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Taking Photos of Longboarders, Drifting in the Mountains, and Crashing a Moped

This week I didn’t do anything exciting or took any photos so I’m going to talk about a day I’ll never forget.  758 more words

Santa Barbara

"Be careful!" - Longboarding and Gendered Risk Taking

By guest blogger, Liana R.

There’s an arbitrary expectation in athletics: girls should avoid getting hurt, but not boys. Why should girls avoid the same risks that boys are encouraged to face? 1,515 more words


Surfing and Photography with Allan Gandra

Allan Gandra is known as one of the greatest masters at Praia da Macumba, his local spot at Rio de Janeiro. Everybody knows what he can do when he is riding his longboard. 470 more words


Lexington, KY

Canada’s capital city has this ongoing joke that Spring doesn’t actually exist: it’s an elaborate prank that Mother Nature pulls on us.

Every March, the weather creeps towards the positives and, for one glorious day, we’ll have a day where we can go outside in a sweater or light jacket – a day that doesn’t demand 15 layers of long johns, thermal long-sleeves and every pair of socks you own. 806 more words


Exploring Australia

Written by Emily Pross Marketing and Communications Student

Recently I embarked on a trip to the land down under, Australia, for the return of the infamous… 611 more words

Berkeley College

Ppppssstt... Our new reveal!

Hi Sunset Family!

We have some amazing news to share with you!!

Some of you have contacted us in regards to having another day added to our usual skate sessions (Usually on Sunday evenings) and we are pleased to share that what you requested, we have considered and now it’s happening! 430 more words