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Hanging Around With Randy

“Talk in everlasting words
And dedicate them all to me
And I will give you all my life
I’m here if you should call to me…
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Long Reads

In Conversation with Neville Pierce

Having seen the marvelous short comedy “Ghosted” (review here) at this year’s Lift-Off film festival we approached director Neville Pierce. His career consists of many facets, from journalist to screenwriter to director, and shares with us some very interesting and honest insight into the world of film journalism. 1,354 more words


Every Kiss In Buenos Aires

The child was no more than eight years old, he was fair haired, dark eyed, and prone to long bouts of silence that could stretch for months at a time. 1,595 more words


The Pursuit Of Identity

Have you ever observed butterflies, just doing their thing, fluttering their wings?

Ever wanted to choose which one of them was prettier?

Ever wondered what they’d be like ,sans all the color? 442 more words


Photograph Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Every morning I walk past a pet shop selling dog tweed coats. A dog’s tuxedo in American urban speak is referring to something hip or cool, or incredibly pointless and over the top. 2,042 more words

Lyse Links: Heroes, predicting the future, and fun

Short list for you this week, but that means you have time to read them all! Several of these deserve some extra thought. I’d love to see your comments. 170 more words

Lyse Links

Lit rec #211: Trilogy without much of a plot but beautiful mesmerizing passages. What it means to love literature (2002).

A few overdrawn passages but the beautiful build-ups and conversational motifs are incredible. YOUR FACE TOMORROW by Javiar Marias.