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Traditions and Celebrations

This time next month, I will be 60 and celebrating with someone who knows me almost as well as I know myself, in places I’ve never been. 265 more words

Reflection & Realisation 

As I reflect further I realise although the solicitors had destroyed me emotionally & mentally I was still continuing on, with maybe a few things starting to slip but on the whole I was coping. 761 more words

A day that inspired me to keep looking forward!

Sometimes, you are destined to meet certain people in your life that will make you realize things that you didn’t know about yourself or couldn’t have known otherwise. 800 more words

My Journey Of Writings

The long, hard slog to escape the psychological prison of rural America

ACHTUNG: Long read (~23 minute publisher estimate)

In a comprehensive coming of age story that raised hell in her hometown, Caity Cronkhite shares her experiences of being a high school student in rural Indiana wishing to escape the town and go to a four-year school–and the roadblocks the administration put in her path to keep her from achieving her goal. 18 more words

Reading Recommendation

Fresh day ...

The birds woke me up today with their beautiful good morning song.

I felt the warmth of the sunshine on my face through the curtains. … 110 more words

You've Heard

You’ve heard about the struggle.
How I thought I knew….just to stumble.
The rage and the fumble.
The meaning of humble.

You’ve heard about the scary nights. 77 more words

Mental Health