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There’s not much going on right now in primary land. It’s a little bit sleepy, except for the poo flinging. Things won’t really start picking up until the NY Primary. 2,148 more words


And So It Goes...#681

What is the point of Capitalism ? Why is the private ownership and control of the means of production ,distribution and exchange of human society worth even arguing over ? 388 more words

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And So It Goes...#680

Does anybody seriously get excited about who the next Archbishop of Canterbury might be ? You know ,that long drawn out pretend theological pantomime sans any actual Theological content ,when the archaic no-longer-fit -for-purpose  Church of England wrings its hands and rends its garments in front of an apathetic public ,in what it still believes to be ,a meaningful manner . 308 more words

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Eurozone - Why long-term unemployment is so high

Of the 19m jobless Europeans, more than half have not worked for the last year. And over 15% have not had a job for more than four years. 220 more words


New Zealand unemployment incidence by duration since 1986

There has been bit of a wild ride in long-term unemployment in New Zealand. Long-term unemployment – longer than one year – ranging from just over 8% of unemployment in 1986 to nearly 40% in 1992 then down to 5% in 2008. 158 more words

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