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How to be poorly when you’re a parent...

When you’re ill as a child it’s great (well except the feeling rubbish part). You get to lay on the sofa and watch Tv, drinks and snacks brought to you and lots of rest and sympathy. 2,108 more words

Family Life

3 Things My Book Is Not

As I am in the process (at the time of this writing) of editing my book He’s Making Diamonds: A Teen’s Thoughts on Faith Through Chronic Illness… 1,195 more words


Hidden in plain sight: Finding relief when living with an invisible disability

Tina McDermott-Jones, 32, from Chesterfield, couldn’t pinpoint when the pain began, but it had developed over a long period of time.

“Things really noticeably went downhill in 2009. 1,046 more words


It's been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve written.

Since the last time, I’ve been really ill, really well, …really ill, really well … and really ill. 447 more words

Let’s talk about meds, baby... 🎵

Can we just take a second?

I’ve noticed that many people like to comment on the use of medications. Like, ‘oh you don’t need them’ ‘have you not asked the Dr to stop them?’ ‘Why are you on them?’ ‘Try this herbal thing instead’ 286 more words


Fit for Work’ scheme for long-term illness to be scrapped

Written by Marianne Calnan, People Management – Low referral rate blamed for programme’s failure as government announces possible changes to statutory sick pay.

The government’s national ‘Fit for Work’ occupational health scheme is to be scrapped as part of a revised strategy to get more disabled people working. 886 more words

Be Kind, Unwind.

It’s been a slightly stressful time  here in chez Eades/Riley.

It’s officially six months since I have had to declare myself unfit for work. Half a year….it amazes me that it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. 1,190 more words