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A defence of all girl schools

The Guardian Education has been posting a lot lately about grammar schools. In particular all girl schools and if they possess any benefit in today’s society. 395 more words


The Social Experiment- Facebook

So it’s been a while and I’ve been up to something, experimenting actually, with a concept that has been keeping me up for some time. We all use Facebook more or less in our daily lives, posting status updates and comments, checking notifications, uploading photos, adding/ removing/ tagging friends, checking-in to places, and sharing current feelings via emojis. 782 more words

My Journey Of Writings


Someday I am going to come across a boy (or maybe a girl) who’s going to take me beyond this very blue, round planet. He’s not going to take me to parties and concerts and clubs I’ve never been to. 260 more words


Being Useless

I prefer being useless
I demand explanation
I am traveling far
I am skipping this situation
I fight with stones
The mountain turns deep
I have often felt… 222 more words


Frayed Strings

Dayton was never a morning person. Rising from slumber was typically a slow, painful, and curse word filled experience. From time to time his dog, a terrier type by the name of Fenrir, barked during alongside the expletive laden morning rant against the alarm clock. 5,425 more words


Week two

First grade is judging me.

It’s been a tough week. We are nine days into first grade and I’m already feeling judged. First grade is judging me. 1,822 more words

Suburban Dreams