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TimeSlipTuesday: Is Facebook the most misleading creation in all of history?

With the posts coming in thin and slow, I might aswell throw it back again. I’m still all over the place at the moment, which is why content hasn’t been as exciting just recently. 331 more words

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For Those Who Try - Luke and Jackson

Jackson had always been an interesting character. He was currently Luke’s room-mate and team-mate. What made him interesting was the fact that he was playing on the football team. 401 more words


Don't be an idiot!

Alright, some words of advice for you here. It may sound obvious, and that’s because it probably because it is, but I’m going right ahead in posting this anyway. 157 more words

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My birthday! 

So yesterday was my 20th birthday. In celebration of this event my girlfriend took me out in London. First off, we went for afternoon tea at The Flemming Hotel in Mayfair, which is a rather fine establishment. 247 more words

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The NFL finally breaks the gender barrier! 

You don’t need to like, or even know anything about America football to appreciate this. The National Football League have (finally) appointed their first ever full time female official! 124 more words

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Vaporised smokers!

As I’m sure we all know, smoking is bad for you and expensive. Really bad for you, and really expensive. But also pretty satisfying in a way that only a smoker will understand, (that’s what makes quitting difficult. 165 more words

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Coke or Pepsi?

As you know, we tackle all of the pressing issues here! No blogger should be without the Coca-Cola or Pepsi question. So let’s throw it back to the 80’s when the Cola Wars was thing, and people pretended care about such things. 167 more words

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