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Young Longan Fruits

After several days of heavy rainfall, most of the blossoms on our Fijian Longan tree (Pometia pinnata) fell off, however today I found a couple young Longan fruits on the tree. 52 more words

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Homemade Jelly Version 1.0

They said that every photos had a story behind. And This is the story of the “super bouncy jelly” made by one of the friend for the gathering. 147 more words

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Southeast Asian Longan Fruit

Longan Fruit. How beautiful, dainty, exotic and sweet is this South Eastern Asian fruit? It is a hidden gem that I found in Chinatown section of New York City; sold on every street corner by the food vendors. 231 more words


Doodle 065 | Longan

I’ve never been a sweet tooth. Too much candy and too much dessert make me sick. On the other hand, too much fruit rarely makes me sick. 132 more words

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Wow! Kurma cum Longan Juice

Yeah! Lastly found the Kurma (Arabian Dates) cum Longan juice for energy revitalization!

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Chinese Red Date Tea / Jujube Tea 红枣茶 "Hóngzǎo Chá"

Chinese red dates or jujube (known as hóngzǎo 红枣 in Mandarin) have been used for over 2,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine, often prescribed to increase a person’s “qi” 气 or “life energy”. 444 more words