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A Thanksgiving Tale

The hazy golden dusk illuminated the sky behind their silhouettes in the cool evening air.  The cars stopped and the elegant family of deer crossed.  The leader had a staggering limp.  315 more words


Quick question: yesterday I was 22, today I am 23, so does that mean I will 24 tomorrow? 😋😋😋

I just want wish myself Happy Birthday, we have been through a lot especially since 2017 began. 86 more words

Shout Out

Another Reason Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

By: Rob Stone

I’m actually a lover of all animals, but if I had to choose dogs over cats, it would definitely be dogs! That picture above is our rescue puppy Layla. 115 more words


Daily Devotional - Do you want long life?

Do you want long life? Fear YAHWEH!

Text : Proverbs 9 : 10 – 11

One of the things that all men yearn for, is long life. 372 more words

Beliefs are really valuable even if they are wrong

The placebo effect has repeatedly demonstrated the power of the mind. If you believe strongly in something, then the mind has the power to make it happen. 50 more words

121 Years Old

For more than a hundred years, I have lived. I became immortal from the blessing my master gave before he died. Now, I’m 121 years old. 725 more words

Short Story

A great long run is a series of small steps.

Doing the long session as part of your weekly training is what endurance is all about. I do love the long session. For me that’s generally a long run, but very soon will be a long bike ride, and a long swim too. 776 more words