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True to form...

Last night I wrote that post and tried to succumb to my pain. However, life as a dad is grand sometimes.

Starting at 10pm David woke up screaming. 161 more words


Back to Uni. First day of class

Well, I am back into the study life, though thankfully not quite as busy as it was last year. As of this moment, I’m not doing the Masters *cry* and this is due to not quite getting the grade average to get into the programme. 242 more words


Long Nights lead to Sleepy Days

I haven’t been to class since last Friday.

The bitter February weather has caused my High School to close their doors and cancel classes, ball games, and club meetings. 120 more words

long days short nights and lots of stairs

Finally Friday – after a week of long days and short nights I am truly looking forward to the weekend. Not only am I lacking a few hours sleep I am also longing for a break in climbing four flights of stairs. 160 more words


Winter In Pune

It actually is cold in Pune. I mean, my-fingers-are-numb kind of cold. After years of arguing with R about how Pune can never compete with Delhi in the winter department, it does seem like this quaint old city is up to the competition. 281 more words

Pune, I Love

Blue & Gold

Tending fire – entertainment for long, cold nights!

Living In Step With Nature

Trying to Deal With Anxiety

As the long, winter nights approach again, I’m starting to worry that the anxiety that overtook me last winter will strike again. I’ve been thinking about ways to try and keep it at bay, and although it’s hard to sometimes to follow my own advice, I thought I’d share some of the things that have helped me. 310 more words