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Cold Sweet Pear with Longan

The weather is getting warmer lately and it is good to have some cold and refreshing drink. I try my luck to boil the sweet pear with longan and wolf berries. 88 more words


Good Eatin': A Stroll Down Brick Lane

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

It was a sunny Sunday in July. The DLR was out of commission, thank you engineering works. 452 more words

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Red Dates Longan Peanut Porridge

My Grandma used to make this special sweet rice dessert.  We call it Ow Ow Mui.  I know, sounds strange. Never knew why it has such a funny name.   288 more words


Travel Theme: Tropical Fruit Tasting in a Mekong Delta Orchard

On our tour of the Mekong Delta we spent some time going through an orchard full of amazing fruits. At the end of our wander they brought out jackfruit, longan, rambutan and papaya for us to taste.

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Travel Theme

Recipes: Longan (桂圆、龙眼)

1) For beautiful skin

20g Fresh Longan 桂圆 guiyuan, 龙眼 longyan 15g Lotus seed (core removed) 莲子 lianzi 30g Rice


Cook the ingredients into porridge. 121 more words


About: Longan fruit (桂圆,龙眼)

Longan is a very sweet and succulent fruit that is juicy and tasty to eat especially in summer. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is used for calming the mind, invigorates the Heart and the Spleen meridians. 146 more words


osmanthus jelly 桂花糕 + blog

I’ve just finished my diet and have been craving sweets like no other! Sadly I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s bad to binge eat on the things you couldn’t eat right after your diet because it’s bad for your health and the weight will fluctuate… 1,003 more words