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I walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). That is what I tell myself to brush off comments that associate my gift as black magic, lump it with “other religions,” or assume I am just playing off peoples’ emotions. 1,110 more words



I once read that a coincidence was the Divine tapping you on the shoulder to softly say, “I’m here with you.” Since my mother’s death last month my life has been filled with these mini-miracles. 936 more words

Pic #5 - The Long Island Medium Comes to Town

We had our code words ready. If Theresa Caputo said anything about the price of Tide or the word “tiger,” my husband and I would have known it was one of our fathers. 756 more words

The importance of skepticism

de omnibus dubitandum

That is my personal motto. Translated from the Latin in to English it means “everything must be doubted.” If I were going to get a tattoo, this would be on my short list, along with a soccer ball and perhaps an Eagle of Manwë from the Lord of the Rings (which may explain why I don’t get tattoos).  1,045 more words


It's About Time

Hello my very few readers and loyal followers!

I know I’ve been a shitty blogger lately, BIG TIME MIA, but here I am and hopefully I’m back on a more permanent basis. 67 more words

We Tried It: Theresa Caputo's Custom Jewelry Line

Who tried it: Rennie Dyball, Senior Editor, @renniedyball

What is it: Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s Long Island Medium and a best-selling author, has expanded her empire to the… 493 more words


On Psychics

I grew up in the late-90s and early-00s, during a time when the phenomenon of psychics became all the rage on television. Shows like Crossing Over with John Edwards… 753 more words