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Flora's story is important, but it doesn't speak for everyone

Flora Lormier’s life and death has opened an important discourse about a person’s right to die, but her experience shouldn’t be perceived as something that everyone with multiple sclerosis will have to live through. 411 more words


Let's talk about meds baby

In my job, I come across people that are in different stages of anxiety and depression, with the latter being something I have been dealing with since my diagnosis in 2013. 469 more words


Physical and Mental Health

It’s no mystery that physical health and mental health are linked. There are endless scholarly articles and health websites that back this, one of them being the mental health foundation. 379 more words

Know your Risk-Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes has been in the media a lot lately as 90,000 people are living with Type 1(the autoimmune condition) or Type 2 diabetes in Northern Ireland and an estimated 10,000 are living undiagnosed with Type 2. 368 more words

Food And Nutrition

I'm not happy. Something's knocking years off our lives

Bad news for silver surfers this week. For the first time since 1981 there has been a fall in the number of healthy years we can expect as we get older. 310 more words


Forget Halloween - This is more important

As many of you are aware – I hate Halloween. This is just one of the many posts I have on the dreaded subject. So this year I’ve decided to go another route (and because you’re all probably tired of my Halloween rants.) 418 more words

Life And Happiness

A Stepfather's Journey (no surviving children)

by Glen Nielsen

I am going to describe my journey as a stepfather over almost two decades, from August 1980 to the present. I am a step-parent who has experienced the death of a child. 2,342 more words

Bereaved Parents