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day one | Expectation.

Oh for the sweet, glorious, infuriating, unpredictability of life.

Things never turn out quite the way you expect. That cake you spent ages on could leave the oven looking distinctly cookie-esque; the dress you thought would look like a dream might end up looking like Homer Simpson’s…

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To those who know someone who gave up.

We should not claim to understand what goes on in the mind of a person who has given up on life.

Have you been there? 530 more words


My (Non) Journey to Graduate School

This blog post is long overdue. But I just can’t not write about it. So, here you go… :)

If you love what you do, it’s not really work…

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It's Never "just" Coaching Or "just" Football.

On this dreary Friday as sit & reflect in between reading, napping & going through coaching resources.

I've contemplated many a time when i've heard "oh it's just coaching" or "it's just football" … 552 more words

Leave Out All The Rest - A Love Letter to Chester Bennington

I was a high school freshman in 1999.

This is a time of peak of pre-technology; we oo’d and ah’d at anyone who had a cell phone; pagers were common, pay phones everywhere and you could afford to fuck around in New York City. 4,457 more words

One More Light

Trigger warnings apply to this post for: discussion of suicide.

The house is in the middle of nowhere. Across the road are fields and trees. A pasture and another line of trees lies between it and one neighbour, a field of soybeans and a gravel side road between it and the other. 1,422 more words