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long nights at the bar.

I’m not sure what it is about writing that makes me feel so comfortable. I seem to think I never write anything that is worth someone else’s eyes reading; yet like one magnet being held above another, I feel an attraction to the keyboard. 249 more words


Five Reasons to Love the Long Nights of Winter

After a bright afternoon’s quickening light
To be cradled by dusk,
Its slowly sit-down darkening

To contemplate the softening outline of the old cat
Curled warm on your grey-trousered lap… 62 more words


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This poem is one I wrote maybe a decade ago, but it still expresses something important to me about the beauty, peace, and comfort of this time of year.

Sleeping through the night

Everyone wants to know: “Is he sleeping through the night yet?” I dread this question. It seems like an innocent thing to ask, but it’s a sore subject for many moms, like me. 495 more words

#AdventWord #Light

Here in central Alberta we have really short days – less than 8 hours of daylight right now – and that means really long nights. I know that it isn’t as short a day as some get in other parts of Canada but it is definitely short enough for me. 203 more words

Faith Ramblings


Long nights
spent working,
dwindling my time away.

I wonder,
Is it worth it?
What do I gain?

While I still
cannot answer
such simple questions, 22 more words


asdkfjas;dlfjaks;dlfj (Feelings)

I hope it was nice to meet me. I wonder what feelings you get when I run through your mind, or what you might tell someone when you describe me. 168 more words