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15 Common Mistakes on Christian Blogs You Need To Know

We all make mistakes. Some we’ll laugh at after a while, but some we’ll live to regret. As a new Christian blogger, you’ll make many mistakes you’ll regret. 2,402 more words

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How to Use Google Adwords for Keyword Research: Long Tail Keywords Can Yield Over 50% of the Traffic to Your Book!

There are two tools which are vital to researching keywords and the popularity of book subjects.  The first tool is the Google Adwords tool.

The Adwords tool can be used for two distinct purposes.   50 more words

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Long Tail Keywords - The Most Profitable SEO Strategy For Small Business Websites

Long Tail Keywords are either keywords or keyword phrases for which there are relatively few competitors on the search engine results pages. They generally consist of three, four or more keywords and are less competitive because they are not searched for as often. 879 more words

Long Tail Keywords - The Web Traffic Mine

Webmasters have been blessed with a powerful tool like Web Analytics, which analyzes a website to its root producing comprehensive and real time data. If one digs in deeper and analyzes the traffic generating keywords for the website, an astonishing detail would be found. 438 more words

Hire Best Mobile App Development Company in India

Commitment for Pay Per Click advertising or PPC in short can be crucial in bringing great rewards to online marketing campaigns. It is a proven and overwhelming method. 349 more words

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Are Long Tail Keywords Important? Let's Find Out

Small Business owners on the web should know the importance of embedding good keywords in their web site and blog copy.  But, are you aware of the importance of Long Tail Keywords.   2,214 more words

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6 tips your 2015 SEO strategy must include

As I always tell everyone, SEO is always changing. Especially with their new updates, different trends, and new and improved strategies, it is something you always need to focus on. 680 more words