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Surviving the Torture of a Long Haul Flight

I read a lot of travel blogs in my down time. It feeds the addiction and gives me some great ideas for future plans. Plus, it’s really great for procrastinating! 284 more words


Euro-road-trip Part Deux: Geneva and Clermont-Ferrand

After driving across Switzerland from Liechtenstein we arrived in Geneva, in the middle of rush-hour traffic I might add, and began the task of finding our first AirBnB flat and also a suitable parking spot for our car. 443 more words


Euro-road-trip Part Eins: Liechtenstein

For this year’s major ~vAcAtIoN~ Tom and I chose a road trip starting in Prague, traveling over to Biarritz and San Sebastian and then making our way back home via Luxembourg. 490 more words


Day 88: Long haul

I’m in Hamburg, Germany at the moment, here (pretty mindblowingly) to speak at the developers conference, So Coded, about my life travelling and working in a bus. 145 more words


5 ways to occupy yourself on a long haul flight

‘There are only two feelings one has whilst on a Plane. Bored…and Scared’

Now I do agree with this to a point. I do find myself incredibly bored some of the time and as soon as there’s a slight bit of turbulence I think ‘that’s it- I’m going to die’… Nevertheless, another feeling which Mr Quote forgot to mention was… excitement.. 308 more words


The Road to Trucking Long Haul

Life is the longest thing you’ll do on this Earth. It is also the shortest. So one should wonder; how do you want to spend it? 1,794 more words

How To Survive Long Haul Flights

I feel I haven’t blogged anything for quite awhile so I thought I’d write a post about surviving those long haul flights!
I did a bit of research on it from looking on Google to asking people at my work who do lots of travelling and also from my own experiences. 1,095 more words