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Doodle 065 | Longan

I’ve never been a sweet tooth. Too much candy and too much dessert make me sick. On the other hand, too much fruit rarely makes me sick. 132 more words

Daily Doodles

Wow! Kurma cum Longan Juice

Yeah! Lastly found the Kurma (Arabian Dates) cum Longan juice for energy revitalization!

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Chinese Red Date Tea / Jujube Tea 红枣茶 "Hóngzǎo Chá"

Chinese red dates or jujube (known as hóngzǎo 红枣 in Mandarin) have been used for over 2,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine, often prescribed to increase a person’s “qi” 气 or “life energy”. 444 more words

overdue for a post

Sorry for the lapse in posts, but my job/life on Kauai has really gotten busy. Work as an extension agent is exciting and now I’m adding a research component that makes me running around and putting in 50+ hours every week. 257 more words

Cold Sweet Pear with Longan

The weather is getting warmer lately and it is good to have some cold and refreshing drink. I try my luck to boil the sweet pear with longan and wolf berries. 88 more words


wine-soaked longan boule

If you’ve ever seen one of my posts and thought that I was way out of my depth trying to recreate some master’s creation – well, I’ve reached new heights in my overestimation of self in very arrogantly tackling what is THE most popular, sought after, award-winning king of loaves in the country (and most expensive, RIP my savings). 663 more words