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Tips for picking the best flights

…but it might not be the cheapest.

After spending 36 hours in and out of airports just to get to Greece, I decided that sort of malarky just wasn’t for me. 513 more words


Pack with me: long-haul flight edition

I’m so excited to be writing the words I’m going to New York! I’m mega excited for this trip as it will be only my second time visiting the US and, unlike last time, my boyfriend is coming with me. 566 more words


A Fortnight as a Canadian: Travelling

It has been nearly 3 weeks since I returned from my very first trip to Canada. There is so much to say and I’ve really struggled to put my thoughts and feelings on the trip into real, comprehensive words, which is why it’s taken so long to tell you all about it. 470 more words


Flying with your baby

The sooner you start flying with your baby, the easier it is. You probably spend most of your time with your newborn in your arms anyway, so the fact that you’re on a plane is almost irrelevant. 1,556 more words

Day 1 - ‘You can fly, you can fly!’

Hey all.

The morning after the long day before…

Early start, had set alarms for 7.15am. Naive, poor naive Daddy. A 5am wake up call in the shape of a ‘whispers-louder-than-she-speaks’ Lyla asking if “we go to the airport noooowwww?”. 1,010 more words


Island Hopping in El Nido

El Nido

I was first told about El Nido by my Filipina mum. It was this area of Palawan and also the island of Boracay that her descriptions would spark my imagination with visions of immaculate white beaches, secret coves and crystal blue waters. 1,382 more words

Summer Sunshine