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Upcoming Publication: Typehouse Literary Magazine

The editors of Typehouse Literary Magazine have accepted my short story, “Long Haul” for publication in their January 2018 issue. Featuring a long haul trucker, malevolent tornadoes and a loyal ethereal canine companion, this story is very special to me and one that I am so happy found a home that values its gritty, poetic self. Thank you Typehouse Literary Magazine!

Bonnie Rae Walker


Just browsing the web for information on Driver Alert Systems and came across this device by a company called  STOPSLEEP It works by using the feed back from 8 sensors inside the dual ring styled device and giving off a series of either vibration or alarms. 79 more words

the lit-miss test

your importance
in my life
is evident
in how much i miss you
& it’s only been a day.
& we don’t cohabitate,
so it’s not a matter of readjusting… 98 more words


AMERICAN AIRLINES - Business Long Haul

After trying first class on a domestic short haul route, it is time to try the equivalent one on a long haul one. Here it goes. 105 more words


Going long haul with a toddler

Long haul, can be a long trip, but when travelling with a toddler it can be more of a prolonged and difficult effort or task. 339 more words


Plane food, not plain food...

Being a vegetarian I requested a “special meal” when I booked my flight to Australia with Emirates. On the one hand, it was great as it meant I got my food before everyone else having the standard meal (eating is, after all, one of the best ways to pass the time on a long journey). 994 more words


Electric Shock Therapy 

I’ve had this idea for quite a while now, so I went online to find one of those games that give you a little electric shock, either randomly or by losing a contest. 218 more words