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Crime: Dr. Hackett, Astrosplained

Dr. Hackett is a doctor known to have been in contact with Shannan Gilbert in the hours before her death, though it is not clear exactly when, or exactly what happened.   1,883 more words

Crime: Michael Pak, Astrosplained

Michael Pak is the last identified person to see a woman found murdered.  He escorted her, a sex worker named Shannan Gilbert, to a client meeting.  3,012 more words

Long Island Serial Killer

This infamous serial killer has been known under many names, however his most famous is the ‘Long Island Serial Killer’, but he was also known as ‘The Craigslist Killer’ ‘The Seaside Killer’ or ‘The Gilgo Beach Killer’. 771 more words

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What it's like working for a psychic detective

Helping a Psychic Detective find serial killers

It’s always been a dream of mine to be a ghost hunter or work on cold cases, so when I came across an ad for a psychic detective looking for an assistant I didn’t think twice about applying. 291 more words

True Crime Triple
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Christopher Leto, Libby McDermott, Joseph DiPietro


Three True Crime
horror thrillers in one collection, all based on shocking real life events. 64 more words

Murder of Leondra Foster by Somorie Moses is Carbon Copy of the Murder of "Peaches" Who Was Chopped Up by LISK.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Would DNA collected from Baby Doe (black female) killed by LISK in 1997 link to Somorie Moses (black male) today. Murder of Leondra Foster by Somorie Moses is Carbon Copy of the Murder of “Peaches” (black female) and Baby Doe (black female) Who We Know Were Chopped Up by LISK. 931 more words

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