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During my stay in Kuala Lumpur, I walked around a lot visiting the area. I was told to visit the Bird Park, which I did not go to because I ended up seeing these curious little primates which seemed to be the Long-Tailed Macaques. 69 more words


Feeding the monkeys with chopped bananas

We always recommend chopping bananas before feeding them to the monkeys. But still many people hand out a branch with a huge bunch of bananas attached to it. 105 more words

Long-tailed Macaques

Shooting Thai Monkeys

If you have a camera, no matter the type, and an eye for photography, then Phana, Thailand is calling you.  This small village of 2,000 is tucked away far from the tourism industry (about 650 KM from Bangkok) and hosts some of the most ideal landscapes that you could ever come across. 580 more words

Long-tailed Macaques

A Day in Don Chao Poo Forest, Phana

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The Phana Monkey Project has been working with several people in Phana to carry out the forest survey that is part of a project initiated by Mahidol University at their Amnat Charoen campus. 118 more words

Long-tailed Macaques

Help in the forest

The forest has been surveyed for several months past by a local group organised by Mahidol University, Amnat Charoen campus. The work has relied heavily on a science teacher at Phana Suksa School who has brought some of her students with her and taken on the responsibility of collating the data collected and transmitting it back to the university. 79 more words

Long-tailed Macaques

Welcome in Phana

I boarded a plane in Johannesburg, South Africa not knowing what to expect. Would the placement be legitimate, could I possibly be kidnapped upon disembarking the plane, would I be sleeping amongst mice and snakes? 1,596 more words

Long-tailed Macaques