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No. 3801.5

Tortoise Tests The Day. By C A Middleton © 2017

3pm and all is well.

The tortoise yawns and

Slips its shell.

But, the day, though blue, 41 more words


Doctor Chris!

Today has been a very sad day. A serious accident occurred with a serrated knife.

Luckily, though, the following patient looks to be on the mend. 38 more words


Detective Bowers, Case File 3.

Today wasn’t much better. The news of the mayor’s death got around faster than I had anticipated, but this wasn’t going to change much of anything. 872 more words


Relief, anyone? Yes, please.

I am presently in the middle of a very gruesome and twisted tale and to counterbalance the darkness I’ve decided, in my limited wisdom, to allow the loonside of me write a nonsense tale with political undertones. 837 more words


Factors of beauty. Is there such a thing as an ugly person?

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. I thought this idea to be factual, at least well known

within the human population. But after an interesting conversation at a party this weekend, I… 1,416 more words

Meaning Of Life

Ó Fenómeno

Owen Blackhurst | MUNDIAL
October 2017 | 36-minute read

There are so many “what-ifs” surrounding Ronaldo’s career. But one thing is for certain: he was on of the best ever. 

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Long Reads

Dectective Bowers, Case File 2.

The corpse was a jangled mess of body parts. The blood had already dried, and the joints were stricken with rigor mortis…at least the joints still attached to their appropriate outlets were. 574 more words