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The 2016 US election was Hillary’s fault, stop pretending otherwise

By Thomas Kelsall | @Thomas_Kelsall

Every day we hear a new explanation as to why Donald Trump is President of the United States.

First it was Russia’s fault, then Bernie Sanders was to blame, next it was sexism, then it was the Green Party, Wikileaks, Barack Obama, uninformed voters, the FBI, the Democrats, campaign financing, Facebook and now Cambridge Analytica. 2,604 more words


A Conversation With Director Ed Moy About His Short Documentary "Luminaries" And how It Shows Paradise Is Here and Now

By: Monteque Pope-Le beau

Edited By: Colleen page

A mural in Venice Beach, California has captured the interest of many people along with Director Ed Moy, not just because of how beautiful and realistic it is, but because of the people the mural celebrates. 1,203 more words

Freshly Pressed

Past Report: 30 Pound Stripers at Race Point

My brother sent me a few pictures today and reminded me of a trip we took across the Bay at the end of June a few years back. 608 more words

Channelling​ Your Inner Yin-Yang To Achieve Goals

In the summer of 2015, I visited one of my clients in a semi-urban town of inner Maharashtra, India. She was the wife of a convicted felon, waiting for her husband’s parole. 899 more words


The White Farmer Crisis: Explained

By Thomas Kelsall and Kelly Hughes | @Thomas_Kelsall @KellyHughes96

The word that seeps into South Africa’s history more than any other is apartheid.

It comes from the Afrikaans word “apartness” that… 1,353 more words

Long Reads

Dysontopia - Cold Outside, Cold Inside - Part 1

Dysontopia – A novel by Matthew Estes

Welcome to Dysontopia, a novel project/serial I am developing. Every Monday I will make every effort release a new section of the work. 1,625 more words


Baghdad- The Lost City Of Wisdom.

Before 2003, No one knew what Baghdad is, who Baghdad is or where Baghdad is, No common man cared about this place or its existence. 831 more words