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US - More than one in ten unemployed in 2014 were jobless for 99 weeks or longer

Share of long-term unemployed reached a record high in 2010

The long-term unemployed are people who have been looking for work for 27 weeks or longer.  209 more words

United States

Long Term Unemployment Remains Major Problem

More than two million Americans aren’t feeling the economic recovery, despite several months, or even years, of searching for employment.

The nation’s long-term unemployed represent one of the lingering effects of the Great Recession, and they typically face steep barriers to finding another job. 209 more words

Ari Fleischer: How Republicans Can Win the White House

Fox News — Low growth, low wages and persistently high long-term unemployment have led tens of millions of Americans to lose confidence that Washington – or anyone – can do anything about it. 80 more words


Optimistic Thoughts about Productivity Growth and Secular Stagnation

The world, for all kinds of reasons, seems to be in a rather deplorable state, and the trendlines are not necessarily pointed in the right direction either. 849 more words

And So It Goes...#651


I emailed this to Wakefield Express,Yorkshire Post,Yorkshire Evening Post and The Guardian. just to keep things stirring along. 354 more words

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And So It Goes..#650

I got a letter ( Thursday 28th.) from the JCP Barnsley office dated 21 May telling me of their decision that my ” good reason ” wasn’t accepted for not attending my MWA placement. 522 more words

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And So It Goes...#646

One thing that the Usurer-Capitalist Ruling Elites have shown us and taught us it is this :- the more you lie ,cheat and actually STEAL ,the less likely it is that you go to jail let alone end up being charged with any crime in the first place. 48 more words

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