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10 things worse than being second rounded.

Disappointment as big as the Long Island Medium’s hair is what I’d equate being 2nd rounded for community service feels like. Waking up significantly early with more sleep in your eyes than actual tears, to log into a poorly designed website only to be told that your application is unsuccessful. 800 more words

"The Long Island Medium Talks a Lot, But Not With the Dead"

Theresa Caputo is a mega star. Everything about her is big — the hair, the audience, the high heels, the energy and the excitement. She does not lack confidence and is not deterred by critics. 951 more words

A Remarkable Vision

💙❤HELLO ♪❤💛
💙❤☮ O˥˥ƎH❤💛

As I sat with at least 7,000 other people gathered to experience the Long Island Medium; í saw more than this room. 277 more words


Healing in A Medium Way

Have you ever sat back and noticed how many different facets of life there are?  Let me explain.  So my guilty pleasure at this moment is watching “The Long Island Medium” on TLC.   624 more words

Breaking Routine

So we’re five days in to 2016 and I have moved away from blogging every single day. It’s kind of nice to not have to worry about writing a blog every day, or trying to come up with material. 397 more words

Life Update

Before you criticize what she does, stop and ask yourself, ‘could I be a douchebag?’. No offense to Massengill intended.
What I’ve seen is that she has a heart for people and to help them feel ‘freed’ from things that have troubled them. 117 more words

Demons, Devils, & Flying Ghost Monkeys

Musette had been watching Long Island Medium while I was at the party and through this work shift until she stopped, texting me that she saw a clip revealing her to be a fraud. 31 more words

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