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The Story of Lexi Hansen

Given a 1% chance of survival, this college student was not only given the miracle of life – she was blessed with the miracle of forgiveness. 194 more words


Still loving the pintail

I know having two boards seems a little greedy while I can only ride in a very casual way. Bugger it. Who cares…..

Longboarding still progressing

Depends on your definition of “doing it” I guess but it’s all relative. Just cruising and carving but still a part of the longboarding community…. Bought a new board just on impulse. 6 more words

Size Matters - What size longboard should you get?

Not surprisingly, longboard size is measured in width and length.
Boards vary from short (29″ – 34″) to long (50″+), from narrow (6″-8.5″) to wide (8.5″ – 11″) and everything in between. 419 more words


Learning how to Longboard

Jap. Im letzten Blog angekündigt und -tadaaa- hab mir ein Longboard gekauft. Geile Scheiße ey! Hab zwar doch n bisschen mehr Kohle dagelassen als am Anfang beabsicht, aber ich musste es einfach machen! 919 more words


Linking in WordPress

Here are some practice examples of  linking in WordPress.

Linking within the site with a text link.
My first real post in WordPress. Spring has sprung in Portland… 47 more words

Exploring WordPress