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5 Exotic and Strange Fruits you have to try once in your life


Today I want to tell you about my favorite Asian Fruits. Fruits that mostly grow and found in Asia. As much as I love grapes, strawberry,and apple which are our specialty in US. 869 more words

Asian Market

Soy Milk Pudding with Longan


1500ml homemade soy milk

1 ½ tsp instant jelly powder

¼ cup sugar or to taste

1 can longan in syrup


  1. Add soy milk into a pot on medium heat.
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Desserts & Snacks

Savoring the Sapindacean Symphony

Sapindaceans. Or so I feel they deserve to be called. Many know them as the family of plants, the Sapindaceae, that gives us rambutans, lychees, longans, … 654 more words

Habitat - Rain Forest

Seeds of happiness : lotus

A sweet delicacy to end the year : try these lotus seeds.

Lotus seeds taste like chestnuts, except for the fact that they exhale a delicate flowery scent. 255 more words


Longan Wolfberry Wholemeal Bread (桂圆枸杞全麦面包)

Besides being a delicious and healthy snack, dried longan fruit(桂园)also has medicinal properties. According to traditional chinese medicine, dried longan nourishes the blood and is hence beneficial for people suffering from anemia. 579 more words


Yacon Tong Sui (sweet dessert.)

Yacon is a sweet-tasting and crunchy roots that can be eaten raw or cook. It can be eaten as it is, in salad, in soup and in dessert. 140 more words

Chinese Home Cook Food...

November 20th Meeting – Longan

Our guest speaker in November will be Dr. Matt Snow, telling us all about Longans, a relative of the Lychee.

Dr. Matthew (Matt) Snow was born in Miami and has been into plants since a very young age.  83 more words