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The Curated Hyper-Segmentation era is here

The Long Tail illustrates how traditional business based on Blockbuster, built under massive media, celebrities, mass-market products, Hollywood, MTV, have lost their strength and even disappeared. 360 more words


Bow Chicka Wow Wow

At 1:29 — Starts out like soft-core something or other and turns into an ad for the Business Section of The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution.

Gotta love 1985.


Chapter 3 – Questioning the media page. 69

I consume the long-tail media content more than the short-head media, which is a regular basic called YouTube, because YouTube, has a lot of functions whether to watch the music videos, the news from around the world, the movies, the cartoons animation, and even for studying of classes such as biology or math classes. 35 more words

Chapter Bubbles

ATTENTION - Heads or Long Tail Effect

What matters is not where customers are, or even how many of them are seeking particular titles, but only that some number of them exist, anywhere”. 193 more words

BCM 206

A Gaze is Worth a Thousand Pictures

My remediation this week is based on the concept of the attention economy where our very attention is treated as a scarce resource. With the vast amount of information and media available at our convenience, how do we decide what to watch and conversely as media creators how do we attract the gaze of our potential audience. 140 more words

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"We don't want you to be physically here" // The Attention Economy and the Long Tail Effect

Content is a main component within this topic as it’s easily accessible and easy to create. The dynamic of content incorporates an economy which is based on knowledge production. 181 more words

BCM 206

Long tail

This butterfly (Common Imperial) is one of the most special I have seen so far. Especially that long tail is nice to see (February 2018).