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The Best Long Tail Keywords

Some people think you have to have a clairvoyant¬†mind or some kind of super power to know what people will be searching for. This could be true to a certain extent because¬†you can’t know what everyone will be searching for. 449 more words


Google Long Tail Keywords (Finding them)

View at Need an easy way to locate long tail keywords? Watch this video to learn an easy way to uncover the best long tail keywords to use for your affiliate sites. 12 more words

SERPS: AdSerps.com

SERPS: AdSerps.com

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Apa itu Long Tail Keywords?

Sudah pernah denger dong ya dengan istilah yang satu ini. Denger aja sih sering. Tapi, gak ngeh tuh sama pengertiannya. Sini deh deket-deket sama saya biar paham. 345 more words

Keyword Research

Top Five Tools For Keyword Research

Today, we will share with you, our 5 best tools for keyword research that has made our life much easier.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This is one of the best tools in the market. 235 more words

Search Engine Optimization

Branding Your Site For Visitors: Direct Traffic To Your New Website

Newly built or not, traffic is an important aspect that can help any business grow no matter the starting point. Along with the other SEO techniques that needs to be given attention to, traffic plays an integral part in engaging your target audience. 421 more words

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