Travelling without the direction of family or friends can be extremely daunting. Whether it’s a short domestic flight, or a long haul flight with a connection, there are so many things that can go wrong during the course of a journey. 641 more words

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