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the reason. 

It amazes her how one person could be blessed by the ability to make a person forget how worthless she felt before she met them. Its like they have some sort of magic and they make her feel like she matters not just to their world but to others, as well. 675 more words


The Secret Life Of A Naija Runs Girl (1)

The cold weather made me shiver. I took slow but alert steps to the junction. It was 12 midnight, and I was going to meet a client; a stupid client that constantly disturbed my sleep with nagging phone calls. 971 more words

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How I defeated my fear of flying

You are born into this world with two fears; falling, and loud noises, everything else is a learned behaviour. But there was never an exact… 2,430 more words


Excerpt from The Brutal Ballad of Mac McGregor


And Now a Story…

by Bryan Peterson

“Find a spot on the rug by the fireplace and fetch Ol’ Pappy his reading glasses because it’s story time, kids. 12,325 more words


Notes From a Diplomat | In Conversation with Haris Dafaranos, ex Greek Ambassador to Australia

“A diplomat is by de nition a generalist. He or she has to know a lot about many dimensions of life,” says His Excellency Mr Haris Dafaranos, Ambassador of Greece to Australia. 1,064 more words

The Devil's Heir-Chapter 13


Eamonn closed his eyes and breathed in, letting the night air tell him it’s story.

He could smell car exhaust, sweat and fast food, all grace notes against the crescendo of alcohol and gunpowder smoke. 5,995 more words

Unshaved Mouse

"Livingston Manor, I presume"

Recently Rob and I had the opportunity to travel to a small Catskills hamlet called Livingston Manor for our good friend Tom’s “**th” birthday. I was skeptical. 5,001 more words

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