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Sun up to sun down.

Someone came into my room last night while I was sleeping. They injected me with a drug that would cause me to hallucinate when I woke. 275 more words

Long Reads

Go Try

“I’m not good at it.”

“They might laugh.”

“Someone’s better.”

“What if I can’t do it right?”

There are so many times in our lives when we say those words, usually to the things people ask us to do. 760 more words


Born by the fire: The origin story- Trial by water

Elbows deep in filth and muck he scrubbed. The murky dish water sloshed onto his apron as the dishes rumbled in the ancient dish washer. Tucked away in the corner of the cramped, dimly lit kitchen and hidden away with the cockroaches and the leftovers, he toiled. 142 more words


Body Positivity

As a maturing young woman, I’ve found it so hard to embrace my body the way it is. Some days, I feel so blah and in the dumps.  1,211 more words


One course of love (part 10)

Chapter 10

Richard’s POV

Just what I was afraid of. I was falling for my student. Something had changed but I blame myself for that. The way we kissed made me forget that we were in classroom with the door open. 346 more words

Fan Fiction

Tans and Scars

Personally, I love summer weather and summer outfits. I like the feeling of sun on my skin and I like getting a tan. Which is great because Taiwan is very sunny and hot most of the year… 1,917 more words


My name is Casey Paige.

Instead of some huge introductory to my new writing escape I’m just going to start and start simple. My name is Casey Paige. I am 23 years old and live in an apartment building somewhere in Texas. 538 more words

Long Reads