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Life goes through phases this too shall pass and i’ll be alright.

I often sit and wonder surely there’s more to this thing called life than we experience? 386 more words

Writing is Hard.

I want to chit chat about writing.

Because y’all – writing is hard.

I’ve been working on my novel for going on three years. I am also co-writing a trilogy series with one of my very best friends, David. 808 more words


The One Naked Truth You Need to Know

So, I have always had this practical “need” to feel “in control” about my state of mind. To feel in a good amount of control of my recovery and mental health growth curve. 2,145 more words

Mental Health

Pokemon: The Great War Theory

We all know Pokemon in some form or another: Some of us played/watched it as kids, some of us have kids who play/watch itā€¦some of us are adults who play it and watch it in Spanish to try and help them pick up the languageā€¦letā€™s not focus too much on that for now. 3,182 more words


Learning, Unlearning | Part 2

This one is a long read. So sit tight with a cup of coffee or tea or whatever your drink is and read on…

*** 1,049 more words

Life In Toronto

Hidden Mountains

From this distance it could have been a limo or a hearse. All that was clear was the length and the colour curving around a bend in the road near the bottom of the mountain, sun glare bouncing off the blacked out windows. 913 more words



Hello. I know it’s been long you read from me and that’s exactly why I’m writing to you this evening.

Evening I say, but it might be getting to you in the morning, noon or even evening. 741 more words