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Aurora Australis - Lighting Up Christchurch!

Having never taken a photos of an Aurora, I decided to head out to the top of the Port Hills.

Half way up the short icy track I met a few fellow photographers who gave me a few tips on the camera settings. 152 more words


Techniques: Star Trails

As you probably know, the earth is constantly spinning. This means that during the course of an evening, the star in the sky will actually move. 564 more words

Introduction To Photography

Techniques: Zoom Bursts

Zoom bursts are where you change the zoom level during the exposure. There are several different looks you can achieve, either by simply zooming out, zooming out slowly or quickly, zooming out smoothly or in a staggered fashion. 915 more words

Introduction To Photography

Ideas: Light Trails

Light trails are another way of utilising lights in a long exposure. A popular use of this technique is to take photographs of cars and traffic. 207 more words


Lightning strikes

Yesterday after the storm clouds it indeed turned into lightning later on. Later than expected the thunder and lightning kept me busy until late night. I was surprised to see that I’d catched the lightning on the camera. 9 more words