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Aftermath: Her Words.

Mia’s Diary.

Okay i know this is more less creepy than anything i normally do, like i went to a place 4 hours drive from my place and let me not talk about the long walk to the house. 343 more words

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Being followed (part 44)

Chapter 44

After hours of driving Lee finds the motel he was looking for. They had been without drink and food all day so they finally got something. 641 more words

Fan Fiction

An Open Letter To The Lost Friend.

Change, the only constant thing in this world.

Including this “change” is change in relationship. From strangers to friends, and/or friends to strangers. It is the reality of life. 815 more words

Being followed (part 43)

Author’s Notes: Contains minor violence!


Chapter 43

Lee was driving like maniac. Mandy was almost scared so she puts the seatbelt on that she had forgotten in all the commotion. 1,178 more words

Fan Fiction

Interlinked Experiences - Part 2


Emotional manipulation, rape, sexual harassment, abortion, disordered eating, body shaming, suicide.

Note from the editors: This story is the second part of a story that was submitted by a woman who wishes to remain anonymous.   1,242 more words

Caledonian Women

one-trick puppy

“So all you can do is write?” The old man looks at me with disgust.

“Well yes. The bartender from The Swinging Ship told me that you needed someone to help you write a letter so that’s why I’m here.” I reply nervously. 1,328 more words


The Mystery

“What do you want to do today?” She asks excitedly.

“Anything that doesn’t involve me getting out of bed.” I slowly turn to face her. … 1,001 more words