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Powerstation Workout Run

Strava has been known for some time as a popular site for cyclists, but runners have often seemed a second thought in the sites design.  This year the popular competative workout tracking site shifted gears pushing runners as a major focus, first by signing some major named runners such as Kilian Jornet (a beast of a runner in ultramarathon distance races) and Lauren Fleshmen and adding a workout of the week blog post hosted by a professional runner.   685 more words


Back-To-Back Long Run Weekend

Last year at this time Atlanta temperatures were below freezing, often leaving me wrapped up in a mass of layers when running.  This years weather has been all over the place, but this weekend it felt like fall with temperatures topping out in the upper sixties.   706 more words


Working the Plan

I know I have not directly stated my 2015 goals yet, I had a few things I was trying to clear up in my schedule before committing them to my blog.   963 more words


2014 By the Numbers

In my last two posts I summerized my 2014 athletics season.  I deliberately omitted numbers and charts til this post as I wanted one post to just focus on what I achieved numbers wise.   421 more words


Counting Down...

Two years ago I ran my first 5k road race. I followed that achievement with several triathlons and a half marathon a year later.  As I have mentioned before, my goal for this year proved bigger than previous years, I wanted to jump up to a 50k trail race, skipping the marathon distance, embracing tough trail and steep elevations.   688 more words


Sometimes It Just Hurts

It has been a few weeks since I have written up my experiences with my attempt at tackling my first marathon, The Mystery Mountain Marathon.  The Mystery Mountain Marathon is an ultra technical trail marathon hosted at Fort Mountain State park, with roughly 15,000 feet of vertical change.   1,575 more words


Suddenly Everything Comes Crashing Down

Less than a week to go and I will be running my first race at a distance greater than a half marathon, a full marathon, the big 26.2 miles.   880 more words