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A visit to the Madrid Skateboard Company

It is very important to know everything about your boards, so we visited Madrid Skateboards, a well-known skateboard company, who makes very durable and reliable skateboards. 423 more words


Donate to a skater that needs it!

I found out about this accident through my coworker at the library I work at, who is also part of the emergency response services in Lancaster. 160 more words

Night Rides

This bench is largely responsible for this blog. What? Benches can’t blog. No, they cannot; however, when I was riding the other day I noticed this bench off the trail and thought to myself: “what a weird place for a bench, what is there to even look at when you sit down?” That’s when I realized, there is always something to see. 287 more words

Hello world!

Allow me to use this as an introductory post for what you can expect to see in the future. I have a strong love for the outdoors, I’m a sucker for a beautiful view, and I’ve recently developed a very loving and trusting relationship with my longboard. 44 more words

A peek behind the scenes at Stella Longboards / SDS skateboards April 2015

In April, we visited one of our great longboard skateboard vendors: “SDS skateboards / Stella Longboards”. They are based in Rancho Cucamonga near Los Angles California, and it took us about 6 hours to drive from San Francisco. 446 more words