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Sep 21 Euro Weeklies

Verifying the period from September 11th to the 18th as interpreted by the September 4th run, this looks to be the first in at least a couple gaffes by the model for the mid-late month timeframe. 15 more words


Sep 18 Euro Weeklies

Visual rundown of the Euro’s performance from the run on August 31st, covering the period from September 7 to 14th.

Latest info expands out to mid-October. 9 more words


Sep 14 Euro Weeklies

Verification of the output from the August 28th run which spanned September 4th to 11th.

This update stretches towards the middle of October.

Next scheduled run is Monday September the 18th.


Living in the mountains eating cake - Fox Valley

Despite having moved camps to Langidalur, I was to be taking a smaller team to the mountains at the base of Rjupnafell. A picturesque valley just 5km away was fast becoming nicknamed Fox Valley because of the visiting Arctic Foxes. 868 more words

Sep 11 Euro Weeklies

Here are the results from the August 24th run that covered the period from August 31st to September 7th.

New info offers up some distinct changes for the remainder of September, along with hints for what may transpire in early October.


Sep 7 Euro Weeklies

Verifying the August 21st run of the weeklies which encompased the period from August 28th to September 4th.

New imagery spans the rest of September and a glimpse into the opening days of October.


Sep 4 Euro Weeklies

The re-analysis data from NOAA hasn’t caught up to the week 2 imagery from the August 17th run yet so I’ll update this entry with proper verification when it does. 31 more words