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The New World

Pedro Vásquez was the first to wake up followed by his fellow conquistador Francisco de Bastidas, the pair walked across to the edge of the cliff to observe the morning sun. 1,110 more words


Blog Launch

My name is Leandra Gail,

I am a creative, travel junkie, music junkie, Jesus-loving and fashion fanatic writer.

I started this blog as an outlet for all my creative thoughts and adventures, i will be posting personal writings, travel journals, DIY’S, fashion vlogs and much more. 22 more words


The great grand society.

‘I will be convinced that you deserve to live, only when you prove your worth. Otherwise, I may put you down, assault you, objectify you, or even kill you.’ 817 more words

The Secret Life Of A Naija Runs Girl (5) - Fiction

Continued from last time

I flinched, held on to the duvet firmly and sank into the bed like I was just confronted by a ghost. Nneka on the other hand did not shake one bit as she wore a straight face, fully focused on taking her father’s orders. 827 more words

Long Reads

The Visitor, Part II

I couldn’t leave without an answer. My legs wouldn’t let me. You might know the feeling; It’s like butterflies, but so strong that your body won’t let your mind override it. 1,642 more words

Creative Writing

How To Eat Near-Vegan Without Even Noticing That's What You're Doing!

You may be eating a good deal of vegetarian, and even vegan food without realizing it! Think about it: if you eat a toasted cheese sandwich, or a steamed artichoke, you’re going meatless. 5,130 more words

Inexpensive Cooking

Free Write Friday -Nonsense From The Other Side Of The Table

‘Rules die young.’ Someone had told Mark that once, or perhaps he was remembering it wrong. For some reason the phrase had surfaced at the back of his brain and now it was bobbing around refusing to go anywhere. 1,164 more words