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Long-Term Unemployed - A signal of lower motivation leading to lower hiring chances

Recent evidence from large-scale field experiments has shown that employers use job candidates’ unemployment duration as a sorting criterion. In the present study, we investigate the mechanisms underlying this pattern. 270 more words


Cyclical versus Secular Causes of Stagnation

Nick Rowe and Scott Sumner have recently had an interesting little debate about whether the slowdown in real GDP growth and labor productivity since the 2007-09 downturn is the result of cyclical or secular factors. 1,434 more words

Scott Sumner

Thriving After Long-Term Unemployment

Not Once, But Twice UnemployedIn the past four years, Michael Young has experienced not only one, but two rounds of unemployment. Five months into his first job out of college Michael found himself unemployed and then again after a two-year consulting gig. 652 more words

A universal basic income for everyone - could it work?

Finland has already started by selecting 2,000 people at random who will receive just under £500 a month tax free in a two-year pilot scheme, the first in Europe. 575 more words


Statistics released from the Labor Department report that over 94 million Americans are either out of work or underemployed. How can this crisis be solved and out-of-work Americans returned to the job force?

Owatonna, MN Correspondent-In the long run, the unemployment/underemployment crisis will resolve itself because Baby Boomers, the largest demographic group in the country, are retiring at an increasing rate. 895 more words

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Being glad for what you have considering the impending financial collapse that is to come

Better to Be Thankful for What You’ve Got

by Pastor Paul J. Bern

People everywhere are crying the blues about their financial situation, and with just cause to say the least. 1,260 more words

Economic Inequality