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TRAINSPOTTING. I actually read the book (by Irvine Welsh) a few months ago, but it has really stuck with me, which is a sure sign that I need to write about it. 1,048 more words

Confessions Of A Librarian

The Fallacy of “Dismantling Mass Incarceration:” Wishful thinking refuted by ordinary mathematics and science.

I’ve noticed that there is now academic as well as popular interest in “Dismantling Mass Incarceration” in the United States. When serious academics get involved, it’s time to address the issue head-on. 1,544 more words

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I liked it and I Shared it!

Social media was never something I cared that much to be a contributor to.I saw things on Facebook and every once and awhile I liked a pic or two. 865 more words

Long Reads

When Gravity forgets

I feel like floating in the air
Drifting aimlessly without knowing when
gravity will pull me back on solid ground

When you walk in a crowded hallway
Hearing the subtle excuse me's and sorry's
As people bump slightly with each other
Trying to pick for a pen that fell
While you are squeezing yourself in the flow
without even brushing off with the slightest touch
of fabric from someone's clothes

What does it feel like
To talk in front of everybody 
without imagining someone in the dark side of the room
shaking his head with disapproval

What does it feel like
To not care at all with strangers
I pass on by everyday
Every time an accidental eye contact is made,
it feels so unnatural;
Is it my face? 402 more words

Trend alert : Fedora hats

….written by Elsie Ogianyo

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in forever, I know, forgive me😩, which is why I picked a trend that would most definitely get your attention…Fedora hats. 113 more words

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Being followed (part 48)

Author’s Note: Last chapter. Thanks for reading.


Chapter 48

The police outside shout in their headphone a few times. Inside the room, Lee is just calm but he knew there was no way out. 692 more words

Long Reads

Stone-age is calling....

I was restless, and a bit of rest took me to a forest, a dream, illusion, or hallucination, whatever you might say. It gave me peace. 441 more words

Of Human Emotions