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Running improving

I’ve managed to start running again. Only slowly, and building up but getting there. New shoes as old ones had no cushioning left, new semi-solid arch supports and a slow progression of distance. 72 more words


Cabo Verde

It’s been a while since my last blog. Been busy mostly working to save up for the trip to Cabo Verde. Still have to plan out the details but I trust my Cabo team to take care of that. 1,074 more words


This Longboard Can Be Used on Snow, Sand, and Water

Seasons is a company that specializes in boards that can be used as a longboard, snowboard, wakeboard and a sandboard.  Their patent pending technology makes the board easy to slide on snow, sand and water.   30 more words


Best 2015 Stella Pintail Longboards

In 2015 Stella Longboards, located in Southern California, introduced some new great pintail longboards.

These pintails come in 46″ and 42″ long.

The deer was a welcome addition to the lineup with its retro colors and cool design. 439 more words


The Next Day: Extreme Exercise And The Following Day

This whole summer was spent sitting at home, playing video games, and on my laptop. I didn’t really fit any exercise into my schedule, which I realize now was a poor decision. 252 more words


Bus Rides And Longboarding - Moments Available For Thought Reflection

I love riding the bus. I love riding the bus and longboarding. Riding the bus doesn’t just give me an opportunity to look at the world around me, nor does longboarding only give me the kick of adrenaline when bombing a massive hill. 295 more words


Skateboarding And Sandwiches - Physical Activity That Makes Us Happy

I love skateboarding. Although I might not know tons of wicked tricks, nor dropped down gnarly half pipes, I do enjoy the sport.

I used to have a regular skateboard about two maybe three years ago that I would ride around on. 332 more words