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Mondays Suck.

I would complain about all my problems in life but true fact…Mondays suck. I like seeing everyone especially the pretty girls at school, but learning is too…eh. 39 more words


First time adventurer

This is my adventure channel, I have longboarding, snowboarding, and footage from my cruise. I truly believe everyone would enjoy these videos but if you are too lazy to click on that, there will be more stuff to read later on. 23 more words


Greetings fellow human!

My name is Justin and I like doing stuff. Like lots of stuff. Oh god, that sounded creepy. I meant martial arts, longboarding, and other stuff that I may reveal if you continue to stalk me :)


35mm Collection | The Everyday Adventure

| APRIL 2015 |

If you look close you can see Mexico.

No shoes necessary.


Down to the river front.

Late night frisbee Nachos.



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Welcome to Custom Board Builders United!

Welcome to the very first post of Custom Board Builders United!

This blog-page was launched to keep you updated about what’s going on behind-the-scenes of CBBU!Ocasionally I will post a short story about what’s going on and what the plans are for the course of Custom Board Builders United. 240 more words


The Skatecycle

I saw a deal lately on the skatecycle, a strange love-child of a skateboard and casterboard, a clear descendant of the snake board, and, in my opinion, a reasonably good longboarding substitute. 1,093 more words