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Ingredients For Lasting Love

The one thing in life we all look for is LOVE. Just think of all the songs written about it, like  the Beatles’s song ‘All You Need is Love’ or the thousands of other love songs played regularly all over the world. 591 more words

The Ties that Bind

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If you are fortunate enough to enjoy a predominantly happy marriage for decades, the fruit on the backside can be wonderfully sweet. 875 more words

Sacrament Of Marriage

The divorce

So everyone asks me why I got divorced after so many years of marriage. Tricky question, huh? 25 years really. Initially, I felt I had to justify my leaving to everyone. 701 more words

More than three and a half decades worth.

             It’s anniversary week (end).  Not for the website, but for my actual, real life, marriage.  35 years since the wedding, (almost) 37 years since I went to get gas that fateful day. 496 more words


Ah, wartime romance! My parents had one of those. They met in February, 1942, and were married by August. Short courtships were common during that period. 26 more words




It is 1 day after the last day, but there is no last day, only, as the mathematicians say, the Lemniscate, the circular 8, fallen to its side, inescapable infinity. 573 more words

Meditations And Poetry

Raymond Loves Linda

The other day my husband and I decided to pressure wash our porch and sidewalk. The driveway was a lost cause; we decided to wait on that. 359 more words