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Long-term unemployment

We all know dealing with unemployment especially when it’s long-term can be a challenging task.

According to a recent study, not only does long-term unemployment affect people financially, it can also cause changes to a person’s core personality. 325 more words

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When You Feel Invisible And Overlooked . . .

If you have ever felt invisible and overlooked because of your current circumstances, you certainly are not alone.

It is almost like you are the only one around you experiencing this type of difficulty, and you might often feel forgotten. 728 more words

Long-Term Unemployment

Why the long-term unemployed matter

Tim Harford wrote an interesting piece about the long-term unemployed in the FT Magazine last year. In the US during the great recession unemployment reached over 10% yet it was the long-term unemployment (being unemployed for more than 6 months) figures which were very concerning. 223 more words


The Number Is 8.7 Million

Here’s something that we absolutely know is true when it comes to the economy: unemployment is one of THE biggest economic problems in the United States today. 627 more words

Long-Term Unemployment

Here’s One Way To Be Calm During Hard Times – Don’t Be Anxious

Last month, I published a blog post titled Job Searching? Rest Over Stress This Holiday Season. That particular article was written toward job seekers and the stress of job searching – encouraging them to rest and enjoy the holiday season. 709 more words

Long-Term Unemployment

And So It Goes...#582

Does propaganda work ? are oppositional press-releases ever effective ? I’m campaigning against Zero Hours Contracts .They are Feudal throwbacks and ought to be abolished forthwith. 295 more words

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Long-term unemployment is a challenge for the EU

The EU’s most recent Employment and Social Situation Review shows that although economic growth “remains subdued” there has been a slight fall in the number of people unemployed. 77 more words