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A tribute to you.

Your parents always tell you things you should do and things you shouldn’t. Most of the time it’s because they have been in the same situation, or have seen someone go through it. 504 more words


A Potter's Hands.

Our hands are like a potter’s,

our life nestled between them.

A potter shapes his creations,

according his own will.

His delicate hands dancing along… 139 more words

Creative Writing

Is It Me Or Is Everything Just S**t?

“Life is hard, Trace”, my Dad used to say to me. It drove me around the bend when he did but he was right. It is hard to keep packing away the shrivelled remains of old dreams into gilded reliquaries and to find new ones to parade about in delicate white Christening robes. 1,718 more words


The Misadventures of Mauricio

He climbs a hill so steep that it can probably be just a chunk of rock weathered and carved into a building like structure. His breaths grow deeper every second that passes. 709 more words

Long Reads

Lord help me!

****RANT ALERT****

Today, I learned I was screwed out of an excellent job opportunity, an opportunity to make some more money, and the opportunity to work consistent working days (I can’t quite say normal, because it requires rotating day and night shifts). 512 more words

Long Reads

Fear Won't Stop Me

In my 20 years of life, I’ve experienced more than anyone’s fair share of pain. I’ve made a promise to myself to overcome it all though, and I take things one day at a time. 389 more words


November Madness

The month of November, 2008 was a busy month for me and a partner of mine in Northern Division. My partner was a wizard when it came to doing burglary investigations. 843 more words

Long Reads