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2 Weeks and going...

I’ve been working two weeks straight. I have one more week straight of work before I get time off. I’m tired, I’m not feeling myself, I’m weak, I feel sick, I’ve already had a fever from my body being out of wack. 109 more words

a long night

i used to just write when i was sad but now i don’t. it used to be a creative sad now it’s just sad. sad without doing anything. 639 more words

Long Nights

Redeeming Time

Deployment makes for long days and longer nights. I’m used to long days with my three children. Much of the time the older two are awake with the sun and demanding breakfast before I can tell granola from frosted flakes (much to their chagrin). 521 more words

Military Life

A Call Away

Every night you’re just a call away.

I torture myself knowing I could just message you or call you.

What stops me is knowing you probably don’t care, I mean why would you. 9 more words


Late Night Fires

I don’t know what lit the fire,
but my blood is boiling, running hot.

My head is  pounding,
and my hands are shaking, showing no signs of stopping. 121 more words


Long Nights

I have these nights where I just look for a reason to message you. Where I want to just ask you how your day has been. 84 more words


Tangible Memories

Listen to the sound of memories
as water gushes against rocks,
on the seashore

Or, touch them,
with your grey, pale, wrinkled fingertips
as you brush away dust off tangible, priceless pieces. 39 more words