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Long Board Skateboards

Long Board Skateboards

Longboard skateboards differ from shortboard skateboardsfor clear causes – shortboards measure about 24″-32″ although longboards measure usually longer than that. Having said that, other skateboard pros would argue and say that longboard skateboards in fact differ from shortboards not just by its sizes, but mostly with its elements. 415 more words

Long Board Skateboards

New Site!

We wold like to welcome you to our new website. We are just getting it back up and going to be patient with us please! 28 more words


Downhill Skateboarding and the International Downhill Federation (IDF)

Downhill skateboarding/longboarding  and I don’t exactly go way back. I’ve been skateboarding for 4 years and racing for 3. For my first year of skateboarding, I stuck with the freestyle-sliding aspect of the sport. 1,146 more words

Berkeley College

Beginnings (fin.)

Some moments sear themselves into memory like white-hot blades to flesh. Unlike those gnarled and discolored reminders upon our skin of blood spilt from heights of fleshly pain, however, these moments never fade and never blend into their surroundings, no matter the course of years passing by. 387 more words

Brain Cancer

when new skills ruin new things

Long boarding is a trend that has become increasingly popular over the last several months, but I am just now experimenting with it. A longboard… 258 more words

New Experience

Randal Longboard Trucks – Great for Both Freeriding and Downhilling

Caliber, Paris, Bear and many more brands are into longboard business but none of them is as successful as Randal. Randal is an American company manufacturing longboard truck since 1976 and is still popular among longboarders. 504 more words


Beautiful Morgans

As you probably know from one of my other posts, one of my passions is Longboarding. Longboarding is an exhilarating extreme sport that I enjoy with my friends. 86 more words