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osmanthus jelly 桂花糕 + blog

I’ve just finished my diet and have been craving sweets like no other! Sadly I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s bad to binge eat on the things you couldn’t eat right after your diet because it’s bad for your health and the weight will fluctuate… 930 more words

Three Chinese Herbal Teas to Beatify Breast and Enhance Breast

Papaya and rose tea

Materials: rose, papaya slice and rock candy
Method: put rose, papaya slice and rock candy in cup, add boiling water and soak. 207 more words


Meatless Mondays - The exploration edition

Part of getting a child to be open to different foods is to constantly present them to them.  If you are always introducing new foods to them chances are they will be willing to try new things more consistently and who knows they may actually like some of them! 746 more words

Meatless Monday

Red Dates and Dried Longan with Egg 红枣桂圆糖吞蛋

Red Dates and Dried Longan with Egg is my childhood breakfast. My mom always makes it in the morning, because both red dates and dried longan help to generate energy for the body, and the egg supplies nutrition. 104 more words


Sweet Black Rice Congee

by Kaikit Wong

This delicious black sweet rice congee makes a great breakfast or dessert. Gently sweet, this comforting recipe will satisfy your sweet cravings. It also nourishes from within, improves blood quality, thus adding a glow to your skin. 200 more words

Women's Health

Gingko Nut, Longan and Red Date Sweet Soup Recipe

This was my favourite dessert to have during Chinese New Year as a little kid in Singapore. My grand-aunty would boil this soup and have it ready for me when I visited her with my family. 328 more words