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Trend alert : Fedora hats

….written by Elsie Ogianyo

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in forever, I know, forgive me😩, which is why I picked a trend that would most definitely get your attention…Fedora hats. 113 more words

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Being followed (part 48)

Author’s Note: Last chapter. Thanks for reading.


Chapter 48

The police outside shout in their headphone a few times. Inside the room, Lee is just calm but he knew there was no way out. 692 more words

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Stone-age is calling....

I was restless, and a bit of rest took me to a forest, a dream, illusion, or hallucination, whatever you might say. It gave me peace. 441 more words

Of Human Emotions

The Good Lord’s Weapon

“Why did you kill them?” I ask the killer.

After months of searching, I spotted him walking on the side of a highway just minutes ago and I drove my car into him. 853 more words


Change is Happening

There has been a lot of change that has been happening in my life. For someone that struggles with anxiety, change is hard to deal with. 767 more words

Your Children - Your Most Important Treasure

…..Written by Tolu Adesanya

You hide your jewelry and your money, you protect your cars from rain and extreme weather with car covers, you protect your designer shoes and bags from dust, you keep your designer clothes in a locked wardrobe, even store your suits in suit bag, you use quality creams for your hair, you treat your human hair weaves, you have screen guard and cases for your phones, you protect your currency in a wallet, lock your rooms away from housemaids AND YET you refuse to protect the biggest treasure you have. 814 more words

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ungroomed grief

My cats didn’t eat my husband’s dead body.
I asked.

The very nice lady said she would have noted any bite marks or removals from the body during the autopsy. 1,528 more words

Presser Family