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How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

During summers growing up, the two-hour car journey to the campsite in West Wales seemed like an absolute eternity! My parents would load up a big full of goodies to keep my brother and I entertained and complacent – colouring books, activity packs, our Gameboys and Walkmans (remember those?!) with various games and CDs. 986 more words


The America Made Famous By DiCaprio... Now It's Your Turn To Visit

With an Oscar win looming for Leonardo DiCaprio during the 88th Academy Awards, what better time to look at the USA destinations he’s made famous? Now go off and experience them for yourselves. 636 more words

Long Haul

Carry On Essentials

When you are stuck 3000 ft in the air for 16 hours, you have to make sure you bring everything under the sun! Here is my list of carry on essentials! 250 more words

Carry On

5 Tips for Surviving a Long Haul Flight

Whether it’s a 2 week holiday or a year long gap year. You have probably experienced a painfully long flight. It can be tiring, your body felt like it was jumping out of its skin and you would do anything to get back down on the ground. 396 more words


In It For The Long Haul

In today’s microwave society, there is a tendency to want to get from A to B in one minute. We are quick to throw in the towel when things don’t go our way and go back into a lifestyle of being comfortable. 187 more words

How to Survive a 17-hour Non-Stop Flight

I just survived what is currently the longest commercial flight in the world: the Dallas to Sydney non-stop direct flight operated by Qantas. I was prepared for the flight to be miserable and yes, your instinct in boarding a 17-hour flight is… 844 more words


What I pack

This is what goes into my carry on luggage for a long haul flight (usually London to Melbourne). I use a Samsonite carry on suitcase. For which I have a personalised travel tag which I love, thanks to… 415 more words