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First off, my son is recovering wonderfully from his hernia surgery. Everything went smoothly, and he has bounced back in record time. It was a long day, but it went as well as it possibly could have, and I’m so glad we were able to get it taken care of before we move and school starts. 335 more words

Hello...Flat Mates

One week on and I’m back in the box office typing away, every so often I sell some tickets. It’s really strenuous labour this box office job. 2,022 more words

Kid's Work

The world keeps turning

My boost in energy and reduced symptoms lasted for a few glorious days after my infusion! I started to slow down yesterday afternoon, and by this morning I was fully in crash mode. 326 more words

Never a Dull Moment

Just as I was starting to feel pretty confident about starting IV antibiotics via port, I heard back from my doctor that she had conferred with the lead doctor, and they are recommending the injections instead. 83 more words

Things you should NEVER say to a Crohn's or OFG sufferer...

(1) “Well… How are you today?” or any other versions of this- “How are you feeling?”/ “How are you keeping?”

Don’t.  Why?  You could ask us the same question several times over but while we inevitably feel like this: 194 more words


Yes, I have this condition, BUT...

Today is day 11 of taking antibiotics to minimise the symptoms of OFG. I’m home from hospital and noticing improvements. My voice, excluding early mornings and late nights, is back. 334 more words


Oh, so you've got a sore throat?!

On Sunday, Mum and I made yet another visit to A&E, where I was quickly admitted. Over the past few weeks my mouth has been getting increasingly worse and unbearable. 861 more words