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It takes a rare band to be afforded a four-disc boxed set retrospective on the back of a solitary album. In 2010 Liverpool’s The La’s achieved just that when ‘Callin’ All’ collected together the band’s eponymous album, singles and b-sides, live performances and a smattering of alternative versions and out-takes from various album recording sessions. 2,016 more words

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Curious Things, Rotten Places

Janice thumped the wall beneath the flickering light with a black hand and curled her lips into a half smile when it stopped spluttering. She turned her face back to the mirror and probed the new cut down the left side with one finger. 1,507 more words


International Women's Day Shoutout: President Trump Isn't The Problem, America, You Are

Foreword: In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I dedicate my first blog post. This was meant to go out yesterday but high winds had taken down our internet. 3,127 more words

Long Reads

Jay Electronica and the Problem with Perfectionism

Human beings are nothing if not impatient, and in the age of instant gratification we find even the most minor of delays to be just too long to wait. 2,060 more words


Ask Lezzy: Frequently Asked Questions

When I first came out of the closet, it didn’t come as much of a shock to my childhood friends, who had known me since age 3 or 4, and therefore ALSO knew that I spent the first 12 years of my life dressing (and acting) like a boy. 736 more words


Why Woman's day isn't "empowering" anymore

Today is International Women’s day. But today I don’t feel empowered. I feel scared and disturbed. I feel like Women’s day died a while ago and we are celebrating its funeral today. 588 more words

Random Musings

The Surprise Factor

In “The Chicago Disconnection“, an earlier post on gun violence in Chicago, I briefly touched on violence in society collectively. Today’s entry is a continuation of sorts, on why acts of violence are so difficult to predict and stop from occurring. 4,702 more words