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Long Nights...

It’s on nights like tonight where I’m up and knowing that I still have hours to go… Where I wish there was someone here…

I have the company of my Soy Chai Latte and Pandora’s Movie Scores. 184 more words


asdkfjas;dlfjaks;dlfj (Feelings)

I hope it was nice to meet me. I wonder what feelings you get when I run through your mind, or what you might tell someone when you describe me. 168 more words

Day 118

It’s been a while since i’ve written much of anything

It’s also been a while since I drank that much. The morning after I was pretty happy not because I felt like shit or I just finished throwing up the last of the alcohol but because I thought I finally did it I didn’t cry for you while I was drunk. 101 more words

How long the night…

How bright the future
When the past holds
So much sadness –

How dark the night
When the days
Were once so bright –

How withered I feel… 94 more words


Welcoming the autumn

Cooler crisper days. Longer nights. A time to read and a time to write.

I can’t say I’m sorry to see autumn looming. With autumn evenings on the horizon we’re moving into the weirder part of the year, and it seems no coincidence that Halloween is this season’s big event. 115 more words


2 Weeks and going...

I’ve been working two weeks straight. I have one more week straight of work before I get time off. I’m tired, I’m not feeling myself, I’m weak, I feel sick, I’ve already had a fever from my body being out of wack. 109 more words

The Ultimate Summer Playlist

Drop tops, long hot nights and summer love!

After a long hiatus, I have decided to revive my blog by starting of with my 2016 summer playlist. 136 more words