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My Father’s Response to My Molestation

I think everything has a meaning even the most trivial things. I thought that sorting through my old emails would actually become the beginning of my “real” healing. 1,248 more words

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"Dev-Dog" and his writer's block

His body sprawled on the floor of his untidy room just as isolated as his mind, which was stuck in a limbo. A super-fast slideshow of abstract images played constantly in his head. 1,732 more words

Fiction Series

Sup with Today...

So today sucked…Why? You may ask. Because. I might answer. But in the larger scheme of things, why… is a damn good question.

It all started with some texts, a weekend prior to tonight… 630 more words


Being followed (part 11)

Author’s Notes: Some adult content ahead but only some


Chapter 11

After work Mandy takes the bus home. Annette had a meeting. She would pick her up later. 1,356 more words

Fan Fiction

The Letter I Wrote to My Molester

After many therapy sessions, I finally wrote a “pretend” letter to my molester with composure. This letter was written after thinking over and over what I would say. 861 more words

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Being followed (part 10)

Lee has got back to his car. He was aroused. He closes his eyes and thinks about Mandy. He was close to get her to want him. 895 more words

Fan Fiction

The Meaning Behind My First Tattoo

In America and in many other countries, people get tattoos all the time. I mean some people get it removed or even decide to put another tattoo over their previous one. 696 more words

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