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My herx will go on...and on...

Another update from the trenches! I swear, I do have somewhat cheerier posts in the works that I’d very much like to share here, but lately the most negative bits of life with Lyme have been running the show. 497 more words

14. I’m storing up the good stuff…

This past week has been a most excellent week. For the first time in a very long time I feel like I belong to the body I’m in. 735 more words

Postcard from Bad Days

My mental and physical fatigue, paired with relentless neuropathy are making it impossible for me to post a real, thought out, full-length post. I can’t type much. 249 more words

Being Hardcore in the illness world

A friend who herself has a chronic illness commented recently “my housemate has CFS/ME… you guys are hardcore... I’m glad my symptoms are under control”. 135 more words

13. Red Lipstick: my weapon of mass deception

Over the last couple of months my friends may have noticed my penchant for red lipstick. Whether it’s accompanying a black silk shirt or tracksuit bottoms, I really don’t care – the lipstick stays on and it’s always… 597 more words

Planning for Pain

Last week, I visited my doctor, and we decided to resume some antibiotics. Back in September, as I prepared for the Butt Injections of Antibiotic Doom, I discontinued all oral antibiotics. 592 more words

Reaching out - What would help you live well with a long-term condition or serious illness?

If you read last week’s post, here is the unveiling of the second half of my New Year’s resolution. I am reaching out to you asking to hear your story of living with a long-term condition or serious illness/injury that has been life changing for you in some way. 1,220 more words

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