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Sandra's Ex (2) by Sharon Okhai

Hi there, I actually cannot believe it’s already been a week.

A lot’s been happening for me, which I really would have loved to share with you guys,  but for the fact that we haven’t finished this article which we started last week. 1,372 more words

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Call me at 2 AM and tell me that I'm the reason why you can't sleep.

Dear Journal,
Hi, it been a while I realise. But stuffs been really hard for me. And at times I write a lot such that I feel like I’m whining. 150 more words


Top 3 Reasons Why Your Curly Hair May Be Dry- Viki Howell

If you are sick and tired of dry and tangled hair, this article would help solve this problem.

One of the biggest problems of “curly headed” girls is dry hair. 373 more words

Long Reads


written by Aderinto Nicholas

Newspapers are full of bad news—economic uncertainties, persistent problems in the world, more strife and terrorism. Many Nigerians are pessimistic not only about our nation’s future, but their own as well. 1,551 more words


A Melodious Corporate Day

Everybody is busting with work around the office today. It’s like a busy honeycomb in here. Even the new intern is having a pretty busy time assisting her HR boss. 457 more words

My Journey Of Writings

The Squealing Pig, the Pirate and the Hot Kebab - part one

Knight Rider had Kitt, Scooby Doo had The Mystery Machine; we had The Kebab.

The Kebab was a gold Datsun that originally belonged to Col’s Aunty Shiela. 2,571 more words


Why You Shouldn’t Have Existential Crises in the Rain; or, How I Fell into a Mud Puddle and Had to Buy New Pants

It took me a moment to realize I was falling.
I have this snapshot in my brain. The moment I knew. The greyness of the sky and the skeletal branches of the leafless trees and the soundless “oh” that my mouth made. 24 more words